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paul welsh   24th April 15
well apparently my fiancee and me are too drunk when we havnt even drank alcohol yet

Hayley   10th April 15
Hi I am wanting to hire a room for the Middle of June for my mams 50th birthday. I'm just wondering the cost of djs etc with the room being free?

Fred   31st March 15
MOD & BEYOND.... 50s 60s 70s ROCK'n'ROLL SOUL SKA INDIE! EVERY SATURDAY UPSTAIRS @7_E_V_E_N 11 Derwent Street, Sunderland, SR1 3NT! 11pm-5am FREE ENTRY!

George   30th March 15
What was Sinatras called before

Kelly   5th March 15
Hi I lost my iPhone in your club early hours Sunday tried ringing but wrong number on site could you plz let me know if you have it ?

The Black Bull
Max   23rd February 15
Heroes Bar on Bridge Street has a 50p full size pool table, jukebox and cheap drinks... Out of the way so you don't get the dick-heads in. Nice gaff, needs a few bits and bobs doing to it.

michelle   17th February 15
Have you found a pandora charm with a heart-a shoe and and interlinked heart please - I was there on saturday x

Lambton Worm
Talia Stanley   7th February 15
Me and my family were going to see dirty dancing and my mam wanted to treat us to a meal. We reserved a table for 5:45 and when we went they forgot about our reservation and gave our table away! We had to then go somewhere else!

connor keith   11th January 15
Thank you for keeping hold of my phone for me as I thought I'd lost it. Never new what happened to it untill you rang my family from it. I came and picked it up today. Your agency worker gave it to me .

Karen   9th January 15
Hi Hannah, The room hire is free in Gatsby, please can you call 0191 5652372 to make arrangements Thank you

Roy   5th January 15
splendid venue for me and my fellow concubines to engage in some bantz

Hannah   3rd January 15
How do you go about hiring the first floor for a party in July 2015? Can I have more info please?

:)   21st December 14
Wicked like loved the weekends in this place bring it back

andy   30th November 14
someone needs to bring it back ... worst thing it ever did was close... tunes were massive if they'd only sorted the drinks and prices out ... gutted to see it go ... if anyone is reading this bring it back please

Jonathan Black   30th November 14
This place needs to go back about two years and be what it was

Dan   17th November 14
Ttonic is a brilliant nightclub to attend in sunderland!

Billy   5th November 14
Been going to ttonic since it opened in 2003 and when in there on Sunday I don't think I will be going back. The two guys in the DJ box were only interested in playing the music they wanted to hear which is what you get with some people who DJ. They think cos they like the music everyone else must do as well. I saw about five people walk up the DJ requesting songs and not one came on. I was in there for about an hour all they played was rap music of some type. I don't mind this music and like certain songs but one after another was too much. Was gonna stay but I wasn't out to listen to the same stuff all night and went to Establishment and it was a different story. DJ played all types of music and due to this the place was busy and the atmosphere was great. People dancing and the DJ played requests. Establishment has been dying off lately but Sunday was the busiest I've seen it so well done to the DJ and management. Looks like ttonic's Mr Choc (Owner) doesn't have his finger on the pulse anymore!?

alex   23rd October 14
hi, i've read in previous comments you hire out the first floor free of charge for parties, was just wondering if this is still applicable on weekends? thanks

Michael d Stewart   22nd October 14
My local, were excellent when my Dad passed away and let us used the pub afterwards, all my mate's drink here,good football coverage for the most part, a Black cats meeting point pre match

Dave   2nd October 14
Bring back the varsity we knew and loved

jacey   30th September 14
How much is it to hire the room?

Mal Scully   30th August 14
Signed sealed and delivered! Just completed my takeover of chase or as it will be known soon to be as Crazy M's. Premium bar and Kareokee club. Heard it here 1st :)

Jordan   22nd August 14
I went in for a good night out with my mum and her friend and we bumped into my uncle we then went off to another bar and when we came out the bouncers refused to allow me and my cousin in the bar although we are both 18, my cousin showed him proof of ID and unfortunately because i had been rushed out the house last minute i forgot to bring mine aswell as my money so my mum payed for my night, i was so annoyed even after my cousin showed them proof of ID they still refused to let him in.

matthew joyce   19th August 14
pure lefal like best place ever lefal tunes hahah yes better than new monkey

Jess   17th August 14
What time is this place open til on Saturday nights?

Unhappy Customer   16th August 14
I met my huband in Chaplins on Friday 15th August at around 6.30, we stood for about 10 minutes and tried to get served, when my husband asked the barman for a pint, he went to another person and asked if he would like serving who wasnt even making any attempt to get served, the barman said he would serve us after him, we promptly left and went to the Cooper Rose where we got served with a smile. Doubt we will be returning.

Jim   23rd July 14
Not sure when you tried Barbie but its been closed since April and Mal karaoke is the very last thing that will be happening in the new venue. Watch this space

Karen   23rd July 14
Hi Leanne yes the room is still available to hire free of charge. Give me a ring on 07977 043164
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