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11 Derwent St, Park Lane, Sunderland, SR1 3NT

Photo of 7even7even brings to Sunderland a slighlty more contemporary style, dark varnish wood finish and low moody lighting. 7even is small and could seem to be for people who don't want the hustle and bustle of busy clubs. A good mixture of music caters for all ages although don't expect anything too cheap!
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JTM   7th October 09
http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group.php?gid=36237651558&ref=mf Mod & Beyond group for saturday nights

Jack   7th October 09
Saturday nights seem to be gettin better in there every week. Djays keep the tunes coming . Upstairs is spot on . The crowd of people are cool up and down . Bar staff are polite too . Best bar in town We love it

Ash   7th October 09
Upstairs and down always great every sat .. Great indie tunes downstairs and abit of everything upstairs from 60s soul to Oasis .. Love it always packed and the djs are awesome. Recomend it

Chloe   6th October 09
Love the rock on a Tuesday, always a class night!

Beccy   19th September 09
Love it on a Saturday in here. It's probably not to everyone's taste but they're doing something different and it's packed upstairs and down every time I go in. I prefer the upstairs but a few of my friends prefer what's on downstairs so we go between the two.

James Thomas   10th September 09
I've seen a few bands here recently, there seems to be a good mix, I think they've all been on a Thursday so I don't know whether there's live music any other nights. Some of it's not to my taste, but variety keeps things fresh. A band I saw there a while ago were excellent, so we'll keep coming back. There's not many bars pushing the live music scene in Sunderland so I say good luck!

bob a gain   31st August 09
my favourite bar in town, go here every time i'm out.

JKF   25th August 09
The best bar in town by a mile, I feel at home here.

bob   24th August 09
my favourite bar in town, go here every time i'm out.

zoe   19th August 09
my favourite bar in town, go here every time i'm out.

John Renwick   24th July 09
We go in here quite regularly, it's a bit different to most places in the town. I usually go in on a Saturday, so not sure what it's like during the week. In my opinion you need to have something different in a bar to attract people and 7even does, suppose that's why it gets so busy.

gareth76   19th July 09
also heard about lucas renney, would be great if he played there, great bar, think it might be true because they've had a lot more live music on recently, nice to see, there's only really 7even/white room/independent/paddywhacks doing anything with local music talent in the city centre now.

Danny Jo   16th July 09
u guys should come tonight hostage rescue team are playing there!

Lukey   11th July 09
Cool pub. Rumours of Lucas Renney playing there soon. Now that would make it even cooler !

james n   10th July 09
Was in last night after the Jamie T gig at Independent. Had a great night, they had a few different dj's on by the look of it, the music was great, and a really good atmosphere. Hadn't been out in Sunderland for a long time, next time I do I'll certainly be going back here.

billy rocker   6th July 09
mint on a tuesday, love the music, cheap aswell.

slimboy   22nd June 09
i agree philly j it's mint. the staff are polite and friendly, drinks prices are good and the atmosphere and crowd is always class. nowhere else worth going really

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