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11 Derwent St, Park Lane, Sunderland, SR1 3NT

Photo of 7even7even brings to Sunderland a slighlty more contemporary style, dark varnish wood finish and low moody lighting. 7even is small and could seem to be for people who don't want the hustle and bustle of busy clubs. A good mixture of music caters for all ages although don't expect anything too cheap!
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PHILLY J   18th June 09
We go here every sat me and our lass and love it.By far the best bar in the town.

wtf   23rd May 09
wats actully going on with this place, its crap but people still go in, please explain

Sexy Irishman   29th April 09
Stop bothering me Susie W - your just after me Lucky Charms!

Mod   14th April 09
Mod and Beyond upstairs every sat ... its awesome ... Hammond Sounds , Motown , Reggae , Northern , Garage , 6TS British Beat and Britpop. cool crowd and always busy 9pm-2am Free Entry unreal crack .. love it

susie w   8th April 09
cant wait for the sexy irishman barman to take over pure, free shots yes, see you soon sexy text me x

DJ Craig   8th March 09
Hey, i like to see a bar which is doing something different, give the town more of a variety. keep it up girls nd boys :P

vern   3rd March 09
it is busy though, and a nice bar. musics gone a bit crap but plays stuff you wouldnt hear in the average place which is probably why people go.

Bob Entwhistle   3rd March 09
7even is too small and the music is too rock orientated. You should play better music and maybe get rid of the vile smell from the chip shop next door, then you might get some business and be a half decent bar.

Jim   26th February 09
Mother Firefly are playing tonight! Nice bit of indie/rock. So get yourself along

Becky   25th February 09
Is there bands on 2morra? I wos in last thursday night, had a really good nite.I live in sheilds and dont like going to the town but last thurs was a really really good nite in there, then on to passion after x x x .

frank b   23rd February 09
We were out for a drink on Thursday night and were walking past, heard a band on so called in and they were mint. We'll definitely be back if there's more bands like that on.

Kelly   14th February 09
7even reached a peak last year. It was punching above its weight, with the music being fantastic. You could excuse the fishy stench and crap bar staff when they had good djs and pleasant bouncers, they haven't now though so I'll not be getting in so much anymore.

scubba steve   13th February 09
Amazing tunes in here.Heard nothing like it in sunderland, Saturday night dj is quality. The mod lad upstairs is alright 2.C you tomorrow night.

amy   11th February 09
I love it in here, I dont know what these are on about. The music is better than ever! it does stink of fish though, but i love it all the same.

verne   10th February 09
drinks are cheap to average! but music is crap now

Gav B   8th February 09
Stinks of fish, the musics crap and the drinks are ridiculously priced

Lizzy   24th January 09
Mod and Beyond upstairs on a Saturday, it's mint!

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