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11 Derwent St, Park Lane, Sunderland, SR1 3NT

Photo of 7even7even brings to Sunderland a slighlty more contemporary style, dark varnish wood finish and low moody lighting. 7even is small and could seem to be for people who don't want the hustle and bustle of busy clubs. A good mixture of music caters for all ages although don't expect anything too cheap!
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chris   19th January 09
Woz in on saturday and this place woz bouncin, could not move and the music woz quality, upstairs and downstairs.The best bar in town!

Steve Robson   17th January 09
Absolutely gone down hill big time.

Dave N   18th December 08
Wednesdays are good but saturdays seem to have died off a bit. Sort it out!

billy mason   14th December 08
was in here last night, had a drink upstairs and downstairs, really enjoyed the music. we haven't been in for a couple of months but we'll definitely be making this one of our regular bars on a night out.

Kelly   11th December 08
The music used to be good in here. Not now though. i'll be syicking to pure and the white room from now on.

bob   26th November 08
always thought it was one of the cheapest! door staff are a bit rough mind.

ter   22nd November 08
crap music, far too expensive drinks, the place is falling to bits, surly bar staff, scary door staff. heard this place has new owners, lets hope they sort the place out.

jess   13th November 08
seems to be going a bit crap in old 7even. wonder why? think they've changed the djs far too many times lately.

heyheyhey   25th October 08
if you like good music, 7even is 1 of the few good places to go in sunderland!

re Northern   11th October 08
If you think themusic is the same old indie then you are obviously not listening to what's being played. The music IS the best in Sunderland nowhere else comes close.

lucy   1st October 08
the best music in the best bar. rock on 7even

Rupert   21st September 08
Why can't anyone spell, or have a clue about grammar. Other than that great venue. Better than Darlington clubs, Where I is fromm (just thought I would blend in)

7even management   20th September 08
Northern, YOU'RE LOSING YOUR EDGE! When was the last time you heard Von Sudenfed, Peaches, The Stooges, Bowie album tracks, LCD Soundsystem, Soulwax remixes, Devo, WuTang Clan, NWA, any 60s garage or northern soul or post-punk or electroclash or old ska or The Smiths, Billy Bloodaxe, The Deadwoods, This Ain't Vegas or The Young Cartwrights on the radio? Open your ears. Yes we play what some people would describe as bland indie wank lifted straight outta the NME, and loads of pretty obvious 60s and 70s classics, but we also play all the above bands an genres plus loads, loads more. And no chart/charva rubbish. I'd even go as far as saying we play the most eclectic mix of music in not only Sunderland but probably the whole of the north east. That's why week by week we're steadily growing into one of the busiest bars in the city. Rant over.

northern   17th September 08
crap bar, crap music. same old indie i wud hear on the radio

neviele   30th August 08
karnt agree with you at all keef. the music in 7even is the most varied of any bar/club ive ever been in. white room is just crappy dance... and its full of ponces and thugs

keef   28th August 08
the same old indie boll*cks - no imagination. try getting outa town now and again - parochial yokels. comfy sofas, like. white room for real ecclectic muzak!

leanne   15th August 08
this is amazing on a saturday. by far the best tracks in town

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