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11 Derwent St, Park Lane, Sunderland, SR1 3NT

Photo of 7even7even brings to Sunderland a slighlty more contemporary style, dark varnish wood finish and low moody lighting. 7even is small and could seem to be for people who don't want the hustle and bustle of busy clubs. A good mixture of music caters for all ages although don't expect anything too cheap!
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mark   6th August 08
keep up the good work with the DJ,s

Shaun   28th June 08
I am from Durham i try get to this place every Sunday. Its a great bar,they put amazing bands on and its free, what more could you ask for ? and yeah they play the best music in sunderland i'd say the others bars are pretty clueless with music

jo   27th June 08
The best music in sunderland bar none every saturday

amy   2nd May 08
is this place and substance linked or something?

old rocker   15th April 08
does Dr Bob still play on a thursday?

Gavin   13th April 08
the lasses who dj are nice like, played mgmt as well, get in.

Good Music Fan   18th March 08
This place seems to have really taken off now Ju-lea and Jarvis are running it. Whata great vibe. Well done!

Hannah   17th March 08
Hiya! can you hire this bar? it woould be perfect for my friends 18th! both upstairs and down!

Vinny   10th March 08
Best bar in the town for music, sexy barmaids and cocktails. The DJs always plat my requests within 10 minutes. I f you like good, non-cheese tunes, come here.

kim   1st March 08
me and the girls have been told you get a free stamps for ku is this true because we love ku so we will come to you first i no you do for independant but we dont like it in there its full of kids.

re: ???   29th February 08
its an indie bar ??? just with nice surroundings thats all, nohing wrong with making the place look nice is there?

re: ???   29th February 08
duh?? what is the difference between a bar and a wine bar????

???   29th February 08
what is this place a wine bar a bar im confused the decor suggestes wine bar but the music suggests otherwise???

staff   18th February 08
hi john s yes we do just waiting for replacement stamp from independant old one worn out, just ask manager to sign back of your hand for now thanks for your patients.

John S   9th February 08
Does this place give out free independant stamps with a drink?

Just Think Phil   7th February 08
This place is getting better all the time. Its really is the only venue in Sunderland (bar the white room) that actually feels and looks like top notch venue. I wish it did food in the daytime, see as how there is no Student Union Bar anymore.

katie   3rd February 08
was in last night and was blown away. the atmosphere was amazing! keep it up! x

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