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11 Derwent St, Park Lane, Sunderland, SR1 3NT

Photo of 7even7even brings to Sunderland a slighlty more contemporary style, dark varnish wood finish and low moody lighting. 7even is small and could seem to be for people who don't want the hustle and bustle of busy clubs. A good mixture of music caters for all ages although don't expect anything too cheap!
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Ben   27th January 08
Was in 7even on sat night, topper little pub, love the decor and the staff, keep up the good work. Ben.

JD   27th January 08
P obviously stands for prick,dont you just hatewhen people have nothing good to say ,anyway a message to the sexy cheeky girls dancing on saturday night

mr dj   27th January 08
find the place normally good but prices not to my taste get a good dj on and some advertisement going for the function room or the whole place surley that would pay some wages and you might make some profit instead of losing it i know i done that and wore the tea shirt out hah ha ha ha ) get the grey matter going management ok byeee

P   25th January 08
Total rubbish, Never busy, owners havent got a clue and never ran bars before!

hayley   16th January 08
thanks to all staff who came to the staff night out, had a great time x

colin   12th January 08
the guy who owns 7even is the same guy who owns cosa nostra supper club . wow went there last friday and sitting on the table next to us was nial quinn and the new signing evans. there was a young lad playing a piano and then a DJ i recognisd who used to play in pure then started spinning the decks on the piano absolutly amazing sunderlands finaly got a venue to be proud of, thats why 7evens getting better and better two completely different venues two completely different nights

New owner   8th January 08
well that explains a few things! thanks for the info. b in touch soon x

change is good   7th January 08
can not beleive that some people complain about cheap drinks and regular drinks offers its the only bar i know that gives something back to its customers, had a great exmas eve and boxing day there music fab staff great dont know owner but your doing the right thing, ive heard your doing live bands their soon keep us informed.7EVEN best night out ive had in a long time.

re: 3rd and 4th jan   7th January 08
well i heard that new owners have just bought into this place and thats the reason for all the change in prices etc, its not the managments fault, ideas had already been set in place and then the new owners wanted to try something different. Its not fair to critise peoples jobs when you dont know the full story.

I agree - Sorry!!   4th January 08
I really like this place but hav to say that the way it is run is silly. nothin stays same for more than two mins. you no what ya gettin with other bars but this one seems to suit itself. not just me - ask anyone. your upsettin people and then wonderin why nobody go's in.

Does this place have a manager????   3rd January 08
Free shots, NO Free shots. 2.00 a bottle, 2.50 a bottle, 3.00 a bottle Which one is it! Does anyone in this place actually look at the competition they have around them??? No wonder the place is always empty! Nothing wrong with the place and location at all but has any of the management or owners ran bars before?? Don't think so! It's a shame, this place could be good!

jixy   2nd January 08
how much to hire it out for a night for a birthday?

re: too expensive   30th December 07
theyve stopped doing the free shots, instead all the bottles are 2.50 and treble EVERYTHING

mr entertainer   27th December 07
go on seven, what nights do you open what time until? been in before nice bar staff, drinks ok where are the good vibes play good vibes and customers come in and keep comming in for the vibes ok byeee

Too expensive   18th December 07
Its alright saying you give free shots away with every drink till 9.30pm but your drinks are way too expensive in the first place, which makes the free shot a bit obsolete really. Arizona 99p for spirit and mixer and the place is packed.

Laura   25th November 07
I need to find Dr Bob! I need to book him for my wedding! Bring him back!

Function room   15th November 07
Dont forget to book your xmas party at 7even, room hire is free and a free bottle of champagne with every december booking!

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