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34 Low Road. Tel: 0191 510 2601

Photo of AspirePreviously Baroque, The new design is modern and cozy, boasts a large and professional cocktail list, and a great food selection during the day.
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Joanna   29th October 08
The staff are much speedier at cocktails now? You are having a laugh aren't you? I was in last Wednesday, early evening. Very empty, only ones being served and it still took the barmaid nearly 15 mins to make to cocktails?

shirelle and emma   24th October 08
BLACKOUT CREW ARE SO LUSH we went to see them and they were fantastic and we got a photo with them and they are so sexy especially the tall one

it   22nd October 08
its ok mr unsatisfied its been like that sence day 1, overpriced rubbish to be honest with you plus the food is ba ding it's ready rubber out of the mircowave

management team   3rd October 08
to unsatisfied, really sorry to hear that you did not have a good time in Aspire when you visited, we can only apologise about the time taken to make your cocktails. I can assure you that the staff are much more speedier now. Unfortunatly the drinks prices remain the same - BUT ask for your 'ASPIRE' VIP card to get 10% off all food & drinks.

Kim   1st September 08
Love the new makeover and the food is amazing during the day.

Unsatisfied   1st September 08
I've been into the new transformation "Aspire" three times and been unimpressed every time. The first to times we got cocktails, which took 15 mins to be made, and came looking and tasting just wrong. The last time I went I was charged over 16 for 3 double vodka redbull's. This was during the day, roughly 3pm. Nuts, especially for daytime prices. The only thing thats really nice are the front doors, apart from that its a load of rubbish.

francine   30th August 08
i used to go here on a thursday and it used to get packed, i walked past the other night and there were 3 in. The DJ is horrific and i agree with bam it is all mcr fans, shame on them

Sarah   21st August 08
Whats aspire like, anyone been in yet?

Clubhead1980   21st July 08
Used to frequent here regular back in 99-00 when I was 19, don't go in as often as I normally don't hit that side of town til late on and it's generally full. Good bar and had some great memories there.

Andy   27th May 08
I DJ Baroque on Friday/Saturday/Sundays - I'll play pretty much anything you want if you ask. I think Cartwright hits the nail on the head in his previous post (see below), Baroque is a sleeping giant. It's the best atmosphere in town when it's busy, no doubt about that. Baroque's end of the town quitened down a bit when Glass Spider opened up, but it's starting to pick up again. Check it out over the weekend and you won't be disappointed.

bam   23rd May 08
no he doesn't at all, its ridiculous, have you seen the people that go into baroque? loads of my friends do and every single one of them are into MCR, and its not just them who are either, if a bar only plays limited music because of the dj's opinion then its gonna lose customers.

Zoe   20th May 08
Ohh, my baroque! I used to have the BEST nights out there - I always started the night there and I would be there for about an hour and a half! Then off to Brogans and then clubbing! I have emigrated and I am coming home soon for a visit so I hope its still as fantastic as I remember it!

mc blackout   12th May 08
oioi wt ya up to newcastle fans mc blackout rocking kenton school 2k8 shout out loud to abby c callumg tazza c jodon f callum are josh r

splendid fred   27th March 08
bam: the dj has a point though

Zane   11th March 08
what's this place like on thursday nights?

michelle   22nd February 08
in here every week, drinks are more expensive compared to wetherspoons next door but the same as the other end of town. great music, great staff (specially andy the sexy dj!), love it!

bam   13th February 08
love this place, love the atmosphere and the design of it, everything, one tiny little complaint though, i asked the DJ on a thursday for one song by my chemical romance because it was mine and my fiance's song and we had just gotten engaged that very same day and the dj told me to pi*s off coz MCR were sh*t ! i don't get it, isn't it a sign of a good dj that they know their audience, try to the best of their abilities to make the customers happy?? as far as i know, there isn't a dj in the city that only plays what HE wants let alone tell some one to pi*s off ! very dissapointed! otherwise, a nice place to be!