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34 Low Road. Tel: 0191 510 2601

Photo of AspirePreviously Baroque, The new design is modern and cozy, boasts a large and professional cocktail list, and a great food selection during the day.
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mr fix it   3rd January 08
come on baroque management check outside please law suite waiting to happen the sign outside above the enterance please fix it or make it secure bit dodgy to me ok mr h.s.e

cal   15th October 07
Go from 12-3 in the afternoon if you want the best food in s'land. Very cheap, massive proportions, and pretty damn lush :D

Cartwright   27th August 07
Best place in Sunderland for the looks inside, gargoyles the lot haha feels like you've gone back in time 200 years. But being in the middle of cheapish places such as jame'os and greens there really need to lower prices and advertise the place... a sleeping giant in my eyes.

victoria   17th July 07
this bar is canny on a night with the dark gargoye kinda atmosphere, but needs to be much lighter in the day, you cant see what youre eating or where youre goin, dont kno how people work there, my only visits now are on the night, kinda sad, cos the foods lush!

The Crew   10th June 07
Think we came in a bit early this weekend as it was dead (8.30ish). Been told it's not as busy as it used to be. Mmmm...undecided as we've had a good few nights in here. It was great the other week but it was a Saturday and not Friday as this weeks visit was.

LEANNE69   4th June 07
What can i say!! F*cking superb.. Everything to the lights, to the bar, to the staff, toilets, 3 floors, gr8 music, tremeddus dj, wicked bouncers, gorgeous staff, cool and trendy people. EXCELLENT NIGHT OUT LOVING IT LARGE!

Vicki   29th April 07
Lovely food but you wait FOREVER for it - speed up a bit Baroque! x

nano   20th April 07
theres gonna be seats outside baroque-should be nice in the summer. And ive heard theyre in talks bout refurbishment but no firm plans

The Crew   12th April 07
What can I say? They've got it right! Class bar - great everything. Doorstaff and barstaff very polite and friendly. Drinks ok priced. Great atmosphere and surroundings. Only 1 snag - please can you re-stock the loo paper in the ladies. Mucho gracias. We'll be back! again and again......

kt   9th April 07
I love baroque the bar staff are soo nice. The food is always great and the music isnt too loud but isnt to much on the pop side. its just right! its my kind of place =] x

Lucy   23rd March 07
Love it in here! Although the DJ does go OTT with playing 500miles lol! I heard it at least 3 times the other Friday. But it's still class. Except the Burberry carpet bit. What the hell were you thinking?

Helen   5th March 07
lovely food during the day - am in most Saturdays!

kaylie   2nd March 07
Hiya love baroque to bitz there evry thursday night and all day on weekends xxxxxxxxxxxx

Me   28th February 07
Hello , Love baroque. start in there every night a go out me and me mate. sometimes stop here till there's no one left on a thursday just cos the vk is only �1.50 a bottle. the bouncers are mint . For burt and Joe we know you love em xxxxxxx

Lyndsey   23rd February 07
I think that they MAY be getting some sort of outdoor drinking area, like for when the smoking ban arrives in june/july.

claire   21st February 07
i over heard that it is getting a refurb aswell as barme any one know if thats true?

Lyndsey   11th February 07
Im Bar staff at Baroque ^_^ I love working there, every member of staff is really friendly, the bouncers, specially Bert are really lovely(He helped me out of an annoying situation last night at the bar, lol) I do however think the prices are high. The food on a day time is delicious and ya get a massive portion! ^_^