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34 Low Road. Tel: 0191 510 2601

Photo of AspirePreviously Baroque, The new design is modern and cozy, boasts a large and professional cocktail list, and a great food selection during the day.
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DeeJayCee   5th February 07
As per most peoples comments, good place to start, but after 8:30pm+ its a nightmare to get served. They should open another bar at the back I reckon, near the toilets area. Music is pretty much Charts, with the odd bootleg/mashup.

Sarah   3rd February 07
Great place to start the night! Joe the bouncer is amazing! I don't really love the music but so! Good atmosphere and bar staff are canny xxx

Charlotte   15th January 07
I absolutely love it here!!!! The music is fantastic and the whole atmosphere is wicked, you just wanna dance all night!! xx

Stevey   12th January 07
Love Baroque, Always in on a Friday with the girlfriend.. music is really good and a nice atmosphere, keep up the good work X

Stevey   12th January 07
einstein, mate you are a right kn*b head, why come on here slating half the bars in town, How sh*t would the town be if every bar was the same and caterd for the same custom, if you dont like a bar dont go in, tit.

*einstein   11th January 07
here's a thought, dont go in there if you dont like it? stick to your charver bars and your stripey jumper wearing mates bars...

einesteine   10th January 07
this place is the pits on thursday nights, constant rock that screams in your ears so much that you cant even hear somebody about an inch away from you. Full of horrible little goths and emos, if yaz are so depressed hurry up and end it

Ben   6th January 07
Great place to start on a thursday, nice and cheap too always pretty full!

Ben   1st January 07
god i love this place on a thursday night rock, night is the best ever...

sassy   30th October 06
Who is the doorman on the front door? isnt he the sexiest man alive i think his name is burt he looks like a film star love ya...

Mandy   11th October 06
Love it in here on a Friday, not sure about other nights but Fridays (music wise) are definatly for the older crowed.. Its great, well worth popping in....

andy   18th September 06
My fav place to start my night. I love this place.

the clappers   18th September 06
Good pub to start off in, not many fit lads in tho more for the older people.

Captain Love Muscle   6th September 06
Flares Saturday night Dj here. I visited one Friday and it was cool, but please sort out the sound quality. Us professionals notice these things. Keep rockin Mr Dj.

babs   21st August 06
This is a good pub if u follow the crowd but unlike u michelle u missed it sorry hun but this is a good pub.

gemma   21st August 06
Put a new mokey in durham as well .

michelle   14th August 06
last time i was in here, there was 23 people in, that was a friday, dire.