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34 Low Road. Tel: 0191 510 2601

Photo of AspirePreviously Baroque, The new design is modern and cozy, boasts a large and professional cocktail list, and a great food selection during the day.
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babs   8th August 06
gem.. thursday night is a student night so yes you will get a strange crowd.. baroque is cool on weekends though

gem   7th August 06
OMG OMG .... ONCE MORE OH MY GODDDDDD ! Went in last thursday nite and jesus where's Buffy the Vampire Slayer when u need her ... goths, smellies and sweatys not goin in on a thurs nite like rather go in Bar me .... soz like

peewee   6th August 06
The thursday rock nights are the best in town.

Lee   27th June 06
It was the best bar in the town for a long time. Shame its at the wrong end of town now.

Lau   15th June 06
Good early evening, dead after 9.

Kel   6th May 06
Good atmosphere when you are in early, getting warmed up. If you go in later, take mates with good crack because it's dead otherwise.

jakey   27th April 06
i like the blonde barmaid or owner i'm not sure, but if shes the owner, shes mine:D x x x

babs   18th April 06
doormen are great, they say good evening and goodnight to you, staff are plesent to you and its a good pub to be in.

mackem   14th April 06
If you are in any later then 9 forget it, it'll be dead

Sam R   11th April 06
Its a good pub to start off. Drinks are reasonable and the atmosphere is good.

Neilo   26th March 06
Great place to start the evening off

Lisa K   20th March 06
I think Baroque is a good pub to start off for a quiet drink. I go here first and think it's reasonably priced. Doorman are friendly and the atmosphere is always good.

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