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Baker Street

52/54 High Street West, SR1 3DP. Tel: 0191 567 3938

Photo of Baker StreetPreviously Boulevard, Neat and modern design with big front windows looking out on the high street.
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kk   9th April 08
yas all slag off boule rite, why waste ya time if ya dont like it, dont bova going in2 da place en. tell ya what i for 1 think its ok, yer it does need a good revamp but da music up nd down stairs is fine. loads of people love it otherwise it wud of shut years ago. x

mariner   9th April 08
upstairs is the pits now dj is two heavy the rave does your head in ku clubs the boy for tunes pure scouse and hardcore ne rave

dj kev   9th April 08
Regerding the the ex punter comments. for the first comment thanks and i would love to come back, i love boulevard. and regarding the second comment, true i did leave, BUT i DIDN'T get the sack from that bar, its a long story and i don't wish to slander and one about it. lets just say Someone who shouldn't have there nose in did have it in. and i walked, simple as that lol. but like i say i would come back to boulevard. But again ive moved on, im now in a big bar in Newcastle on a friday night, and work cover jobs on a saturday. but if ty wants me back he knows he can phone me and i will go back.

re: ex punter   9th April 08
kev got a new job and moved on and then got sacked straight away and boulevard didn't want him back. This place will never get busy again, no matter who is djing, or how cheap you make the drinks. Face facts, its on the wrong side of town.

clubber   1st April 08
ku club is mint up and down has good vibs with nice people the odd tit that get in every were.nice bar staff and dj's but the club its self is minging nd sooo 80s it needs a gooood re:vamp to bring it up to date as it is well past a good re:vamp nd update.

nikki b   1st April 08
good place upstairs needs a good tidy up though my feet are always sticking to carpet and why can you never by lager on draught never ever?

vikkixmx   1st April 08
well am in boulevard every sat nite sumtimes a thursday and itz propa class...pua bouncin! 1 od the best place in sunderland!

ex punter   28th March 08
you need to get dj kev back, the dj down stairs is crap, we all want kev back the place will get busy again if you get him back.

scouse fan   26th March 08
its not as good as it used to be not as busy ,i was in 30mins sun and heard to of the same song twice in that time if i had heard cascada anymore a would of slit me throat

sophie   20th March 08
upstairs is crap now songs repeated over and over get some updated songs i only go in as it works out a cheap night

nicole beattie   18th March 08
well im there all the time me mates works ones a dj and the other is a barmaid - its class wkd

jamie   17th March 08
this place is one of the best places in sunderland- NOT!

PLAYGIRL   7th March 08
Philly hudson, where have you and your mate disappeared to, yous were gr8 dancers in ere

kenny   25th February 08
at boulevard on sat everything ok propper bouncein keep it going

staci   23rd February 08
well what can a say proppa bouncin like musics class even tho it does get repeated sumtyms all tha people tht gan in there proppa wkd al deffo b there to nyt x x

Emma   20th February 08
Proper mint upstairs in boulevard might be full of chavs but the music is mint

donna   18th February 08
all this dj does is repeat is music over and over get some new music and stop boring everyone after all it �2 in

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