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Baker Street

52/54 High Street West, SR1 3DP. Tel: 0191 567 3938

Photo of Baker StreetPreviously Boulevard, Neat and modern design with big front windows looking out on the high street.
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soph   18th February 08
wots the crakkkk the music has been diffrent the past few times i have been in stick to the usual:D its what its all about haha

me haa   18th February 08
has any one got a list of some of the tunes that are on in here? and dose eny one have the versions of ''freed from dezire'' or ''hazel eyes'' or know who they are by! i have luked all over they are great, thanks!

amanda   4th February 08
plays very bad music full of hendon lads geeky dj banging out a load of crap charv heaven place black and stinks full of kids

viv   4th February 08
dj play requests will you instead of keeping your mates happy that gather round the dj stand we paying money to get in here so at least play what we ask for

Ozz   1st February 08
boulevard plays ome al right bangin tunes but haribo couldnt mix a pot noodle.

sophh   29th January 08
haha love ittttttttt..........x

greta   25th January 08
full of kids i started visiting the other side of town this place should be closed down

kkkkkk   23rd January 08
they stil play rave upstars on sat, its mint.

dale   23rd January 08
the scouse is klass in ku klub and nearly most clubs are now doing a scouse night tunes magical man

richie   22nd January 08
why they stopped playin rave upstairs? now its jus the same as everywhere else in the town, a think they should get the rave back upstairs nd keep the scouse downstairs.

mickey   15th January 08
scouse i think, check out the points webby too www.thepointsunderland.co.uk! klubbedout are launching there, MASSIVE scouse/bounce event every sturday from jan 26th! 10-4am woooooohoooooooooo! 1400 capacity and its gonna be full to the brim !

steve   11th January 08
do they still play rave upstairs cos last time i was in was just scouse?

!! X !! X !!   8th January 08
this is a belter bar, Go upatairs get yah drink and DANCE! no where will beat boulevard........ its just belter x

gemma   7th January 08
get a free stamp for ku ,its free to get in b4 12 anyway in that case if you go into ku and get a stamp you should get into here free i was in here new year and god was knocked all over the place always leave here around 11 and go to ku before the rave starts

janine   6th January 08
so you get a stamp to get in ku club free before 1.20 if you come in here ? well i dont come to boulavard its more like a rave but its free before 12 anyway to get in ku

the girls   4th January 08
dj kev is back in sunderland, he is working at the new bar next door to boab, forgot what its called, think its koolas or somthin x

joanne   2nd January 08
it was a disgrace in here new year fighting all over the place kids all over the place staff getting digs in a pure disgrace will never come in again

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