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Baker Street

52/54 High Street West, SR1 3DP. Tel: 0191 567 3938

Photo of Baker StreetPreviously Boulevard, Neat and modern design with big front windows looking out on the high street.
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Joanne (Shields)   24th October 07
Boulevards is one of the most decent places in Sunderland to go, at least dj Kev talks to ya and puts the song on that you request, even makes ya drink shots out of the bottle lol. Will be there Saturday 3rd November for My Bday. Got To agree though upstairs is shite its just like a kids night.

A Regular   23rd October 07
Was in last Saturday. Place was pretty busy! Wasn't the same without Kev thought!

joanne   23rd October 07
brill downstairs in here now pure shit upstairs but kevs the best dj love your california mix kev

kev   23rd October 07
gotta disagree with the tune below no way mixed correct half the song is over before it kicks in bad mix m8

K   21st October 07
Boulevard upstairs is mint go there every weekend love the tunes but think it should stay open l8er love te mix played of beachball and ride on a meteorite wkd tune

G   16th October 07
Went in the other night to check it out basically to see if this is just rival pubs and djs slagging each other off and as a outsider i thought it was appalling. music levels were all other and the dj did not play my requests. also my bacardi didnt taste too clever either.... sort it out it used good place to be....

hannah   15th October 07
at least kev talks to us

shady   9th October 07
used to go upstairs 'but stay down now the music its klass dj kev mint lad

Shelly   9th October 07
ya sounds a well klass its rocking and was packed saturday music electric crowd was mint pleasant dj for once ha ha cant wait for saturday x

caz   9th October 07
boulavard upstairs is a dive with little boys and girls just out of school jumping all over the place on pills to that terrible rave where's downstairs is brill, good music, caters for everyone x

Kayla   7th October 07
That's what I'm talkin about! A DJ who listens. He got Sex On The Beach again :-D

Kayla   2nd October 07
Kev you got to get Sex On The Beach again. We miss that choooooooon! And to the people who are leavin bad comments, all we need to remember people is... Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one :-)

re-pete   2nd October 07
take the navy school knickers off 90per cent of the crowd as you do every weekend , of course they will enjoy all the stuff lee plays its new to them and also living in the stone age jds cascada is a brilliant artist if she does remixes or not

Deanooo   2nd October 07
Well said kev, keep up the good work mate, been in here a few times over the last few weeks and its topper.

DJ Kev   1st October 07
Looking Forward to a good weekend again people, all these comments from people saying crap about me just gives me more passion and determanation to take boulevard back to the best bar in town, and to wipe the smiles of (i think the same person writing all the bad comments, there name i will not mantion) but to wipe the smile of there face, cos as you know we getting better people, and don't forget if you want any songs i don't have post them on here, or come and see me at work and if ive not got it i will try my hardest to get it! so only one thing lift to say, regulars of boulevard, don't bother wasting your time in replying to the bad comments people put on here about me, you are just doing what they want you to do people, let them say what they want, they will get board and go talk crap about someother bar! we all know how good boulevard is, and lets make it better people, all the best DJ Kev

A regular   1st October 07
Pete, it's funny how in Jaydees Lee wouldn't play to songs I requested :-/ But like I said, if Kev's got a song, he'll play it! Fact ;-)

g   1st October 07
i agree pete :) but i thnk half of the posts on here are one the staff from boulevard or and to kev himself. btw kev, get ya levels right :)

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