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Jen   1st October 07
I must admit have never heard kev say anything about lee and i come here all the time. He is a good dj and i like lee too, they are both great kev you are great and i love the types of songs you play x

pete   30th September 07
just a few things, any1 who puts negative comments on here about lee, wants to wake up, take there jeans from out there socks and respect a dj who knows how to please a crowd, you name me 1 dj who (if the song is actually a gd song, I.E not a banging rave tune or some weird Cascada remix ov a old sckool tune) will happily play you a song you have asked for, do any kind of shout outs you ask for and all around do his best to make your nite that little bit better then fare enough, bit youll be lying! Aye have worked in the same bar as lee for a while now and now i realize y some losers slate him, its simply jealousy, don't h8 him coz you aint him, stand up and respect a good dj for Christ sake!

DJ Kev   30th September 07
ha ha ha sally, ive never once said anything about him! so when have you heard me do it? cos i know ive not, and as far as him being better than me, well we all have out opinions, i have mine and you have yours! also if you don't like boulevard stay away if all you can do is put crap coments on here!

stephanie   30th September 07
go sally go sally....... you tell him... Lee from jaydeees you rock x

A regular   29th September 07
Haha Sally. He has a go at everyone over the mic. It's his personality ;-) it's what he does :-D but it's all good :-) Plus the DJ at Jaydees doesn't play requests when you ask twice for them :-s which is naff. Kev on the other hand does play requests when you ask for them :-)

hannah   29th September 07
dont worry dj kev i'll dance and enjoy myself for you

sally   28th September 07
Hey mr dj.... why do you always keep having a go at the dj from jaydees over the mic, you are supposed to be working together on this side of town not slagging them off.... much better than you and e way!

deonne   27th September 07
you lot check out ku after here its toppa now unreal tracks all night and busy aswell

audrey   27th September 07
your smoke machine only fills the loo with smoke and also takes the granny off people smoking in there i caught plenty smoking saturday

Kayla   25th September 07
I agree with Hannah. It was crap without you Kev ;-)

DJ KEV   25th September 07
thanks hannah and regular, its good to be back even if it is working throught the pain lol, hope to see you all down here this weekend again, was a brill night on sat night, let get this back to one of the busyest bars in town,

wil   25th September 07
the lazer you lot a going on about get a life or get it for ye bedroom .

regular   24th September 07
its gr8 to see kev back, the other dj didn't have a clue, and a gr8 weekend once ..

hannah   24th September 07
Glad your back kev the dj, the week you were off was crap.

stevie   24th September 07
i agree the lazer is immense but whats happened to the good dance music its all far to much like rave now and the dj does not play requests unless you ask for rave

jenna   24th September 07
was in upstairs on saturday it was not as busy as normal , its supposed to be dance , but most of it was rave we left and give ku ago and it was fab excellant dance and no rave shit.

Racka   22nd September 07
This thursday, "rampage" @ boulevard (downstairs)FREE IN! Door 8:00. Performing for your pleasure this week we have: Coldseat, Protohero .

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