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g   20th August 07
i was in early on last nite [sunday] and the levels were awful. Not the best dj in the world but i can beat match and i always say if you can't beat match you should at least get your levels right. And when you ask for a song there are ways of telling people no and not being an arragant twat. You are meant to play music people want to hear, not your personal taste, so when someone asks you to play 'crap music' remember we are paying your wages. Plus to the management quid a bottle its gr8 :D

vinyl might not be king   18th August 07
fair point i stand corrected! long live music! i worked with eddie about 7 yrs ago! haha but still. i aint never seen him work with a laptop like, but i still prefer vinyl as its what i have been brought up on, i own cdjs as well as the 1200's. I aint got a problem with laptop djs, i was trying to give a for and against about it.

andy w   17th August 07
eddie uses abbelton live in his sets now, a dj's personality will only come out if they use the mic a lot. To tell you the truth i dont think any one has said lets go and see brandon block cause he is a funny man but i bet more have said lets go and see erick morilo cause he playes baning tunes. It all comes down to the music. Take norman cook, he cant mix to save his life (and if you think he can you dont know much about mixing) and he is one of the most popular djs in the world for the tunes he plays. He always said that he would stick to vinyl, but he now uses cds and a laptop. So then vinyl is king i think you should come out and join the revolution, whether it be cds or laptop you have to keep up with the game, vinyl is dead long live music. So when did you play with eddie then? we'll will see if you are telling the truth.

vinyl is king   17th August 07
eddie uses abbelton live? haha thats genius! i have worked with him you trust me and i didnt say about looks, I said about his look! there is a big difference, a djs personality will go a long long way dont get me wrong the tunes have gotta be right too!

andy w   16th August 07
eddie uses abelton live trust me it is all about what tunes you play ask any one only a woman would want to go and see adj cause he was fit lol sorry or a gay man .

vinyl is king   16th August 07
eddie haliwell is great just cos of his music...na doubt it, is stage presents and his personality go a long way, but as i said them djs get away with it, and the like of boulevards djs and other similar bars dont need that kind of dj so a laptop is pertectly acceptable.

andy w   15th August 07
it is not about what he uses, it is not about how he looks, it is about the music thats all

vinyl is king   14th August 07
i have been a dj for bout 9 years now workin all over the place i own maybe 20,000 vinyls and countless cds, i think the argument here is bout the hands on side of djing, i personally wouldnt use a laptop because i like the hands on feel of it, i couldnt see myself puttin in some cue points then jumpin around tryin to hype up the crowd with my amazing mix, but i am a mixing style dj, if youre just playin tunes like a kind of party set what you use and how you use shouldnt be anyones concern, djs dont go into greggs and tell them how to make sandwiches so dont tell us how to dj, just one more point some of the worlds greastest dj only use laptops if its good enough for them its good enough for every1!

if ya not happy   12th August 07
if dj's who use laptops are killing the dj name why are some of us payed upto 30 per hour, ive worked bars for stupid money like that, and as far as i am concerned if the customers are happy then i am doing my job properly regardless what way i dj. at the end of the day i can use cds or laptop and get the same reaction to the way i dj, so it doesn't matter how you do it.

RE, every1   12th August 07
Yes all good points, but what im tring to say is the dj here puts all his songs on a mix in playlist, then sits back nd watches as he drives the custom away from the bar!

dj   10th August 07
im a dj in a very busy bar other side of town, i use cds and vinyls however i have a laptop and just bought a djin programme and believe me m8 its not as easy as everyone thinks. I would not risk using it at the moment as its quit hard to use, maybe with a little more training its the laptop I'd go for

re;dj other bar   10th August 07
then most places in town must be killing the dj name as most places are using laptops and with a proffesional programme and its not as easy as people think you still have to beat match every song and dont say they make playlists as request are coming in all the time and are always played

Don   9th August 07
Does it really matter if you use HD/CD/MD/Vinyl or what. The important thing is that the punters enjoy the music you play. Are they really all that bothered as long as you play what they like to listen/dance/drink to. If you and your customers are happy with vinyl, so be it, but allow other to use whatever format they are happy with. At the end of the day a good DJ is a good DJ and crap one is crap one regardless.

DJ at another bar   8th August 07
sorry but i must agree with some of the earlier comments regarding laptop djing, it isnt real djing. The only way i would possibly respect laptotp djing is if it was using a proffesional programme such as abelton live, but i can almost guarantee its probably something like vdj which in all honesty isnt djing, and is worth about two quid an hour. Pleez dont kill the DJ name, do what you get paid for and mix sum records or at least cd's on vinyl emulation.

re: sonia   6th August 07
its not getting like upstairs, its old skool not scouse/rave really heavy dance, its all the classics from ibiza and things

itk   30th July 07
hope all them djs with laptops have a digital license, i happen to know when pps people are in town and its very soon.

sonia   30th July 07
downstairs is getting more like up now so why pay 2quid to go up?

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