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Banana Joes

Holmeside, Sunderland. Tel :0191 5101883

Photo of Banana JoesThink of a tropical beach with Bamboo huts and palm trees and you can now imagine this bar. The entire bar has been fitted out with bamboo along the bar and the odd palm tree to give the look of tropics, with a hole in the bar the dj is very out of the way and quite hard to make requests too. The lighting in this venue is quite dark and dingy and with blinds on the windows you have to enter this place to see for yourself.
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colin   2nd July 12
when are you going to do the toilets out

chelsea w   11th March 12
Where do i get the pictures from

Alan J   4th November 11
Never been in for a long time music went rubbish but passing Saturday night late on music sounded great so went in top marks on the tunes like think we will be adding this to the route from now on.

Cam   9th October 11
Was in here the other night, its an alright place. Cheap drinks and canny music. Downside is the backroom is a bit dark and you feel a bit claustrophobic after a while. Still, recommend it. Door & Bar staff are great as well.

Manager   22nd September 11
Banana Jos is currently under going a major refit, new decor, new commercial dance dj every friday and saturday. Loads of offers on drinks

Danny   18th July 11
Charver central. Cheap drinks and friendly Barstaff/Doormen. I walked past the other week and some cheb tried to ask for a fight. Certainly needs to make itself more exclusive so you dont get the dickheads in. Punch machine needs fixing too LOL

Dan Henshaw   12th July 11
Banana Jos is a cool bar with friendly staff cheap drinks and amazing music... What more can anyone ask for!

Jaymie   9th May 11
Definitely a decent one to start the night off in!

hannah   21st March 11
its quiet good in here and the drinks are canny decent, but the photographer needs to be careful about what pictures gets uploaded because some of them are REALLY INNAPROPRIATE!

laura   20th March 11
i had my photo taken last nite is there a website to go on for banna jo's at sunderland to get photos up

Deejay   9th January 11
are you looking for DJs at the moment I play commercial house an rnb

Kaitlin   8th January 11
I think banana Jo's is OK much prefer Pulse upstairs, Plus downstairs after about 20 minutes of listening to the SAME music everyweek gets boring.. please mix the music up a bit! and... they seem to run out of drinks ALOT,, very rare i go to the bar and get the drink that i want from there, and final winge i have to say the toilets seriously need a cleaner on the night theres never no toilet roll, the toilets are always blocked and the stink...

karen w   7th January 11
anyone got the number for this pub lost my phone wed night need to find out if its been handed in?

Re management   6th January 11
Yes - thanks for the reply - will do.

Management   3rd January 11
to unknown if you would like to talk about commericial/pop party dj can you come down and see us one night

Unknown   3rd November 10
As you have made the place brighter - are you looking for an experienced commercial/pop party dj? You are in a great position to attract a lot of business. Would like a reply from management.

alfie   27th October 10
just had a bit of a face lift looking good, much brighter i see the old doorman colin still there is he not due for retirement anyways well done.

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