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Banana Joes

Holmeside, Sunderland. Tel :0191 5101883

Photo of Banana JoesThink of a tropical beach with Bamboo huts and palm trees and you can now imagine this bar. The entire bar has been fitted out with bamboo along the bar and the odd palm tree to give the look of tropics, with a hole in the bar the dj is very out of the way and quite hard to make requests too. The lighting in this venue is quite dark and dingy and with blinds on the windows you have to enter this place to see for yourself.
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ashy babes x   4th June 09
nice pub since its been done out, the staff are friendly and the drinks are cheap.its good on weekends, especially when the tall dark doormans on, george hes fit as!

advice   27th May 09
I think sometimes you play party music that has been hammered and nobody wants to listen to anymore. Hot tip: Hammers the 90s - all of the cheesy stuff. Love to see this - you would attract a huge amount of people. Please dont play the old wedding party music. Jive bunny, grease etc

sandy   14th April 09
well done management the place is buzzin again, get a few lookers in and job complete music great am a student but love the oldies

Davey   9th March 09
Banana jos must have had an overhall. went there the other night, Toilets were clean and did not smell at all. looks like someones looking after the place.

Random Dude   8th March 09
Well i think this place personally is the Idols the second :P OJ its ok lolololololol

ejay   21st February 09
colin is a ledgend :) good friendly barstaff, doormen always amazing, good first pub

Sammy   30th January 09
The bouncers on BJ's need to be acknowledged that once you turn 18 there is things called ID cards to ensure people are actually at the legal age to drink! My 14 year old male cousin gets in there!

Davey   25th December 08
Whats going on in here? gorillas in the window ... tribal warriors with spears ... then Del Boy and Rodney ? Whats the theme ? Is the management on acid ? pure boring and Hannah think youre eds blagged . DJ's got the reet idea tunes are bouncin Banana jos is the pits Pulse is the way 4wad !

hannah (pulse)   11th December 08
well reading youre comments is an eye opener....yep this place did need a spring clean and some tlc as you put it lol and if youre out in town over newxt few weeks ul see some changes in both pulse and down the danger stairs into banana joes haha. djs great and we are considering putting some sort of different night on like retro night on a wed or thurs to get you people in. any suggestions will be much appreciated and as for the pr thing sum1s mentioned. we'v had flyers uploaded on the comjputer for months its just the lazy dj (kev) hasnt gettin round to sortin it out in the print shop.....so get urselfs in and get his head blagged! lol

sharon   1st December 08
alisha im not a chav, i go to bjs as music good [as well you have pulse] drinks priced just right they look after the students the big bossed have started to tidy it up again so alisha come and join us... we're at back on sofas

Shaun   19th November 08
just started going back never really had a problem with the place just started going elses where door staff are sound so are the barstaff place just needs a touch of TLC to bring it back up to scratch

alisha   23rd September 08
its full of chavs they seriously neeed to think about hiring a in house pr team - to sort the place out

rachael   17th September 08
i used to work in bjs and i can say one thing they do take more than 600 a nite it gets really busy more on a saturday! toilets they get checked all the time.ppl sayin 15 nd 16 yrs olds get in i doubt that too colin and george do a brill job!

jole   16th September 08
took me twenty minutes to get served here on sat. barmaids are useless except one but she just kept serving new people that were walking in.

not a regular   3rd September 08
it needs help, its always dead when i pop in. toilets never work.. could do wiv some1 young nd fun to take over. out with old in with new..

andy   7th August 08
this place is dead it needs help

DJ Liam Gray   20th May 08
am off to do a job elsewhere shame i cudnt stay with you lot but i got to where i think i can further my djing career . good luck with everything . yours truely dj liam gray .

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