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Banana Joes

Holmeside, Sunderland. Tel :0191 5101883

Photo of Banana JoesThink of a tropical beach with Bamboo huts and palm trees and you can now imagine this bar. The entire bar has been fitted out with bamboo along the bar and the odd palm tree to give the look of tropics, with a hole in the bar the dj is very out of the way and quite hard to make requests too. The lighting in this venue is quite dark and dingy and with blinds on the windows you have to enter this place to see for yourself.
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dj   18th May 08
well well done tracey got some decent dj in well what can i say its about time babes get the money in ha ha see you soon i hope please get a karaoke on in tues nights you will see a lot of difference in and don t forget the cheap shots and draught beers and bottles ok babea see you soon you know me i work up r--h kiss kiss love yr byee

dj gray   11th May 08
hiya am the new dj on a in pulse and in here too monday , tues KARAOKE downstairs i think , and thurs and boy are things going to change a little bit gone are the days of listening to same song over and over again week in week out i mix up indie tunes with a bit old skool dance rnb and charts plus some of my very own remixs and mash ups think along the lines of jaydees mixed with blubambu glass spider and independent all under the same roof , tues night now brings in a karoake night with a difference as its also you say we play night (if we have it of course) . monday is student night and thursday is start of weekend . was working on bank holiday sunday and got this place jumping it will be a huge turn around and get the sort of crowds the place needs dj liam gray

pizza kid   8th May 08
pubs are closing due to increased supplier prices and supermarkets being so cheap and the smoking ban hasn't helped, maybe your venue is doing well, yours must be the only one, but be warned if bars around you are closing it might not be long before your leisure company sells up and also if your a genuine license you know the boundaries set up by the government in relation to binge drinking this stops pubs and clubs giving public what they need cheap ale yet the supermarkets can, and don't have the expenditure that pubs do... consumer Britain

To Pizza Kid:   7th May 08
I'm not sure what kinda places you were running in Newcastle but 25k over two days is not a unrealistic target at all- I happen to know that one pub in sunderland with a 4am license can take up to 20k on a busy Saturday night--

DJ Gray   7th May 08
the 500 to 600 a night was in a very quiet pub on a tuesday night which is very good going . i have worked in pubs that make thousands a night .
Editors Note: Liam, thanks for the clarification but the remainder of your comment has been removed because it was not related to Banana Jos. It was related to your new slot in Pulse and I note you have also posted this info on the correct page (Pulse). Also please refrain from typing comments entirely in capital letters.

dot   7th May 08
25k on a fri/sat night, don't make me laugh! didn't think pocket money paid that much!

re pizza kid   7th May 08
I can assure you what planet it is I am on. I don't run the ministry of sound, but a very popular venue in Sunderland. Pubs are closing because the industry is more demanding, however, there is still a market for bars and clubs. Just look around. SR1 rebranded as life lasting 6 months. Victorias spending millions on a refurbishment, but suffering. Licensee's and managers are simply not giving the public what they need.

pizza kid   7th May 08
don't know what planet mr licensee is from but 25k over two days? let me guess you run the ministry of sound? I have ran/owned a bar in the city center of Newcastle in a very popular area and we averaged 16 to 19k a week, the over heads were so stupid which is why i sold up i:e 19k in 21k out. You just have to look around to realize the pub trade is dying a slow and predictable death with suppliers and government making monies and not jo bloggs (bar owner) so the way things are heading maybe 600 a night would be a success when you can buy 100 bottles from your supermarket so cheap.

Licensee   6th May 08
lol, I'll not say which pub I manage, but we do in excess of 25000 on a friday and saturday night... But hope b joes is happy with taking 600

Crazy   6th May 08
If you made only 600 per night in my bar - i'd sack you! ha ha

mick   6th May 08
lol, 500 - 600 pound a night, me and 5 mates spend up to 800 in just one pub in a night

wow   3rd May 08
god help this place if the dj thinks that 500 to 600 is alot must have been very poor bars or he is not a very strong dj good luck liam it sounds like you need it

DJ Liam Gray   1st May 08
hi folks hopefully soon i will be in here spinning the discs in here been after a town centre spot for ages , got my interview tommorow , the pubs i done in past were taking 30 a night takings i went in and turned it around to taking 500 to 600 a night and its a bit a of a dodgy pub to work in too . lets hope we have many a good nights in here . look forward to poss working with yous .

Insults   18th April 08
Stop insulting people and give comments on the Club/ Pub. thats what this website is for isn't it?

re sam   15th April 08
wot the hell is a sweaty exactly? have you been tht close to them you can smell them or wot. and some of them dont dress different to look different its because of cheap tarts like you shoppin in rebel and shelleys and makin them realize they never wanna turn out like u. and excuuuuuuuse me but get off youre high horse and stop moanin, if you go out you dont do it to stare at other people and bitch, you go out for the carck, oooo let me guess you dont have any friends

mc   4th April 08
if you get a dj down stairs the club will be so much better you will see me there every week l8erzzzzzz

redcar   25th March 08
bouncers are mint! well funny! x

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