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Banana Joes

Holmeside, Sunderland. Tel :0191 5101883

Photo of Banana JoesThink of a tropical beach with Bamboo huts and palm trees and you can now imagine this bar. The entire bar has been fitted out with bamboo along the bar and the odd palm tree to give the look of tropics, with a hole in the bar the dj is very out of the way and quite hard to make requests too. The lighting in this venue is quite dark and dingy and with blinds on the windows you have to enter this place to see for yourself.
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LOL.   22nd August 07
You never see anymore than 3 people in this place & they are always hiding at the back so they don't get laughed at for actually been in. The place is absolutely rubbish, been in once & never again.

Ree-Ann   29th July 07
Doormen are mint! Really canny! Barmen must think I'm really stupid though, spent ages trying to drink my shot then realised it was jelly. Ooops ;) x

Gav the bar man   28th July 07
come in and i think you'll be suprised - ITS QUALITY, and i'm not just saying that because i work there it has a nice vibe and you'll have a laugh : )

g   23rd July 07
oh yeah dom is hot, its the way he collects them glasses

steve   8th July 07
I think the glass collector dom is hot, is he single x

gem and sarah   6th July 07
i love gav he is so hot....

gem n sarah   5th July 07
Get sexy liam back he is lush..

Hannah   21st June 07
the barstaff are great love them. the doormen are always so happy and friendly and are always smiling x x

Nnathan   12th May 07
This is the best pub in the north east and the cheepest.

barmaid else where   1st May 07
doorman seem canny in here, well the oldish one always says hello to me when i walk past after i finish work.

mags   24th April 07
Eeeee good times! What a mint place We love it, Class music and we always look forward to our free shot Haha N the bouncers are so canny...

Lurve Banana Jo   24th April 07
Our fave lil spot on a thursday nite, Its our lil tropical paradise Its sush a cute bar with class music and the doorman are so lovely and always av a crac on wif us gurlies Woop Woop We luvvs it!

Sex Chase   20th April 07
I'm coming down with 15 lads for a stag night, we are from Scotland will be wearing minimal clothing. Question - Will be made to feel welcome and what is the skirt situation in there? I don't want to be looking at howlers while I am drinking.

wayne fairley   18th April 07
this is a cush place to go for a lagh with palls, anyone reading who nos me, great big RESPECT, am living in GY now, nothing down that end for me, got new lass new job new life, keap your heads up everyone.

what ?   17th April 07
Jen are you for real?? the bouncers are lovely....rly canny, only 1's that will have a convo with you and not just stand on the doors looking like rocky wannabes wanting to fight! colin is a legend!

jen   16th April 07
Dont like the sleazy doorman.

Dave the Barman   14th April 07
Now Banana Jo's and Pulse are under the same management, i think we are still working out what music to play on certain nights, but we do play alot of different mixed music in Banana Jo's, ask the barstaff if you would like a song, i am happy to play whatever people ask for, depending on if it is on the system that we use that is!, im not sure what is happening about extending, but i have heard that we are thinking of buying the emtpy shop that is to the right of BJ's and below pulse and extending BJ's downstairs into where the empty shop is, but as far as i know thats just word of mouth! visit the Banana Jo's myspace from the link above! possibly Pulse mypace coming soon if i get the time! =)

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