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Banana Joes

Holmeside, Sunderland. Tel :0191 5101883

Photo of Banana JoesThink of a tropical beach with Bamboo huts and palm trees and you can now imagine this bar. The entire bar has been fitted out with bamboo along the bar and the odd palm tree to give the look of tropics, with a hole in the bar the dj is very out of the way and quite hard to make requests too. The lighting in this venue is quite dark and dingy and with blinds on the windows you have to enter this place to see for yourself.
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chris nd the rest   7th February 07
oioi. mint place, humble and a great laugh with m8s.

Azzy   5th February 07
In there on saturday, and its a great place to start off your night!

bob   2nd February 07
Worth popping in just for the cheap drink... canny little bar.

eggnog   1st February 07
crap novelty name, crap bar. what else is there to say...CRAP!

Katee   31st January 07
Love Banana joes, always pop in on our round.. Nice atmosphere and cheap drinks. X

Dave the Barman!   29th January 07
I just want to say, the place is not s**t at all, i have been working there for over 2 months now, and i love the place, its a good laugh, some nice people get in the place, and the music is quite good as far as a bar is concerned, we play a good mixture of dance/pop/cheese/rap/indie and even a little bit of soft rock, all my friends love the place too, if any of you have myspace, i have just made a banana jo's myspace profile, listing all the drink prices and promotions, feel free to add it and have a look, the address is: www.myspace.com/banana_jos Pop in and say hello! =)

Unimpressed Ian   28th January 07
i think very little of this bar painly bcos i look at the theme just nothing is appealing to go in regards to unique entertainment. Stand OUT be counted!

angel   23rd December 06
i was there yesterday, had a rite laff, luvin the bar staff and the place is wiked apart from the slippyness of the toilet floors

Kayleigh   18th December 06
callum- whoever you are, i wasn't working at banana jo's this far into november you freak so please refrain from making these little stories up in your head coz its just sad. And i'm NOT flattered at all 'anon'. you not fine well i'm not!!!!!

anon   5th December 06
im sure shes very flattered you think shes a dirty girl.

callum   15th November 06
Hey kayleigh who works behind the bar with the red hair hair! had a great time on sun night in the spider must meet up sometime also must say your well dirty girl hope you read this give me a call you got my num..

anton   5th November 06
Just reading reports from may, lindsey says its a s**t hole, well lindsey you were sacked for theiving thats why you cant get your fat ass in place xx

natalie buck   30th October 06
I drink hear on a regular basis i find it very friendly, it also has cheap beer and comfortable seating

anon   23rd October 06
This is not a gay bar but then again each to their own these days ! everyone welcome . took a while to kick off and getting busier every week now new d.j plays good groove call in see for yaself .

johnny bravo   23rd October 06
bjs getting better and better every night, one day will beat them all, cheap drinks means that owner not a greedy b****** , thats what i say, well done no hummer there.

Liam   2nd October 06
Cheesy theme of Jungle fever, variety of music on different nights, free shooter with your first drink thursday, friday, saturday, Student Flash it promotion in place. Simply if your a student and have your flash it keyring, flash it and receive your discount. Open late with great drink promotions all night!!!

Joe   21st September 06
This place is alright now it has pulse upstairs. I always try and go in on a nite out and all the staff are very friendly

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