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Banana Joes

Holmeside, Sunderland. Tel :0191 5101883

Photo of Banana JoesThink of a tropical beach with Bamboo huts and palm trees and you can now imagine this bar. The entire bar has been fitted out with bamboo along the bar and the odd palm tree to give the look of tropics, with a hole in the bar the dj is very out of the way and quite hard to make requests too. The lighting in this venue is quite dark and dingy and with blinds on the windows you have to enter this place to see for yourself.
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abbey   11th September 06
i love banana joes, nice and cheap and the staff are dead friendly. nice mix of music too

me   10th September 06
yes doormen have bad reputation but that is all it is. at the end of the day i am happily married to a well known doorman in sunderland and i can honestly say that all the doormen my husband associates with are genuine blokes doing the job for the money. i suppose next you will be calling all barmaids slappers.

kirsty dane   6th September 06
i used to work as the dancer at the whitley bay venue and it is a lot busier and livlier than this one. I have popped in once or twice when drinking down in Sunderland and yes the doormen are fit but think of the reps doormen have.

Maribel   3rd September 06
I went for the 1st time this past Saturday had tons of fun very cheap to get in nice looking bouncers WOW.....Can't wait to go back

Philly   31st August 06
always empty when am out, dont know how it stays open.

Gem   9th August 06
I can't say anythin good or bad about banana jos as i never been in. I go out every week on a thursday or sat nite and never think about poping in.. Is it any good?

julie   7th June 06
cheap drinks and cheap bar staff, i think his name is chris or christian, how cheap is he?

Danby   7th June 06
This place is so s***, Drinks might be cheap but music is crap.

Steve the Doorman   1st June 06
Thing's are changing at Banana Jo's ... Music getting better by the weekend .. and sorry Blue Oyster, I'm not gay... girls only.

blue oyster   31st May 06
Wow!!!! How fit fit is the new doorman on there? Think his name is Steve, a bald guy. You can have my banana any day Steve!

Emma   29th May 06
The worst place in the town. Theres never more than 5 people in. The music is crap and even the staff look bored.

pete   12th May 06
it is good for me... cheap: thats all i can say!

Lindsey   6th May 06
What a s*** hole, its a right mess, only been in once for about two minutes and I wouldn't even go back in if someone paid me

lee   5th May 06
Ever wondered about the name, bannana jo's? BJ's? bannana jobs? Ever wondered why a loads of gays have birthday parties in here? hmm, think about it people.

anon   31st March 06
Cheap drink, mint music, great staff especially Steve the bouncer

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