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Bar 1

1 Tunstall Road. Tel: 0191 565 8899

Photo of Bar 1Formerly known as Substance, this popular bar was refuribished and renamed Bar 1 in August 2009. Hosting trendy pre-club nights with style. Its biggest asset is a large patio area, overlooking a busy roundabout, which is a popular meeting place in the Summer months.
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G   10th July 10
place looks nicer inside now its had a lick of cosier colours. Nice to hear a bit of jazz getting played when i walked past.

Tommy   22nd June 10
Wish they would get some proper draught Guinness in here.

Josie   21st June 10
They've started doing food in here now, we called in for our lunch the other day when it was really sunny. Me and my friend both went for the chicken wrap and chips, it was lovely and we'll definitely return.

Jon - Re - G   28th May 10
Totally agree. Had an OK start as Bar one but is showing true signs of falling flat on its face soon. No disrespect, but we used to religiously come in here on both Friday nights and Sunday afternoons 3 or 4 years ago especially in the summer. The more the sun shone the earlier we came out to Substance. There was no better place in town for what it offered. No big marketing campaigns of 'has been' DJ's and no trying to be something iit wasn't, like a club! It did quieten down after 10pm but by then it had been chocca block from 3 or 4pm which in this town, 6 hours of constant busy trade is no mean feet. It was a fabulous bar doing what it did best.

G   20th May 10
Just my two pennies, I cant ever see this pub doing really well again until it goes back to what it was as its heart... a great day time/outdoor pub and early meeting place. And build from there with QUALITY all the way through. Dont in a stylish luxurious way, a place where people genuinely enjoy being. Lets be honest, its far too minimal/basic to want to hang around in for a lot of the market who would actually come here anyway.

Getting places to those standards take though which im fully aware of and is a huge risk for a lot of bar owners. He who dares... and all that though I guess. Either way, best of luck, always been a great sun spot imo just need to stick to its strengths.

James   17th May 10
We often go in here when we're out in Sunderland. We were in on Saturday night and I have to say the tunes were spot on, we stayed for a few then headed into town. The atmosphere was nice and chilled out, it seems the place has really found its feet and should be good in the summer, hope they've got the World Cup on.

Jay davis   17th May 10
or to some 'scouse' who ever the other scouse is just to make clear is not me. Yes i was one of dj's for Funky fresh project. Since the night finished av never been in bar 1 till saturday gone for a do upstairs. As to the new ''Friday night wipes the floor'' Am really pleased for this person and wish there fri night every succes, lets hope the night has long innings, as to be fair with all nights respectfully, need time to grow and get noticed. We had a great time with the ''F.F.Project'' and are very grateful to the bar and there support. and the night was getting noticed and was picking up, and in all fairness should of had more time.But thats the way theses things go i guess. Anyway what ever the music project or event i hope and wish who ever all the best with them and that they get the time they deserve. Bar 1 is a great bar,with great potential, its just finding the right potentail to make it great again.

Alan.   16th May 10
This place me as well be renamed the Mary Celeste as nobody goes in anymore. I think a mixture of the management, staff and promotors managed to turn this place from a 'gold mine to be' into another deserted bar. You did a fantastic re-fit for a Sunderland bar. Lovely nice and clean and modern and a little bit funky. It was something new and exciting. All you had to do was have a reasonably popular DJ playing run of the mill popular music, and reasonable drinks prices and you could of watched the people pour in. Instead of blagging about being a 'club', and terribly organising high end DJ sets. You ruined the reputation of this bar, and that will always be in people's minds.

scouse   14th May 10
I loved the friday nights in here b4 with the funky fresh project but the new friday night wipes the floor, really good night.John the mod is the masiya,class tuneS! P.S good to see some fit ladies in too

Paul T   14th May 10
I dont think they are nemore... think they have knocked the whole 'club' crack on the head after all the bad press

Dj Danny Kyle   13th May 10
For those of you missing the house music that used to be played, i run monthly house events upstairs in BarOne. The next event is on Friday the 28th of May, and full details can be found by searching for Azibi @BarOne on facebook.

clare   12th May 10
are you doing nemore big nights?djs? had mint time when graham park was on and allister whitehead. Get them back :)

gail   10th May 10
guess noone has the time to reply. I came in again on friday nite again to see if it was back to normal, but there was 3 people in.... that was at 1030pm! No atmosphere... such a shame, me and the girls loved it in here, was something diffrent from the town :( bad times

Re Jane   6th May 10
I hear they have some new astro turf as wall paper now

jane   5th May 10
hi has things change in here?, where the friday night djs gone. always liked the music in here, housey stuff downstairs and indie upstairs. Seemed to me things were doing ok. Whats happing with the place nowa days. anything on. Shame liked fridays never anything on really around town yet always seemed good atmospher in here. Hope things will be happin for the summer as it a great place to be. x

gail   20th April 10
where was funkyfresh on friday?

RE: Davey Soul   7th April 10
Everytime you walk past its empty? Well, do you expect a bar to be packed every minute of every day?Its been getting busier and busier as the weeks are leading up to the summer, and people enjoy themselves. I wish people would stop slagging off the type of music that is played, as bar 1 if one of few bars in the town that put on a range of nights, with different music on each one! So there is a thing called CHOICE davey soul. If you dont like what you call 'bangin housey remix spinners' then dont come on the night that has house music, come on a different night and experience some music that you like! You cant please every single person in the town on every single night, thats why there is choice. As for fire eaters and metal grinders, i think a bit of entertainment now and again is fab, and gives us something else to look at and enjoy. Roll on summers months, when the terrace gets busy and the bbq is on, and we have a multiple choice of evenings to pick from and a multiple choice of music to listen to! Keep at is bar 1, your doing great :)

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