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Bar 1

1 Tunstall Road. Tel: 0191 565 8899

Photo of Bar 1Formerly known as Substance, this popular bar was refuribished and renamed Bar 1 in August 2009. Hosting trendy pre-club nights with style. Its biggest asset is a large patio area, overlooking a busy roundabout, which is a popular meeting place in the Summer months.
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Corder Roy   6th April 10
Get Jules back thats what I say and get him mixing it up for the Sunderland trance massive coommeeeee on! Roger Sanches will be mint too likE!

Ryan   25th March 10
We like going in here at the start of our night out. We were in the other day and got talking to the lad at the bar. I mentioned that there wasn't much in the way of comfy seating, he told us that there were settees and more comfy chairs coming over the next few weeks, good to see they're doing something about satisfying their customers, not just slashing prices left, right and centre.

Toni T   21st March 10
RE: Stop bangin on about the jules night, stuff happened, its in the past. The bar is well and truly over it, me and my m8s go in quite a bit weekends and midweek. It never gets rammed but thats a good thing, this is definately a bar for people that love good music, good surroundings...with style. Oh, and if roger sanchez is playin, i wanna ticket! x

Re Davey Soul   20th March 10
They still have the same djs mate. I agree, the bar is initially canny quirky but once you get used to it it's un comfy, white and not very good to sit and chill.

Davey Soul   18th March 10
Everytime I walk past here it is either empty or you can count the people in there on one hand. Ive been in a couple of times and have to say its an awkward layout. I wouldnt normally comment, but felt compelled after reading some of the seriously exaggerated ones on here...

I think the place seems to have suffered from the dreadful Judge Jules fiasco. Maybe the management will think seriously about who they book and use to promote the place, before they put has been DJ's on in a conservatory..

In my opinion, and this is what this forum is for, this bar would work great if it kept to its limitations. Get some decent DJ's on, instead of the bangin housey remix spinners Ive heard in there and push your residents properly and get a good following each week...Instead of going all style over subtance with fire eaters and metal grinders...

Billy Wasah   18th March 10
U possibly heard it here first but the rumours are the amazing Bar One DJs have possibly the biggest dj in the world EVER booked... superstar Dj Roger Sanchez! Making a very international Sunderland debut appearance at CLUB BAR ONE in a couple of months. Its only 27 quid as well to be within touching distance of him in this "intimate" club venue! If this is true Sunderland will be well and truly on the map! Cheaper than a weeks holiday in Ibiza any day!

Alexandra Pato   16th March 10
Hey guys! i was here on monday and just thought that it was a awsome night, the bar staff are nice, dj's were decent all tho i am not to kean on that "house" should try playing some songs from the charts, keep up the good work guyz.

Jakey Splash   15th March 10
I dont work in the bar, honest.... but i'd like to say its excellent. I was on there the other night and apart from the dj's they also had fire eaters and a metal grinder. It was just like being in the Point years ago just in a little bar instead. Awesome!

Skinny Jim   5th March 10
I work in the bar and love house music, take it from me the Fridays are a pleasure to work, and not many people can say that about their job. It's pretty much the soundtrack to any 20-something's affection for qualty dance music, and with so many classic tunes, forgotten gems, unexpected remixes and nods of apprecation to some of the quality tunes being overlooked these days. I won't list names and tunes; I'll invite you to pop in and let me serve you tonight

minty mcmint   25th February 10
the place just lets off a mintness type vibe with everything being mint the tables are mint the lightbulbs are mint and even the hand rail going down the stairs is mint keep up the mintness guys mint

Trevor Gaskill   21st February 10
LOL. Proper mint in here like. Its git mint

Liam Ridden   15th February 10
Propa mint place, lasses are lush. me mint mate DJ brent anthony playes the wkdisttttt tunes and sorts me loadsa drinks. amen brother!11

gail   11th February 10
went in last friday music fab staff friendly boucers are welcoming and cute defo be back again very soon x

Jason Switch   10th February 10
Lets give the funky lads a chance... maybe they can give us some examples of the artists and labels they play? They seem to preach alot about "The history of house music and what it is today" so maybe they can inform us? To be honest some of their patter seems really cheesy imo.

Steve Rob   7th February 10
Funkyfreshproject???.. Greatest house musically produced tracks???.... New funky stuff that breaks the mould??? Funky is a term applied very liberally these days to music/nights that are far from that... No offence, but mould breaking your music is not..and I've been in on a Friday!

Lisa N the Girls   6th February 10
had a great night here friday gone, got given a flyer which when handed in at the bar was scaned and i won a bottle Champange, me mates also won disscounts and free shots. Thanks had a top night all round will b back x

sunderlandpub   28th January 10
the Sunday night buskers night here is very good, it's called 'Busk til Dusk'!

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