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Bar 1

1 Tunstall Road. Tel: 0191 565 8899

Photo of Bar 1Formerly known as Substance, this popular bar was refuribished and renamed Bar 1 in August 2009. Hosting trendy pre-club nights with style. Its biggest asset is a large patio area, overlooking a busy roundabout, which is a popular meeting place in the Summer months.
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FunkyfreshProject   27th January 10
Thaks for all who is supportin our night here @ the Fantastic Bar1...
Re: Jane, The funkyfeshProject is a regular friday night knees up of some of the Greatest House musically Produced Tracks that have defined a generation and made what House music is today. With The F.P.P's added bonus of mixing in new funky stuff that breaks the mould of not bein put in a class with others musically. F.F.P stands its own Right in its music selection, which in turn gives our weekly night its,stature and respect its finally gettin from all.
F.F.P thanks you all for the great feed back as it helps us put more into our nights each week for you all. and may i haste to add not, just from the F.F.P team, but also from the great team Behind Bar 1. From friendly doors lads, who still proffesional in what they do, have also been seen having a little dance also, the bars lasses and lads for the Quick efficent service and the managment team for on occassion the decission to give free shots out of the best kind.(which can cost if them more if did not think thing were workin)..Things like this is what makes the friday nights @Bar1 a great place to be...Kind regards to all,the Bar,the Djs,YOU SEXY lot for sharing it all,And for the love of house music....
See you on thedance floor soon
<3 F.F.P H.Q

bar 1   26th January 10
Thanks for your feedback Jane, glad you managed to pop in and enjoyed yourselves. This is on every Friday night at Bar 1, and getting busier every week..... Hope to see you this coming friday for more from the FunkyFresh Project. :)

Jane   23rd January 10
Town was a bit poor last night so we were going home early. As we walked past around midnight it looked rather busy so we called in. Was very busy, great music and beautiful bar. First time we have been in since it was substance. Was last this friday a one off event or weekly? If so we will definatly be back again

Texas Frank   8th January 10
I go to the poker night here every week and that's just been moved to a Thursday night from a Tuesday upstairs, as I've been told that they're closing Tuesday and Wednesday for the next few months until the weather picks up again. Makes sense really, the poker night was as good as ever last night, well worth going out in the rotten weather.

ElleM   5th January 10
Has something happened here? Its been closed the last 3 nights in a row when i've drove past?

Danny B   3rd January 10
Bar One is the best bar in town i go in every saturday and the music is just amazing, the staff are amazing, the place looks unreal and cant wait to see who they book next. Everyone show your support to the dance scene!

dave the rave no1raver northeast legend   3rd January 10
hardcore till i die i keep on prayer to god in all rave clubs i love club bar one and passion and all clubs god blessed the crew put it in sunderland echo. Bring back Judge Jules!

Sarah   20th December 09
Went in on Sat expecting Brandon Block, shame he didnt turn but good night all the same. Venue looks great since my last visit as substance, friendly bar staff and great choice of music. Think once people get to know what this place is offering it will be a huge success!

John G   15th December 09
We have been in a few fridays now and has been good music but bit quiet although has been picking up each time we come in. We came in on friday to see ben taylor and were very impressed with the extra entertainment. Well done we will be back

promo   11th December 09
Tickets are on sale for Brandon Block as we speak from the bar..... get urself down tonight aswell....(friday 11th Dec) for a night with FUNKYFRESH PROJECT with guest DJ Ben Taylor......kicks off around 10pm....FREE entry all night :)

F.F.Project   10th December 09
The FunkyFresh Project @ Bar One Sunderland, the towns newest funky house and club classic night is stedily growing into Friday nights hot place to be We make things even better by brining you special guest DJ Mr Ben Taylor. Resident from the biggest and longest running clubbing night in the UK that is the almighty RETRO. For those who are part of his massive fan base you will know what to expect. For anyone who hasnt had the pleasure yet, rest assured this will be an awsome night with great vibes and some awesome tunes, some of which you may not of heard in years. Take the trip back in time with us Friday 11th December 9pm till late. Resident DJs Keith Ward, Jay Davis plus entertainers and drinks offers, and to top it all off no door charge all night. You would need a good reason not to

Bar One   9th December 09
Dont forget folks this friday Ben Taylor from RETRO joining us. Party kicks off around 10pm FREE entry all night. To make it little more special. Live entertainers in the form of angle grindering artists, flame eaters etc. Search for FunkyFresh Project on facebook for more info

John Smiths Frank   8th December 09
I saw on the banner they've got outside that Branon Block is playing next Saturday, the 19th, that should be a great night, can't wait. Well done Bar1.

Soundscape Sunderland   7th December 09
Is this the type of night you and your friends would come to as we're trying to offer something different in Sunderland?

shaun w   6th December 09
Ive just moved back to sunderland and impressed with the home town's small venues was a little bit worried at first sunderland seems to have gone from a week long scene to a one night town so impressed a bar is trying somthing new and going against the grain of pack em in sell it cheap

Soundscape Sunderland   2nd December 09
Soundscape is launching upstairs in Bar 1 on 30 Jan with a view to becoming a regular night, all goes well. No cheese or commercial dance music, no egos, just cutting edge live Electronica from some of the scene's brightest stars, and up and coming talents. We're working on a line up of acts from the likes of Warp, Skam and Planet Mu with Scrubber Fox already confirmed and negotiations with Mrs Jynx taking place as we speak. Let us know what you think and check us out on Facebook or at myspace.com/soundscape4.

sally   26th November 09
Looking forward to seeing Allister on saturday, followed him for about 10 years, nice that bar one have brought him back to sunderland. Can't wait! MWAH x x

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