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Bar 1

1 Tunstall Road. Tel: 0191 565 8899

Photo of Bar 1Formerly known as Substance, this popular bar was refuribished and renamed Bar 1 in August 2009. Hosting trendy pre-club nights with style. Its biggest asset is a large patio area, overlooking a busy roundabout, which is a popular meeting place in the Summer months.
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Jay   18th November 09
I see in the Echo today it mentions about the fiasco of the 7th nov..i think its time for everyone to put the past to bed and move on...roll on Whitehead next week!

Seasoned Clubber   18th November 09
I am glad to read that Bar 1 has severed all ties with the promoter concerned and I hope it was a case of the promoter failing to pass on details of the requirements to the venue. I hope Bar 1 will be able to invite the Judge back in the future so that everyone can experience him at his best. I would however suggest that other DJ's become a bit more savvy and make sure that their sets are not being recored against their wishes not just at Bar 1 but anywhere. On face value , I wish Bar 1 all the best for the future.

Si   16th November 09
Carry on bar one with good residents and what youre doing and you'll have a bangin' bar soon enuf.

Nelly   11th November 09
I think we are missing somthing here guys, the night was brilliant before JJ turned up and even better when he left, The venue and the resident DJs done a brilliant job now lets move on and stop being so negative, See you next week Bar 1 x

Gareth   11th November 09
Fair play for Judge Jules for standing up to comments online and bothering to speak to fans who had paid good money. Does that sound like a Diva or someone who doesnt care? No. At the end of the day booking big dj's is just like booking bands, you wouldnt expect them to play with the wrong guitars would you?

Darren Bent for England   11th November 09
I was ere to see greame Park the week before, and it was a cracking night. Same sound system, same crowd, and greame doing it old school on the 1210s. He did a 4hr set, and speaking to him afterwards he said he cant wait to come back to Sunderland. The difference between the to was that Greame Park seems to love his DJ'ing and still has a passion for music, which led to an incredible vibe in the club, and the Judge is just about the money, as its proven by him doing 2hr sets and in two places on one night. I would rather pay 15 to watch the sat night residents in Bar1 as they seem to have all the talent, and no attitude. Bar1 please bring us newer, cutting edge dj's/producers.

Gareth   11th November 09
The only people to book decent DJ dance/house/techno DJ's in Sunderland in recent years have been Ward 10. BUT HERE'S THE KILLER.... I think even the Ward 10 lads will openly admit how hard it is to fill a venue with a half decent crowd who are really into their music. Simply cos there isnt masses of us in Sunderland. There isnt masses of us in Newcastle either, with Shindig recently closing its weekly doors for smaller, more intimate events. It does however.. still have a canny dance/house/dj scene.

Im more passionate about this town than most people on here, and have a very good understanding of planning and activities in the city. But the fact is there isnt a scene for good dance music. Which is prob why the more educated among us find it quite humorous when we hear tales like Graeme Park for 12 you prob wouldnt pay that price for him anywhere in the world. Not even Dubai or Singapore. And he certainly wont be headlining any good clubs in Ibiza.

Best bet is..... play good music, play cool music, play a variety or style on different nights, which fair prices and decent surroundings. With some healthy promotion, good staff and management. And Bar One will be a success. No offence to the dj's but ive been in and its been commercial/classic dance stuff all night, which ive heard a million times before. No variety, nothing really new. WHich isnt great imo. But if thats what your crowd wants then fair enough. But me personally....I'd rather see DJ's educate and grow a scene rather than be playing stuff from Chambers 10 years ago or more run of the mill funky house.

Bar One Keith   11th November 09
Friday nights hold our FunkyFresh Project night, a mix of laidback bar grooves, funky uplifting house and club classics. On 11th December we are pleased to confirm Ben Taylor (RETRO) This should be another awesome night and with free entry what reason is there not to check it out
For more info join the group page at http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=logo#/group.php?gid=89455247520&ref=ts

Andy re-Judge Jules   11th November 09
Well straight from the horses mouth (so to speak)! Defend the bar all you want but I know who I am trusting as JJ has been in this game at the very highest level for over 15 years. You wanna be careful your up and coming acts aren't privy to this information or you gotta a big problem moving forward. People appreciate bars trying to produce something different but as I said before in previous comments, being ill prepared to deal with such big acts is business suicide. Good luck for the future Bar 1. Hopefully this will not harm your name for long lol.

John b   11th November 09
Whenever you book a proper guest DJ (or band) they have things in their contracts that you just have to adhere to; that's what a contract means. If you can't provide what they need then you shouldn't book them. To the guy who said there is not much difference between the pioneer mixers, you clearly haven't heard them. The reason Xone mixers became standard before the DJM-800 dropped is because the 600 sounds AWFUL. What is scary is that Bar 1 is selling itself as a music-led venue yet apparently need to 'borrow' DJ equipment from a resident. I echo the previous poster's mention of Ward 10: Hey, guess what, if you do it properly there is no reason why new and established talent can't do well in this town. Just wish more could get it right.

Judge Jules   10th November 09
Thanks for passing the link to this forum over to me. To clarify- my departure from Bar 1 had nothing to do with a further gig I had in Leeds that night. This wasn't some kind of 'excuse' to get out early. I had ample time to get to Leeds - in fact, I spent half an hour outside the club in the rain explaining my position to disgruntled clubbers. This was the first time in 15 years that I've felt obliged to stop a gig mid-set. I can't comment on Bar 1 week-in week-out, but on the night the sound/audio set up was the most sub-standard I've experienced in a long time.

Adrian (TouchSoul)   10th November 09
After reading some of the comments on here and in light of what I've heard happened with JudgeJules, I think it's safe to say this was quite unfortunate. I think if the guy didnt want to DJ then he just should'nt have turned up. It is good that there is a new night booking acts in Sunderland, but have to agree with some of the comments already posted about the DJ's booked. This town has always struggled in the face of commerical, tired, safe house and dance...The only exception being Ward 10, who have brought many cutting edge DJ's and producers to the city and had great success with it. This goes to show that the custom for new/fresh events is out there if the right names are promoted and the residents have the passion for it. There will always be people willing to pay money for the likes of Judge Jules, Whitehead, Block etc...but I do feel like we've all seen it before...

re:Billy...   10th November 09
So what your saying is more current talent/DJ's will bring a more rowdy troublesome crowd. Sorry pal but thats a load of rubbish. If someone started putting DECENT club nights which promote more relevant DJ's instead of these seen them all before names that Bad Kitty is promoting, then more likely you will see people travelling from further afield to come see them. Bottom line is these DJ's are being booked because there safe, easily known names which will guarantee a crowd of some type. And to be honest 10 year ago wouldnt have taken a booking for a bar like this...

Billy   10th November 09
With regards to the repeated statement of all the DJs being "old hat or has beens" have any of you not stoped to think these are the type of DJs being booked because of the type of crowd they attract. The "older" DJs that pioneered music into what it is now will bring a much more mature crowd where as booking someone more current and at their peak will bring the younger more rowdy crowd (as prooved when you compare the graeme park to judge jules nights) Maybe thats the crowd a venue like this needs hence why it has been done, just wait and see how respectable the clientele are for Allister Whitehead.

Andy - Chris/Tony G   10th November 09
This was indeed a terribly run night and only the bar /promoters can be to blame. BUT if they have learnt from it there may well be hope. Socks up Bar 1. Stop wondering round with chests out and suits on playing Mr Big. Put the hard work in and Sat Night will be forgotten soon enough.

Rich   10th November 09
Judge jules totally spat his dummy out, and threw his toys out his pram. He found an excuse to get out of there, and not play so he could get onto his next gig, which was paying more. He shouted and threatened people, would not listen to anyone and acted like a 5 year old little girl that has had her pony confiscated. The professional thing to do, would have been to step into the office and talk to the bar owner and promotions company, and get to the bottom of it, then decide where to go from there. The memory card from the recorder was taken straight out and handed to jules and he refused to take it. So its not like the bar still had his recording.
I am so sick of this man travelling around the world to gigs, and acting like a jumped up little diva. He even said that whats he looked like on his own blog. and i agree. I am also sick of people putting comments on here that are negative against the bar and resident DJ's. They are the people that kept the night going, after jules left the bar like a war zone with people threatening eachother and fights kicking off all over the place. They were the back bone behind the night, and without them would have turned out more of a disaster than jules had created. Dont listen to the negative comments on here about Bar 1, and the resident DJ's. you all did a great job, keep up the good work. Unless you know the true happenings of the night, please refrain from pointing the finger at innocent parties. Lets all move on from this night, and get ourselves excited about the upcoming nights on at Bar 1........we cant wait for them and we know that they will be successful without mindless promotors and jumped up diva dj's involved!
Editors note: We cut the bulk of your message, only because it echos what's already been said.

joe innerd   9th November 09
OMG. i dont believe this.... As soon as I told one of my mates who dj's at a club in sunderland, and is the BEST dj in sunderland, that judge jules was on at a rip off price of 15 he told me that thats about right as he's on in digital for the same price in december. He also told me that he probably WONT turn up, and if he does he'll try and LEAVE EARLY as he's got a bigger, and better gig to play in leeds. Not only did he arrive late, he then made excuses to leave right away. What a joker. How on earth can you do a gig till 2.30 in sunderland then drive to leeds which is 2hrs away and then do a gig there. What was he gonna play in leeds 4.30 till 5.00?
P.S. On a funnier note did you see how he threw his toys out of the pram, and stormed off. HA HAAAA. Now if you can predict the lottery numbers Mr. R. I'll buy the judge a bib.

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