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Bar 1

1 Tunstall Road. Tel: 0191 565 8899

Photo of Bar 1Formerly known as Substance, this popular bar was refuribished and renamed Bar 1 in August 2009. Hosting trendy pre-club nights with style. Its biggest asset is a large patio area, overlooking a busy roundabout, which is a popular meeting place in the Summer months.
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Moss   9th November 09
Went in Bar1 on Saturday for the first time and i was impressed,didn't know we had a venue like this in Sunderland,loads of action and about time too,Picked up a load of flyer's and there's a night for everything And what is wrong with the mentality of the people in Sunderland, if you keep thinking your always lagging behind Newcastle that's where you will stay, remember your in the premiership and this venue is trying to raise the standards of Sunderland's nightlife. A top quality bar Hats of to the management and staff and i agree with Tony Griffiths the bigger the name the harder it becomes and ignore the negative comments.

Chris re Tony G   9th November 09
Sorry but I have to disagree with your comment mate. If you have read JJ;s response to his early departure on his website, you will understand that his contract stated what specifics were requested. Only time in 15 years he cut his set short and to me it sounds like the residents/promoters have been quite unprofessional with regards to this and only have themselves to blame. And I agree as for "has been" DJ's booked at this Bar they are not, But they are not at the forefront anymore. In a lot of peoples eyes, these DJ's are dated and have been at different venues in the city numerous times including your own. Another example is Passion booking Boy George. Promoters here need to understand whats relevant now or this city's nightlife is gonna be permanently behind compared to places like Newcastle...I would rather see local DJ's at certain venues in Sunderland playing fresh/cutting edge music than paying an extortionate ticket price for DJ's who have been booked many times over...

re: Andy/Lee/judgejules.net link   9th November 09
I think the link on Judge Jules.net can effectively be ignored. Apparently Judge Jules and his advisers have acknowledged that the link will be removed as it's not a clear or true reflection of the night. They underestimated the travelling time, resulting in late arrival, and his commitment to his gig in Leeds meant that the set had to be cut shorter. He let his ego get the better of him, using the slightest of excuses to go at the earliest opportunity, it would be nice to hear an apology from Jules himself.

John re Andy   9th November 09
On his website he fails to mention he was approx a hour late for his set which put him behind schedule for his bigger and probs more well paid set of the night.. he demanded full payment before starting his set knowing they were in breach of his contract and he could walk off any second.. He seems like a intelligent guy who has manipulated the situation to his advantage

Tony Griffiths   9th November 09
if these people dont want to play they will use any excuse to get out of it, stop blaming djs promters and the bar its the act you should blame. he was playing in Leeds at a big club and running late so he had to leave, if it wasnt the recording it would of been something else he was given the disk with recording on and still wouldnt play, keep up the good work lads. Dont let the negative comments put you down if Newcastle put these names on its "great" but if someone in Sunderland does it we are booking "has beens". Been There got the T-Shirt. Choc.

Andy - Re - Lee   9th November 09
Just read that link to Jules website and it explains a lot. The big thing about getting so called 'big names' on is all well and good but you have to have the infrastructure in place to deal with it. Sounds to me as though the bar was ill prepared and paid the price. Please people do not think I am just having a go for the sake of it. Read Lee's link. There lies the truth and I don't even think it had anything to do with the promoter anymore unless they did not communicate direct with the Bar.

Col   9th November 09
Have my money back please too? i didnt get it back on sat night. Neither did my 3 pals.

Lee   9th November 09
Sounds to me like hes pretty pissed with the promoters, you would of thought they would of forwarded a copy of the contract to the bar or at least made them aware of the points on it so they could have kept to it. As for the mixer there aint that much difference between the DJM 600 that he was using and the DJM 800 he wanted, however if he had been the insistant on it, they should of hired one in from somewhere instead of sponging a free ride from bars equipment

Steve   9th November 09
He was playing at leeds straight after so was already going to be short on travel time even before he turned up nearly an hour late for a set which i heard was only going to last 90minutes. Sounds to me like he was looking for excuses to get out of there. Keep at it bar one

The Scapegoat - Peace   8th November 09
Im going to take the chance now to explain the story before my name gets dragged through the dirt anymore than it already has by people who dont know what they are talking about. Im one of bar ones resident DJs all of the equipment that was in their is my own personal stuff which i was asked by the bar and space monkey promoters to use, at no hire charge, the bar also wanted to record the night so i also provided a digital recorder, it had been recording from the start of the night as had graeme park the week before. i had been spending the night running round adjusting the sound system levels and eq to make the night as much of a success as possible, at one point i just checked the recording levels to counteract the extra volume so recording wasnt distorting. The judges contract that was signed with the promoters stated their was no recording equipment to be used, this was NOT mentioned at all to me, or anyone from the bar, despite it being knowledge amongst all of us we were recording. the first we knew there was a problem was when he saw me adjusting it. as soon as he said no, i disconected it. took out the memory card with the recording on and gave it to jules. But then all ov a sudden, as it was my equipment and me doing all the running around for no profit other than to try and help, it was all my fault and the finger openly pointed in public. also no one seems to mention the fact he nearly wasnt going to play in the first place because he wanted the next model mixer up.

I would like to thank everyone last night who knew the facts that had my back, and the staff at bar 1 especially the doormen who had to stop me from gettin punched at one point. when i was just doing what i was asked to do by the bar, just goes to show what happens when you go out of your way.

anyway moving on. yes it is true alister and brandon ticket prices are going to be greatly reduced, as to if these are in association with or without space monkey or not is irrelavnt and at this point in time unknown.

On that note from all ov us at bar one our deepest apologies the night did not turn out as planned it could of been great, but we have had hearty conversations today, there will be other big nights coming soon to make up for it, and yes as suggested doing away with the door charge completly where possible, but obviously not always possible

Andy   8th November 09
On arrival for Judge Jules, bar was not full probably because of the charge but went in all the same. 15 Minutes after he started he stormed off and we also heard someone was recording him! This is just absolutely mind blowing and incredibly unprofessional. If it is the case that the promoters are to blame for the extortionate ticket price why are the owners letting it happen? More importantly, how on earth can someone be allowed to record.

Gareth P   8th November 09
That's more like it BAR1 you have a fabulous venue here, don't let other people spoil it for you by trying to make money off the back of what you have created. if you promote it your self you can get a better deal and pass the benefit on to your customers, and if i wasn't to drunk on Saturday I'm sure i heard that you could drop the price of Alister Whitehead and Brandon Block to a fiver by ditching those space monkeys is this right? if so that's more like it.Well done and keep them coming.

Jezz   8th November 09
Ive got some great pictures of Judge Jules on Saturday night what a great night, its a shame he turned up late and then left early, he should of had the decency for us die hard fans to stay and sort his issues out with the promoters at the end of the night,And well done to Bar1 and all the staff for these nights and for sorting those Space monkey promoters out, I'm sure you can do it your selves, you should be able to offer cheaper tickets.

Caz   8th November 09
Can't believe the jules night yesterday. Me an me mates were really buzzin, he only did about 20 minits or so. I heard their resident dj was recording him or summit?? Real shame as it was lookin like a great night too. We was gutted,but for the short time he was on, he was mint! More gorgeous in the flesh than his pics. Shame it ended the way it did..but I guess that's sunderland all over. Just when we get something good going on in the town, some idiot screws it up for all of us! Xx

bert   7th November 09
Its pointless putting on "cool" dj's on in Sunderland, there is only a handfull of people who are into it enough to know them, and the killer is.... even a smaller amount who will actually make it out and part with their money. The thing the promoters dont seem to get is... all these dj's were in their hayday many moons ago, and the majority of people who know and appreciate them all have families and rarely go out dancing in a club.

Graeme Park for 12 and then charging 5 after party is comical. He was on at the Spider for half that not long ago. Judge Jules will get people in, maybe not all of them will have paid 15 quid tho. However it will be full of generally towny punters because Judge Jules plays commercial trance and dance.

They could do something much easier with these dj bookings to make it cheaper for everyone to get in, and much more profitable for the bar to make money. A recent night in newcastle put a big DJ on for free, had hundreds of people turned up and still made money.

Chris   6th November 09
Seems to me that some people on here are missing the point to some comments made here. Apart from the ticket price, its the DJ's. All been here before a few times over. Nothing all bad about that. Where is the new talent/ relevant artists that Newcastle has booked all the time at their bars/venues? There's more to the club scene than these. If Sunderland venues are only gonna book same old tired names then its gonna be stuck behind permanently compared to other cities. Its wrong to thing the clubbing patrons of this city all listen to or like the same thing...And no amount of free chamapagne and fancy dressed ladies is gonna disguise that fact!

joe innerd   5th November 09
Judge Jules is on at digital in december....1500 capacity, with a ticket price of 15. Bar1 is charging the same price for the same guy in a less than 150 capacity., so why do us mackems complain if someone goods on in sunderland, yet are quite willing to pay the same in newcastle. bar1 seems to be trying to bring a good scene to sunderland with Bad Kitty, and my hats off to them. Keep em coming Bar1.

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