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Bar 1

1 Tunstall Road. Tel: 0191 565 8899

Photo of Bar 1Formerly known as Substance, this popular bar was refuribished and renamed Bar 1 in August 2009. Hosting trendy pre-club nights with style. Its biggest asset is a large patio area, overlooking a busy roundabout, which is a popular meeting place in the Summer months.
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Ref Chris McK   3rd November 09
half of 15 quid for Judge Jules is good. But it was probably in a place to or 3 times the size. This is small, intimate and exclusive..you literally stand next to the guy as he's DJing, we did for Graeme Park and my m8s couldnt believe it..so we're all coming down for Judge Jules on saturday... I'm already on the guestlist! Cheers.

mark   3rd November 09
re dave p... all that chris is trying to say is in his opinion and mine it would be good to see new talent being showcased instead of the ones we have all seen before, the reason these djs are put on time and time again is because they are available and cheap compared to the likes of the up and coming talent thats out there thats normally fully booked for months so if you want this bar to stand out from the rest put good djs on that havent been on in sunderland before and i bet you get a better respose to them

Chris M   2nd November 09
..To Dave P. I would'nt say my comment was stupid and my knowledge of DJ's/House Music is'nt bad at all. It's because of this I can stand by the comment. You have put stats on for these people that anyone with a knowledge of british house music history would know. But it still dont hide the fact that this bar is charging 15 a ticket for someone like Judge Jules! And as you say, are all legends of the scene and time served, but hardly arent ,as you say, at the forefront anymore. And the likes of Whitehead, Block.etc have been here in Sunderland at bigger venues at cheaper door tax prices. Its just recycling nights other places have done and is not in anyway fresh. That is my point, this is what Sunderland lacks is a diverse scene. And not that there's anything particularly wrong with these DJ's and the events in particular, apart from the over the top ticket price. There's more to the scene than just big room house music and ibiza "legends"...If ya can charge 15 a ticket, whats wrong with like of Joey Negro, Norman Jay, Ben Watt and many more that would pull a good crowd and be something different for Sunderland...

bazza   2nd November 09
y carnt people not just give this bar a chance! you all moan that theres never a decent club nite on in sunderland, well at least there trying, bring it on a say!

dave_p   2nd November 09
To Chris McK,
"Apart from Graham Park, everyone else is old hat"
What a stupid comment, or is your knowledge of DJ's really that bad?
Brandon & Whitehead are legends and helped (along with the pioneers like Pickering and Park) to get the scene to where it is today.
Graeme park is probably the longest serving DJ announced for this venue and an absolute legend, starting his career in the ealy 80's in Nottingham before moving to the Hacienda as it's resident DJ after being brought in by Mike Pickering (another legend).
Judge Jules along with Peter Tong took the scene to the mainstream and because of this I feel have suffered for it.
After spending yet another summer in Ibiza myself I must admit I was less than impressed with him and found Judgement Sundays best night by far was the night that included Eddie Halliwell (Radio 1 weekend) where he stole the limelight and all of the applause.
While these particular DJ's are not at the forefront of the scene in your eyes, to a lot of people they are the epitome of the clubbing and house scene and their journey through the 80's, 90's & 00's.
Has beens and old hat they are definitely not. Old they defintely are but that doesn't mean they can't DJ with the best of them.. Look at DJ Paul Taylor and Retro nights, these nights are massive and appreciated by many thousands on a regualr basis.
Out of Interest would you prefer to see DJ Sammy?

jaydavis   2nd November 09
Graeme Park was superb on saturday, outstanding night, roll on the Judge.....Hats of the spacemonkey Music and Badkitty an all staff @ bar1 for there work..

dan R   1st November 09
i agree wiv Chris a little bit. i dont actually mind payin 15quid for jules tickets and have preordered 5, but i would like to see more up to date acts in sunderland. At least your tryin bar one eh?

Kim   1st November 09
What an awesome night with Graeme Park on Saturday, Cannot wait till judgejules this weekend..more champers??? XX

amy   31st October 09
glad to see you got rid of that dj who thinks he is great just by dancing ha ha he wouldnt know a good tune if it bit him anyway like the new look and like where you are going with this place just keep the idiots out and ill be in every week with the girls x

Chris McK   27th October 09
15 pound for Judge Jules? Please...Im all up for decent nights but my word...the DJ line up is hardly forward thinking. Apart from Graham Park, everyone else is old hat...Judge Jules has been on in Sunderland a couple of times in the past for at least half the price. When is there gonna be somewhere in this town where we can see relevant, fresh talent and not a bunch of has beens playin tub thumping tarty house music?

Danni   27th October 09
Think its 15 fo judge jules, but they aint got many tickets left i herd x

clubrat   26th October 09
any idea how much judge jules entry will be on the 7th

Danni and Jess   25th October 09
Judge Jules on the 7th November..woop woop! this really is now the coolest place to be in Sunderland! Well done Bar One for getting such great people here x x x MWAH we both love ya x!

sally   20th October 09
Can't wait for graeme park at the end of the month.. My hero! X

JayDavis   17th October 09
Great night here on friday. lovely crowd all round. Well done Tony Jaffer on wining his fight and for gracing us with his pressance @bar1. good after party. Thankyou to mr Anth Angle(Sterio Sush) for his guest mix.Awesome. Massive Thanks To the Bar staff and Managment for there great work for without them Bar1 wud Not be what it is today. Big shout to Resident Friday Dj K.Ward..(you drunken skunk! 19lol) Great tunes get cds copyied up. And finally thanks to all you sexy lot for making Friday night a great night had all round. peace x

Sarah   15th October 09
Great night on Saturday just gon, DJ was better than the one from sat b4

Stevie RE sunderland DJ   14th October 09
Dead right matey - variety is important. All of the dj's they got are good in their own wayz..bar is great and didn't know about the different beers etc, will defo be tryin them next time we're in though. Keep spinnin them wheels..

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