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Bar 1

1 Tunstall Road. Tel: 0191 565 8899

Photo of Bar 1Formerly known as Substance, this popular bar was refuribished and renamed Bar 1 in August 2009. Hosting trendy pre-club nights with style. Its biggest asset is a large patio area, overlooking a busy roundabout, which is a popular meeting place in the Summer months.
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sunderland dj   13th October 09
being a dj in town myself i love how we all get slated for being different in our own ways a mean haway man get a grip! do ya really wanna go to every establishment to find all dj's being the same! its all about who you are and how you aim to please the crowd! the bar is a lovely place too been in a few times now to find some really nice imported beers etc that cant be found anywhere else in town! keep up the good work i say!

Carla   12th October 09
The guy you're talkin about i know, he IS a good DJ. If you knew about talent and music and stuff yee wud be deeing it ya self! I think the guy who played this saturday was great, chose some blindin tracks..but i do feel that there was more energy from "the guy who jumps around...is an idiot" and younger DJ. Anyway, i hope they continue to use a consistent DJ who pulls in a nice crowd, so we can all enjoy this place for what it is - A CRACKIN' LATE BAR XXX

RE CARLA   12th October 09
what has my space got to do about the djs ability? the guy who jumps around is an idiot he doesnt even look like a dj, at least the others guys music is a bit more refined not like jumping boys all it is is re released versions of songs that were not very good in the first place trust me bar 1 stick with the older guys at least they know what they are doing

RE: STU   12th October 09
Again another mindless comment from im sure the same mindless person on this site! Why do you have to make a personal attack on somebody! There is no need for it.... again, please grow up! On a positive note really looking forward to Graeme Park on the 31st Oct! Gonna be a fab night, with fab DJ's and a great atmosphere. Well done bar 1, keep up the good work :):)

jayne ashworth   12th October 09
Lovin the new bar one, looking forward to the events you're getting lined up too x

Carla - stu comment   10th October 09
the guy jumpin around at least has energy..the others stand there and do nothing...plus if they were that good how come at their ages they aint playin somewhere bigger outside sunderland? i know who one of them is as im sure he played at spider a long time ago...i looked at his myspace...he hasnt had a comment for over a year and only got 100 odd friends...still, if theyre keeping people happy, crack on...i just think the other dj was a bit more fun for us...but i guess everyone will have personal tastes in music and dj's eh..x

Simon   10th October 09
Judge Jules at Bar One?? Mint - when is that, how do i get tickets..? Judge Jules....YEEEEHAAA!

Karen   8th October 09
Can't believe Judge Jules is playing, can't wait!

stu   7th October 09
got to say well done to the new djs in bar 1 music was great on sat that other dj is so desperate to get noticed he has to jump around like the idiot he is, concentrate on djing not acting the clown by the way music was much better with these other guys all my mates said the same and i heard people in the toilets saying how much better the music was hope bar 1 have these guys on all the time and not that jumping idiot

Tammy and Sarah   6th October 09
Agree with Julia, the young energetic DJ was mad as a box of frogs, but really livened the night up..his music was better too.. these two new guys are old enough to be our dads and their choice of tuneees was a bit arld an arl...lol Still a nice place though x

claire   6th October 09
glad they have a new dj in he is much better than the other one jumping around like he was at a rave lol music is much better with the new dj keep him on and ill be back every week with my girlfriends x

DJ Craig   5th October 09
Loved the new DJ on sat downstairs, really good set and loved the music. i think his name was andy, keep up the good tunez and bring on the house ! love it

Jackie   5th October 09
I dunno why they have a modern done out bar a a dj playing old average house tunes from back when chambers was popular. 1998 or something? lol

julia   5th October 09
were's the original sat night dj gone. He was crackers full of energy always jumping around, bring him back plz... Great vibe when he was on.x Love the bar keep it up;)

Samira   4th October 09
Whats happened to the DJ from the past two Saturdays... noooo bring him back pleeeeease x

Kate   3rd October 09
It's that time and day of the week again - See ya all in there for a boogie ;)

Bushy patch   1st October 09
Whats going on with that astro turf in the middle of the bar? its looks like the big brother house from BB6 or whatever it was! lol

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