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Bar 1

1 Tunstall Road. Tel: 0191 565 8899

Photo of Bar 1Formerly known as Substance, this popular bar was refuribished and renamed Bar 1 in August 2009. Hosting trendy pre-club nights with style. Its biggest asset is a large patio area, overlooking a busy roundabout, which is a popular meeting place in the Summer months.
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Chris re Chloe M   1st October 09
This is a forum for opinions, good or bad, that hopefully owners/managers etc can take on board... Yes Bar 1, nice ideas...could be a much better venue. Things you mention like lighting, dancefloor and DJ booth should be taken into account before the bar opens... not after. Especially when this place is hosting club style house nights. Whats the point in having this place packed with nowhere to dance as the place is not that big... its still looks like a conservatory... Or booking named DJ's with nowhere to put their gear on other than the floor or a stool... Get it sorted and it could be a bit better...

Sarah   1st October 09
I'm going on the bar crawl here on Friday, it's part of our Freshers thing, I think we're in here early afternoon, about to or 3ish. We were in on Monday night and it was totally packed, great atmosphere, another student get together I think. Bring on Walkabout!

Karl   29th September 09
Is it friday or saturday thats the crawl round town? heard you had nearly 200 people booked in all weekend coming, so should be bangin...

Chloe M ref - DJ CRAIG   29th September 09
Agree...far too much bitching. Add comments that are worth while. Also DJ CRAIG you are right, nice fresh look and feel to this bar compared to alot of other places in the town. Think they may be on to a winner, maybe just need to iron out a couple of things yet like lighting and proper DJ booth and dancefloor downstairs, but Rome wasn't built in a day...really good start though, i love it! As do me m8s x

Gareth   29th September 09
I'll take it as a compliment that you think its a template! And yes we do have some cracking other agencies in sunderland finally, most of the ones I think of lot of specialise in web primarily. I also happen to personally know the owners of every company you mentioned. All good lads.

Anyway, forums are a place of opinions, both good and bad. Perfect place for people to listen to other peoples thoughts, and decide to take on board. Which is what forums are all about. The people who tend to take offense are the people who are usually... crap and cant admit it.

ps, i went into bar 1 for a pint on sat, fetched 18 people in with me then the rest of us turned up. Ive said it before and i'll say it again. Well done for trying something different and thinking about the place a bit.

danny   28th September 09
come in here on sat just gone and thought its a nice bar but disagree about the music the dj wasnt playing anything which hasnt been heard before i have even seen him in other places doing the same set not very original eh apart from that nice bar nice bar staff

DJ CRAIG   28th September 09
You lot bitch to much on here.....at the end of the day any one can put comments on this website but mostly people seem to complain. personally i believe that people should only have comments on this website if there are to be constructive and helpful towards a bar. if people have issues why dont you just meet up like normal people and discuss a subect in stead of taking the piss on the website.....nd P.S i love this bar, really nice to see a change of class in sunderland .. well done

Toni? - John/gareth/others   28th September 09
I wish people on ere wud just leave commnts about the places. Any one comin to this site from outside sunderland must not get a very good impression of the town or people - idiots, grow up! x

John   28th September 09
Azure,ican,c and c,evoke art and design....but to name a few. Anyway, more important things - bar one seem to be doing ok, has a good crowd in during the week and perhaps sometimes a little bit older crowd in at the weekend but all good atmosphere. We love the style of the place and find its a shame here and justice are so far apart..but still good venues...

john - re john response   28th September 09
i was being sarcastic when i said Rupert, it's called humour! At least we know now that Davy was right and Gareth and yourself are one of the same people tha DO work for RUFUS...good advertising for your business that is..hahaha...why don't you make proper comments about the bar(s) on here rather than plugging a business which is design orintated, yet has a templated website..hahaha

re john   28th September 09
haha, once again proof why 90% of people who post on this board bring such. Clearly interesting, factual, critical and also positive comments made in all the posts by Gareth some of the retards like John basically cant appreciate some actual interesting/educated comments for a change! ps, who are all these you know who are loads better than Rupert? hahaha. You dont even know their name mate how can you have such an opinion on something you know nothing about? Proof of the calibre of people who mostly frequent this board! lol

john   27th September 09
i agree wiv Daveys comment on Gareths stuff...i think gareth may also be jealous of other online designers etc in sunderland as i no that there are loads better out there than rupert or rufus or whatever. anyway, why dont you let people get on and run their own stuff like Davey said, and you concentrate on yours. For godsake this is a forum about bars and stuff in sunderland NOT businesses. So just to say, Bar 1 are trying new things and im guessin some will work some wont. but great theyre trying to be a little more creative than the other run of the mill places around. i will still come here as will my m8s.

Kate   27th September 09
Another awesome saturday, good music and ambience. Love it x

Sammie   27th September 09
Went in again on saturday, the DJ was mint again! however this week they had about 3 or for different ones on, we didn't like the older guys that much although their music was ok. The other younger ones were more energetic and stuff...keep up the good work,we are spending all our saturdayz in ere!

Danny T   26th September 09
What a great place to be on a wkend. They show all the matches on big screens and stuff and then have music on after like...we stay all afternoon and night sometimes. Fab! Any chance of doin food or summit later on though, maybiz just on the bar like...

Laura   25th September 09
This place is awesome. Absolutely gorgeous inside, decor is fab. Always a great atmosphere when busy or quiet. It is after all a new bar so will take time to pick up. Agreeing with Kate and Sammie, the new sat DJ is proper mint. Loved everything he played, and loved the attitude. Nice to see a DJ actually loving his work, getting involved with the crowd and enjoying himself instead of just standing there looking bored :) Great Bar.....see you all at the weekend :)

Ellie D   24th September 09
Hi there, am a student at the uni, can anyone tell me more about the nights that run here as there is a good vibe round the other students about this place but no one really seems to know whats on when. All i know is that there isn't a great deal on at the uni..looking to come here this weekend wiv my mates to check it out..

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