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Blu Bambu

Vine Place.

Photo of Blu BambuOpened as Beach in 2001, then re-named Blu Bambu in 2006 after a million pound refit. The trendy upstairs room is dedicated to R&B followers and has an impressive light wall which would not go a miss in a Beyonce video. Then in the main arena you can see anything from big name DJs to today’s much talked about soap stars. It also features pyrotechnic shows, the only laser show in Sunderland, bubble machines and a sound system that blows your mind. A state of the art venue worth discovering for yourself, some great nights out.
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sunderland   23rd February 09
well i think bambu is going down the pan with passion opening even thou its a sister club, it needs new staff as it aint got many to start with, plus think need to change the name bambu has now got bad name for its self

kayla   22nd February 09
we go every week but have to say saturday night was not as good as usual hope its back to normal next week

DJ Paul   21st February 09
Andrew C - Thanks for response. As a DJ, theres only so much I can comment on, and things like what drinks are priced at, it really isnt down to me. I am aware that although we have drinks at 50p, most people are buying more expensive ones, which is pleasing as it shows they arent just coming for the cheap drinks. That said though, I will let the manager and owners know your request for cheaper VK, and see what they say.

Sadly we did have a couple of stupid fights in the ladies toilets on Wednesday, but hopefully now we know who they are (turns out they were all friends), they wont be allowed back in.

Eminem - I remember you asking me for it on Monday, and think I did tell you that I didnt have it with me, but I will make sure I have it for next week :-)

Hopefully see you next week, and as I said, do come over, be good to meet you and find out what I can do different to make sure you and your friends are there every week!

sharon   20th February 09
good one paul i totally agree with you wednesdays are for people who like a bit of fun. people who go there no what to expect me love it

Andrew C   20th February 09
Thanks for your decent response Paul its good your so willin to take my comments on board. i wasnt tryin to be mardy its jus i rly hadnt enjoyed the nite at all im sorry if you felt it was an attack on u.

Even VK mate what about tht i kno liquid do 80p VK but you guys charge 1.50 for VK maybe it could be a bit cheaper even if it wasnt gn be on the 50p offer, just as a cheap alternative. Its just the problem i have wiv the 50p drinks, they are the biggest sellin point for the nite there aint no selection if you get me and tht stuff rly was awful.

i kno what you mean abt it workin (the stage stuff) im sure it does for the majority of the people who go but im in third yr as are my mates and there aint nothin for us there cus we dont find that entertainment but youre right why wud you guys bother changin if it makes a profit? i do kno a lot of the older students tht have a similar opinion to mine abt the entertainment on a wednesday and loads of my mates actually stopped going at all.

it wasnt the random walks the police were doin there was loadsa fights while i was there and when i gan to other clubs there aint no need for the police even tho they are just as busy as bambu. Gotta commend youre security tho like, they were there in a flash to all the incidents and wor lass commented she felt rly safe in there.

as for the request i requested Eminem Crack a bottle and as far as i kno it wasnt played i stayed in for about an hour and a half after i requested it altho youre music isnt that bad mate its just the requests i have a problem with keep up youre good work and all that. I'll come in next weds then and come over and speak to ya cheers mate.

DJ Paul   19th February 09
Andrew C - I take criticism, but if you had such a problem, why not just come speak to me last night? I am actually a very friendly approachable guy lol! So, what song did you want and I will try and remember why I didnt play it? As for stage antics.... thats one of the things Wednesdays is about, and just about everyone in that club knows I take the piss (harshly at times) as its part of the 'show'. Its something Ive done in bambu for the last two years for the students, and its obviously working, as we are by far the busiest club in Sunderland on Wednesdays. This also follows on with the police...being the busiest club, they are going to randomly do a walk through to make sure everything is in order..in fact we welcome them to do so at times :-) You complain about the drinks that are on offer for 50p, come on man, think about it, what do you expect, double vodka redbull or bottles of corona?? yes its a night club, but its still a business, and no business is going to willingly try and make a loss. If your in next week, come over and say hi, ill get you in the dj box and try and explain and show you it from my point of view. :-)

Andrew C   19th February 09
hey went to blu bambu last nite (wednesday) and tbh i thought it was awful the DJ was making obnoxious remarks abt all the people on the stage and bein really vulgar and he didnt even play my request. mondays and weds were my nights and i kno its the same DJ both nites in liquid and in bambu and he never plays my requests it gets annoyin. liquid he is not bad cany good actually but i never could of prepared myself for last night. the 50p drinks were a complete joke i was sick after havn a few bottles of that K2 rubbish (it was just pure sugar), the selection was terrible, what knd of bar promotes straight shots of vodka? not to mention the police coming in all throughout the night.

jessica   5th February 09
does blu bambu have a kids night and when? is it true you must by tickets b4 you go? can you not buy them at the door? what time do the doors open?

FAO d   29th January 09
Indie Rock Bambu starts this Friday and runs weekly in the main room :-) we also do Indie / Rock / Alternatives upstairs on a Wednesday night

d   28th January 09
whats going on there is no more indie music whats happening

Robert@comedyhypnosis.co.uk   27th January 09
Coming This Friday To Blu Bambu: "Easily One Of The Funniest Live Comedy Shows Of The Decade..." Robert Temple; Comedy Hypnotist - LiVe, OuTraGeoUs & UnPrEdiCtAbLe!
Doors Open: 9.00
Show Starts: 9.30
Entry - £6 on the door (first drink is free!)
Full Details: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=43982107571&ref=ts
Warning: This Show Contains Strong Language And Some Adult Humour Themes Throughout.

!-!L3WI3-G33!-!   27th January 09
Leethul man birds that go could join me on the streets and in da house anyday ;)

kayla   21st January 09
b-bambu is onea the best nightclubs in the twn mint tunes mint staff and the ladds is alreet aswell x

chelsea gonzales   21st January 09
im lovin it x

vicki lovs   19th January 09
bambu is great... specially when me bf works on the doorx

cheryl   16th January 09
blubambu is great always gerrin pissed in dere x

becka   14th January 09
this club is awsum

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