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Blu Bambu

Vine Place.

Photo of Blu BambuOpened as Beach in 2001, then re-named Blu Bambu in 2006 after a million pound refit. The trendy upstairs room is dedicated to R&B followers and has an impressive light wall which would not go a miss in a Beyonce video. Then in the main arena you can see anything from big name DJs to today’s much talked about soap stars. It also features pyrotechnic shows, the only laser show in Sunderland, bubble machines and a sound system that blows your mind. A state of the art venue worth discovering for yourself, some great nights out.
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bored!   14th October 08
ultarabeat/flip & fill/ all the lame "celebritys" who had 5 mins on tv and now think they are djs has all been done before! like 7 yrs ago bells was doin the exact same thing priv done the exact same thing, and i know its the same guy but its been done its easy, cheap, lame promotion the same fran cosgrove the same dave pearce, move on and do something fresh!

jason   14th October 08
bambu will go well ahead of passion if they having the likes of ultrabeat and dance artists here

RE Dougal   13th October 08
PBR do still own the property. Both Passion and Blu Bambu are leasehold and not freehold. This means they are sitting tenants in reality!

RE Dougall   12th October 08
where is youre info from? as its wrong... they HAVE bought this place. i was tlkin to one of me mates who work there.. y wud a large nightclub operater want to "rent" it out on certain nights? get ya facts right as they do "own" it.

RE: Dougall   12th October 08
PBR still own the property but Andy/Michael and a couple of others own the lease for it. They can do whatever they want to the place and can open any nights they want!

Dougall   10th October 08
None of them "own" the place. They've rented it out on certain nights. PBR still own it ;)

liam   9th October 08
who owns this place is it Mike Downy or Andy sutton or is it both?? i hear the club is gettin a mini refurb is this true.. to be honest i dont see how this is going to work, with passion open aswel.. we have got two gr8 clubs here peaple are gonna go to one or th other and my guess is they gonna go to passion now...are they gonna make it to completely diff clubs ie passion have bands on as stated in the echo and bambu a dance and rnb club as is now... this is the only way they gonna get custom through both doors at the same time by marketing the clubs to diffrent peaples music tastes..

kev   8th October 08
just like to say to michael and andy all the best to you both in bambu i think with the to best managers in sunderland you are both going to have this place back on the map

lyndsey maddison   2nd October 08
blu bambu is mental.i wasnt impressed when i was in last.

dee   1st October 08
cool. bambu probs be better now as they are not restricked to wat the previous owners wanted. ie kinds of music played and stuff... it will be big for sunderland that these two own it.

Re donna/ray   30th September 08
so do you reckon there will be a name change on th cards? as blu bambu is associated with the previous owners.... why have they bought this club?

ray   29th September 08
yes it is true michael downey and andy sutton has bought blu bambu its great news for the town its going to be big for the people in this town

donna   29th September 08
yes andy and mike downey are the new owners of bambu if its anything like passion then you punters will love it

dee   25th September 08
Just read in The Guide that Andy sutton has bought Blu Bambu with the guy who owns Passion... is this true that these two guys now OWN it?

ray   19th September 08
i think blu bambu was a mint night club at one point with the old mangement but now with the new mangement and new bouncers its not as good. Gettin all old djs bck aswell!

chelsea   19th September 08
get yourselves to passion thats what you call a mint night out

steve   18th September 08
Im so shocked at this little rant from everyone! Why are people so bothered? If you like it go if not dont. Paul you are just encouraging the rant to go on by responding. I think saturdays are mint at bambu, its a full package- legend dj's and semi naked girls ,what more can a lad ask for on a sat night! It should be rammed!

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