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Blu Bambu

Vine Place.

Photo of Blu BambuOpened as Beach in 2001, then re-named Blu Bambu in 2006 after a million pound refit. The trendy upstairs room is dedicated to R&B followers and has an impressive light wall which would not go a miss in a Beyonce video. Then in the main arena you can see anything from big name DJs to today’s much talked about soap stars. It also features pyrotechnic shows, the only laser show in Sunderland, bubble machines and a sound system that blows your mind. A state of the art venue worth discovering for yourself, some great nights out.
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trance heaven   29th August 08
forget all these resident dj's who playing commercial trash, what this place needs is once a week, have a cream classics night with a propa trance - elekro dj in and th place will be guarenteed to be sold out! take digital for example; last friday i went to see armin van buuren in newcastle..... those kind a events just go to show - why newcastle will always be a million leagues ahead of sunderland as a night out

DJ Paul   28th August 08
Del - Thanks for your support, same to you Ems (this the Emma as in Emma, Sarah and Laura?)

del   27th August 08
paul is a great guy and one of my closest friends in business and in friendship... i think that anyone on here who has little else to do other than to make comments about people who work in the trade and know how to entertain should really keep quiet. Bambu had its time and bambu is only kept alive because andy has done what is needed, there is no copying so who ever you are you really need to get a grip ,,, as for point its dead! The club is what it is, had its time as beach and as bambu, i know for a fact that andy and joe have huge projects and bambu is far from that to them, so bitch all you like, paul, andy and joe i wish you all well and i am sure you will continue to deliver what the town responds to and not what everyone thinks it needs..

Ems   22nd August 08
all you with negative comments want to get a life, DJ Paul kept that place alive on wednesday student nights, if you didnt already know the numbers rocketed each week with more and more people going to bambu for the student nights when Paul took over! and i can vouch for that myself! Basically bambu have lost themselves a weekly event that lit the place up, do you people not understand what a student night is about... if your idea is a usual night out with no fun and games then im sure theres plenty other venues open that you could have gone to! if you werent up for having the laugh then you shouldnt have bothered going but by the sounds of it you all continued to attend bambu :S! And as for the cheesy music youre all talking about whats wrong with a bit of a change? People came alive when Paul played this music so if that aint being successful in your job i dont know what is! All i can say is CONGRATS! to the venue who take Paul on, youve made the right move itll be the best thing you have done!

DJ Paul   22nd August 08
Liam - Im sure you have done better nights yourself, but then again, im sure there will be people who have done better than you. At no point did I say I was the best so dont go getting personal now

October   21st August 08
Ultrabeat/Flip and Fill - Looks like they're trying to imitate the Point's sucess with the klubbedout team:!

DJ Liam Gray   21st August 08
done better students nights myself and all who think dj paul is the bees knees then my god, you havent really been anywhere else. i do agree with one thing though keep andy and joey g or this place is well screwed.

DJ Paul   21st August 08
haha, it gets better. Mate I wouldnt pose as someone else, as I accept that not everyone will like what I do. But unlike some others, I take criticism and respond to it. Contact the site admins, get them to check the IPs and you will see it aint me. As for my fun pub 'DJ' act, call it what you want, but it makes me sh*t loads so I aint bothered dude. Bitterness is a hard thing to deal with is it?

Becca   21st August 08
Billy Bull... enough of the conspiracy theories! We went to Bambu every week for student night, and it was always always mint. Hence why we're on here.

Billy Bull   21st August 08
I think it's pretty obvious that all these 'posts' praising DJ Paul are being written by DJ Paul himself. So obvious. :) Go on, do one and take your fun pub 'DJ' act with you.

DJ Paul   21st August 08
I love this site haha. As for Joe and Andy, two of the best lads and djs I know, and also became very good friends, so dont try and come between that mr 'I wont use my real name'. If Bambu loses these lads then it is truely fu*ked. Nerissa - Thanks for your comments. The few people bitching on here are a couple from about 1200 students that came week in week out, and if out of all of them, only a couple dont like what I do, then I can live with that. As for why its only come to light now, I havent got a clue as the Area Manager doesnt like to answer his phone (professional eh)! Onwards though... soon to be starting to student nights in Sunderland, set to be huge

Nerissa   20th August 08
Why is everyone attacking DJ Paul? Ok so personally you may of not liked his music, but i like many other students did, and i think that bambu, will loose a lot of custom, now they wont have him there on a student night. I know people will say they will of lost it anyway with MQ reopening, but for those of us who have been to MQ we know it aint that special. What about the bouncers that were involved how come nobody is blaming them? They encouraged the actions of the individuals involved as well? Also i would like to know, why it only came to light many months after the incident and just before the freshers arrive.

RE Becca...   20th August 08
Each to ones own mate. The only reason Bambu has to bring in new DJ's is because Paul did what he thought was right, to help the club, and he left. That's a pretty decent thing to do. Other DJ's wouldn't get a look in if he was still there. And if you didn't like Paul while he was there, why did you bother going at all? And as for Kev, we'll see how many clubbers Bambu gets once the student nights stop being held there and now Paul's not there...

RE Becca   20th August 08
Yes they can get a betta dj than DJ paul, such as joey G, andy sutton. speaks for itsself really seems as tho bambu had to bring these to amazing guys back to bring bambu back to its best.... Dj paul has got nothin on these two lads.....

DJ Paul   19th August 08
Becca - Thanks for your support x As for where im off to, I cant say just yet, but all will be revealed very soon, and it will be awesome! Im really pleased you enjoyed the nights, and regardless of what anyone on here or in made up stories in the paper says, I work my ass off to make sure you enjoy it

becca   19th August 08
DJ Paul, you shouldn't have to defend yoursen. Student nights were always always packed and there's never been a dull night in bambu. you kept the place alive and kickin with your mint music and it's good crack when ya responded to messages that were text in. all in all im sorry that you left bambu and it wont b da same! they cannit get a better DJ than you. where will you b DJ'in next?

Kev   19th August 08
DJ Paul - Im glad you have found another gig mate!

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