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Blu Bambu

Vine Place.

Photo of Blu BambuOpened as Beach in 2001, then re-named Blu Bambu in 2006 after a million pound refit. The trendy upstairs room is dedicated to R&B followers and has an impressive light wall which would not go a miss in a Beyonce video. Then in the main arena you can see anything from big name DJs to today’s much talked about soap stars. It also features pyrotechnic shows, the only laser show in Sunderland, bubble machines and a sound system that blows your mind. A state of the art venue worth discovering for yourself, some great nights out.
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DJ Paul   18th August 08
Kev - although the contract wasnt awarded, the club were still going to go for it unoficially as many other venues do. Whether they do or not now, I dont really care, especially as I am to be doing it at another venue.....

kev   17th August 08
Will you lot knock it off with all the bitching? DJ Paul - You have "walked" from a student night that wont even be running next year? everyone knows that bambu lost the contract. It started off as a good night on a wednesday but it just went downhill after the first couple of months and i for one am not a little bit sorry to see the end of a dreadful night! Student clubber - DJ Gray? I wonder if you are actually DJ gray trying to self promote - and lets face it I have never heard of him so if it is you then you need all the promotion you can get.

DJ Paul   17th August 08
Alan - thanks pal, much appreciated

alan   16th August 08
Fair enough blu bambu has had some bad press recently but don't we all go abroad to ibiza, magaluf etc and see this kind of stuff there?? no1 was hurt, no1 seemed that offended as the crowd themselves were egging on the people involved. Yes it was unproffesional and should have been stopped by people of higher authority than the dj but the dj is there to entertain the crowd and that he did so lets all stop giving him stick?? put yourself in his shoes-what would you have done??

DJ Paul   15th August 08
All the negative comments, yet you still must have kept paying to get in and see me otherwise you wouldnt have so much knowledge.... Whos the fool there? Davy can I just remind you, it was a student night I done, so if the music sounded like as you put it Beach on a student night, then I suppose my job was done :-) And yes, Andy and Joe are still there, gladly :-)

student clubber   14th August 08
its bad crack that the student dj been sacked but he was crap anyway got no one to blame but himself . get dj gray in for student nites he will get the place rocking a bit and dont do any crap that will end up front page on the local paper

Davy   14th August 08
well Dj Paul if you like the student nights you shouldnt have been so silly in eggin them on, if ya didnt you wuda stil been there... so is andy and joe still there? hope so! I must say tho Dj paul wasnt that gud, played propa cheeessseee, was like beach on a student night

DJ Paul   13th August 08
Davy - Not been sacked fella, on Friday I offered to walk so as they could use it in their defence. As I work in about 10 different venues, losing one aint gonna hurt me... shame though as I did like the student nights

Davy   12th August 08
Which DJ has been sacked? seen in the echo that staff aswel as a dj has been sacked for eggin on the two people to get it on, on stage back in May? is it dj paul who has been givin his p45, or what it said, a 3rd party company who hires the dj... its not andy and joe is it... if they have gone blu might aswel close...

DJ Paul   11th August 08
Genius - I think you are thinking of someone else here my friend, as for one, I dont play Electro. As for pinnacle of my ambitions, djing is a hobby which I purely do for leisure. I own my own recruitment agency, and have done for some time... take a look if you dont believe me www.ainscowrec.co.uk. Back to the drawing board you go hehe

vickie   9th August 08
i go to blu all the tym its my fav club but i fink the prices on the door are too high they never use to wat they are now!

genius   8th August 08
I pretty much know exactly what I'm talking about, DJ Paul. If playing at a sub standard cheesy/party charv club is the pinnacle of your ambitions, that's up to you mate. I heard from someone the other day that you're still playing electro and .... r&b! Oh dear. Not really having a personal attack on you, if you've only played those type of bars and clubs, that's all you're gonna know. More of an attack on Sunderland's stuck-in-the-past clientele in general really.

DJ Paul   7th August 08
Genius - I dont get upset pal. As for my music, you obviously dont know what you are talking about. I mainly do the student nights there, so if you think that indie, dance, random stuff would suit a fun pub or 90s bar, then you best not apply for a job at one. Just look at the student comment below, think that speaks for itself really, that my audience is happy :-) ps, thanks Student, glad you enjoy the nights

genius   7th August 08
Without wanting to upset you DJ Paul, the type of music you play would not be out of place in a 90s fun pub or a bar in Kavos. I know you're told to play that kind of muck and the charvs in Sunderland love it, but I'm just stating the facts. As for the (wrongly) stated fact that Bambu is always packed, that's Sunderland for you, behind the times as usual. And before you say anything, I'm from Sunderland.

cris   5th August 08
I was out on tuesday with a friend. We all got stamps to get in for £1 from some flyerstaff. When we got to the door i said i would pay for two, so they said £2, which i paid, so started walking in and stopped the person i was with and tried to charged them. I then had to pay for them, another £1. I had said i was paying for 2, I had to pay £2, everyone else i was with paid £1. The code word was (facebook) which I had said. I know its only £1 but its leaves a bit of a sour taste about the night. Will give blue bamboo a miss from now on (very quiet on a tuesday anyway).

Student   5th August 08
DJ Paul does not play creamy cheese and party! He is a great dj and it can be proved by the fact that the student nights are always packed

DJ Paul   5th August 08
Genius - hahahaha since when do I play creamy cheese and party??? Fool

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