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Blu Bambu

Vine Place.

Photo of Blu BambuOpened as Beach in 2001, then re-named Blu Bambu in 2006 after a million pound refit. The trendy upstairs room is dedicated to R&B followers and has an impressive light wall which would not go a miss in a Beyonce video. Then in the main arena you can see anything from big name DJs to today’s much talked about soap stars. It also features pyrotechnic shows, the only laser show in Sunderland, bubble machines and a sound system that blows your mind. A state of the art venue worth discovering for yourself, some great nights out.
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paul   5th August 08
me and me mates seen signature on sat , what a class night! Big up to the dance girls, there hot! Best club in sunderland!

genius   5th August 08
That DJ Paul bloke is a right plank, he's knocked Sunderland back ten years with his blend of creamy cheese and party.

amy   2nd August 08
i think that it is the best ntie club going

sarah   31st July 08
blu bambu is wicked i worked there for a wee while ave moved back tae scotland now so hi to iain david and peter and kelly if any of you lot read this all be back for a nyte owt soon x scottish sarah x

dave djonson   30th July 08
any chance of getting Sash or DJ Quicksilver to Blu Bambu - I like those sounds!

Alreet   30th July 08
I'm from glasgow yes dennis is spot on last year there was no where to go andy sutton has changed all that with his club nights they are rammed everyweek he was in charge of half the clubs here with the g1 company and made common into the busiest club from nothing everywhere else is dead dj paul knows the score

DJ Paul   30th July 08
Mate, I work at the club, and a couple months back enquired about Dave Pearce and was told hes fully booked till next year. Thats was by his agent and his office direct, yet Andy managed to book him within a month! Therefore I think youll find ANYONE cant just book him.... And next, stop hiding behind a keyboard and put ya name

DJ   28th July 08
yep dennis Andy Sutton is as well known as Iron Bru by the Glasgow people he has put it back on the map just like he has dun a mint job with bambu

FAO Dennis   28th July 08
Any promoter in the UK can attract Dave Pearce - Get in touch with his agency! As with any DJ in the UK!

dennis   27th July 08
Trent what do you know. Andy Sutton is SUNDERLAND, his record speaks for itself he is the best no one has more experience in britain and all the big djs are his mates. HE HAS SAVED GLASGOW and he is the biggest name there and NOW HE IS SAVING SUNDERLAND with the nights people he puts on that no one can do that is why he is the biggest here and GLASGOW. Who else can attact DAVE PEARCE? no one. Who you should all appreciate? andy sutton if you dont your a mngo

huzi from hartlepool   27th July 08
mint night out totaly diffrent man

DJ Paul   9th July 08
Trent - Grow up son. The figures speak for themselves. There hasnt been just one busy night you fool, every Saturday has been. Criticism is welcomed, constructive that is, but you are talking utter tosh fella

trent   9th July 08
ys every body jumping on the sutton band wagon bambus had 1 busy night think the management need a shake up to get it back to what is was keep tryin bambu ull get there but not with sutton get him back to where he went b4 sunderland dusnt need him

Grant   8th July 08
This was my fav place all night, decent prices.... fantastic music and all the effects such as the smoke and the lasers make it even better. Brilliant for night clubbing here if you wanna get up and dance...worth every penny to get in XD

dj in town   7th July 08
andy well done mate big pat on the back the back your saving this place from getting turned into a resturant . keep the line up of guest dj's and this place will just get better and better and get back to its best again as sunderland 's number 1 night club

Clubhead1980   30th June 08
IMO BB is a dive, just as Beach was, hopefully Aleesha will turn it around though. BB seems to have become Pzazz mk II.

Ray   30th June 08
I know dave pearce was mint... now we got to look forward to Tall Paul, the Bodyrox Dj's, samis hajay... hope the line up gets better as time goes on... this just proves how good a manager andy is... bambu went down hill when he left, they couldnt get the right managers in so they have had to bring him back in, now look at the place its thriving again

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