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Bo Ab

Holmeside, opposite Blu Bambu

Photo of Bo AbThe latest addition to Sunderland's bar scene, on the corner of green terrace BoAb brings a fresh look to Sunderland with black and steel decor a clean fresh look for the regular outgoer. Open 7 nights a week with spectacular music and reasonable prices.
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Davey Foz   6th July 09
Have had Sunday dinner in Bo Ab. Cracing food and friendly staff.

Joe   27th June 09
I am supprised this place manages to stay open, I have yet to see it busy!

amy   30th January 09
to be fair, i like going to this place sometimes, because i know it's not gonna be jam PACKED. i mean, you can actually get served within 10 minutes, without being knocked around by sweaty drunk people. It's a canny place to start the night I suppose. But I don't expect it is making much money :/

JJ   23rd January 09
Man, some of the stuff said is wild, but some of it could work. I, being a student have walked past this place what, 100's of times, never went in. It looks more like a sports bar than a place to have fun on the night. (were the money is to be made) Why don't you, (monday or thurs) have some decent deals on drinks, stick some party tunes on and get a promo lass on the the strrt corner wackin out add's for the place. I mean, I would be there evry night, but its just to damn dull for me and my mates, that said for half the uni, unless you want a quiet night, or your drowning sorrows. lol No offence meant, just ideas. ;)

DJ Craig   29th December 08
Well the plan was to have them as one, as the owner of kulas promoted the idea but it was shot down by "others" no names mentioned

Shaun   14th December 08
What a wonderfull idea i think at one point that was the the plans but the owners fell out so thats y they are seperate

Shaun   19th November 08
buy kula knock them into one adopt their music policy and thier prices should be ok ive seen a rammed saturday night and this place still half full.

Dave   7th November 08
RE: bren, its got a good right to be clean and tidy all the time no one goes in there, and to be fair probably because they dont know what the hell to do for the best, the manager argues with the directors, the directors take his word because he managed chaplins (WOW) come on get rid of the dead wood that is stopping your bar from running right and working.

To managment   6th November 08
I understand that you think it is tacky. but if you look at any other bar in the town you will find they promote the bar. the reason for this so that events and all happernings a then made aware to the public, you bar is in the most ideal place in the town as it is on a street corner, but i think for it to work on a night is to make a area for people to dance and relax, get better music and the prices are fine but have offers...i.e. to for 1 or free shots with first drinks. maybe have a food selection on like chips or sumthing for people to eat as i know you have a kitchen.. i personally like your bar but it needs to be put out to sunderland to let it be heard.

bren   29th October 08
the pub as been sh*t since it opened cos it closed some week nights and the price of some drinks are stupid. music crap. the only good thing is that the place is clean and tidy.

To DJ Craig   25th October 08
The management don't like promoting because they think it's tacky... hahaha. Which is why today - derby day - that was the one pub in town that wasn't packed out.

DJ Craig   23rd October 08
Nice place in the day but in the night.... i never see any1 in prataclly.... hmmmmm me thinks more promos in need

shaun   19th September 08
havent been on here for months just seen rageths comments know there a few month old just got to pass comment im guessing the bars in newcastle he's talking about are slug and lettuce reveloution long bar etc these are all chain bars the apartments is nice but its over priced and full of either boring people who spend more type posing with drinks they dont appreciate or full of boring people who wax lyrical about what a boring time as opposed to the unwashed in the big market where its all kicking off class, good craic and lots of fun into the bargin as for bars on the quay side my mam and nana thinks its nice for a drink down there nough said. as for boab its picking up the added smoking area will help but its got to shift its quiet rep

Anth   11th September 08
I dont think i hav seen more the three people in this place

andy   7th August 08
only 3 people in on fri night the owner want 70 80 90 no dance god help them dj looked like he was a sleep

Grant   8th July 08
Its nice here, nice to chill, enjoy ya drink and the well chosen music. (well saturday night) dunno about the otherdays...

Dom   27th June 08
OMG. This just seems like Berlins in a different place.

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