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Bo Ab

Holmeside, opposite Blu Bambu

Photo of Bo AbThe latest addition to Sunderland's bar scene, on the corner of green terrace BoAb brings a fresh look to Sunderland with black and steel decor a clean fresh look for the regular outgoer. Open 7 nights a week with spectacular music and reasonable prices.
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Frankie G   16th June 08
Head them play Staying Sober from Lucas's former band the Golden Virgins great stuff and we were right into the ice cold Double Maxim that night.

Harry   11th June 08
play some toppa Indie music but need to put some more local stuff on like Lucas Renney.

Digger   11th June 08
Decent bar Jonesy should cut back on the Double Maxim. Its too strong for him !

Jonesy   5th June 08
Good bar and excellent food. As said preiviously by Joe Double Maxim well chilled and one of the few cafe bars in Sunderland that sell this fine brew !

sue   21st May 08
nice to see a good dj in boab. djlp is quality, used to go and see him working in pure. a bit of volume wouldnt go a miss though cos i couldnt hear the music over all the talkin voices on saturday.

dj   18th May 08
i think the djs in this town do a great job no matter where they are having a gig or venue they do and try to keep up with the music scene no matter what they use laptop vynyl cd or what ever its like people come on here shouting the odds this and that maybe they do and t have to put up with the hassell when thay are to sheets to the wind you know what i mean anyway if you don t like it drink somewhere else or go back to magpie land byee love you all

RE CHRISS   16th May 08
And just for the record... i never said fill sunderland with trendy/glam/modern bars. I just said give it some. So slightly more cultured people, or someone wanting to take their partner for a nice drink/meal somewhere without getting a kebab flying past their bracket... can. Its about choice, sunderlad has very little. No argument.

Chris   15th May 08
I think what you fail to realise is that you can put as much class into the town as you want but you will never be able to take the town out of the customer. Turning the town centre into a bunch of Quote "glam/pretentios bars" is not the way to go, oh and by the way Newcastle has its fair share of police in the city centre on a weekend, how naive you are to think that because a bar is nice it never has trouble, from my experience trouble is generally music orientated you play heavy dance or for the want of a better word "Angry Music" and you are looking for bother, play a more chilled happier or cheesier selection and the nights generally go with a great deal more fun and without trouble. As for being clueless, its just my opinion.

jerry   15th May 08
Prices way too expensive during the day in my opinion. Maybe they should consider revising the drinks prices at certain times of the day. Its expensive enough on a night, but you'd expect it to be cheaper during a day time. two bottles of lager came to over 6 pound!

mark   14th May 08
this is a ok bar and if you dont like it then go some where you do like

Joe Dawson   14th May 08
Good pub. Love the Buskers nights. Coldest Double Maxim in Sunderland City Centre and lively on SAFC match days.

RE; Steven   13th May 08
Why would the DJ have been using tape decks 15 years ago? That was only in 1993, maybe if he'd used vinyl back then he would be a better DJ now... Or maybe you should think before you make daft comments :)

bob   13th May 08
steven what a load of rubish, the bar should have a music policy so you know what you are going to get when you go in this bar at the mo is just a mess you have no idea what you are going to get, to me this is a modern bar not a party bar so you should have moden music like dance and r&b, as for the laptop yes some good dj use laptops to mix but they use them to remix the tracks not just a play list and go for a fag, if you have been in here you would know that the dj is out side having a fag, in the booth looking bored or pissed, get the right dj and this bar will take off, stick with the one you have got and god help you

To Chris   13th May 08
You see you are proving that the majority of people in Sund are clueless, including yourself. Well done for pointing out about Vicotrias...... BUT

Yes Victorias isnt too much of a bad bar to look at, thats where it ends though. It still reeks of average Sunderland bar, Cheap drinks signs everywhere, crap to for 1 burger meals, same pop tunes as everywhere else in the town.

The fact that they supposedly have new management after 6 months shows how wrong they got it. And how making a bar have fancy graphics means NOTHING if there is no quality and substance behind it.

The fact is YOU CANT have an upmarket bar in the main nightlife part of our town. Because people who prefer a more cultured night out simply arent prepared to be surrounded by police vans, fighting, charvers and fat lasses. Hence why alot of people go to Newc.

Ps. Im not stuck up at all. Im just aware of better places to go, AND CHOOSE, to go to them. Not all the places i go to are swanky or cool, but most of them are musically orientated and also tend to know how to provide a service to a better standard of people than your average small town folk.

Fingers crossed we will have a more cultured part of town soon, lets just hope bar owners like Bo Ab etc, get their hands on it.

steven   12th May 08
flxer you sayin the dj is crap and shud not use laptop well when you been djin 15 years and started usein tape decks then you can talk and for pickin 1 type of music you get older people in and young ones so what is the dj ment to do play old songs and drive all the young ones out ect its a passing bar and get dif people in all the time wake up m8 get a life keep up the gd work dj love it

fixer   11th May 08
dj is crap, the door staf get in the way, open all doors, stick with one type of music, chose your customers, to me it needs a dj who will play up front moden dance music with a little bit retro in, the dj should mix and not use a laptop, they should stick to there polices for the bar if they want a moden bar, dont play cheese or old stuff and no chaver crap

Chris   10th May 08
Regarding the Rageth comment below, i would like to know which of the categories you would like to drink in i am assuming its the pretentious apartments (Newcastle) as your so stuck up you probably have to remove the broom shank to sit down, Victorias in Sunderland is a nice looking cool bar but yet it struggles, Sunderland is not a pretentious city its full of working class guys and gals who like to work hard and enjoy themselves on a weekend. Calling them all charvers and townies is just insulting, like Newcastle does not have charvers or townies, its full of em believe me I used to live there, I moved because I found Sunderland to be nicer in general. Maybe if we had the tourist pull and the hotel capacity that Newcastle has then Sunderland would be heading the cosmopolitan way but you know what sometimes change like that aint a good thing.

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