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Bo Ab

Holmeside, opposite Blu Bambu

Photo of Bo AbThe latest addition to Sunderland's bar scene, on the corner of green terrace BoAb brings a fresh look to Sunderland with black and steel decor a clean fresh look for the regular outgoer. Open 7 nights a week with spectacular music and reasonable prices.
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JJ   9th May 08
just to comment on people saying that sunderland doesnt have enough diversity. 90% (probably more) or the bars and clubs in sunderland are the same, but there is the odd place like Independent, White Rooms, Pure and Se7en that have been trying to do something that is more about the music than just getting people so smashed out of their faces that theyll enjoy any old crap that the bar or club offers. Its not perfect but there are some places trying to offer something else. Saying that i still prefer to go to Newcastle more often than Sunderland, because there is more there that i like.

to re: Rageth   8th May 08

Why shouldnt Sunderland have the same choice as other cities? WHY NOT?

Its about choice at the end of the day, charvers will go to charver bars (Idols), townies will choose to go to townie bars (Tonic), people who like cooler will go to cooler bars (Tokyo (newc)), and people who like glam/pretentios bars (Tup Tup/Apartment (newc)) will go to them. etc etc etc.

The point is Sunderland only has chav/townie bars in the main. Considering the amount of makems who go to newcastle for a decent night out every weekend its a crying shame our bar owners are more bothered about TRYING to sell 1 pints INSTEAD OF TRYING TO DEVELOP THE CITY IN A POSITIVE WAY.

Bo-Ab is a lost cause, but its pointless trying to talk about the regeneration of the city to people on this board as 99% of you all are townies or charvers who think Glass Spider is the best bar in the world!

Chris   8th May 08
Peter, these comments are correct in some ways, the fact that you simply open your doors and expect a flying trade is correct, your prices need to be revised during quieter times, give the customer offer and entertainment and they will drift back, To me an owner who states that he would rather have 15 people paying full price as opposed to 80 people paying half price is just suicide especially in the town today, Look at your competition, and do what everyone is doing....... Start competing

re: Rageth   8th May 08
Mate if you dont like Sunderland dont live and visit there, relocate to Leeds or Newcastle, what is it your wanting to see in Sunderland exactly?

To: Peter   7th May 08
Shame you're having to blame your own doorstaff for your failing business. Bet they won't be happy about that! And as for going somewhere else - we did and had a great time. I don't care who works on what doors cos I go out to have fun with my friends not look at doorstaff. That comment makes out that some doorman is going to start trouble with us if we go to Ttonic. Good advert for your staff then! It seems you have a bit of a chip on your shoulder and cannot bear to hear the truth. Anyone reading your comments will realise what kind of place you really have. Empty.

Rageth   7th May 08
No personal disrespect to the owner, but the place is a dive, its had pennies spent on it, like most of the bars in Sunderland, and as someone just said "Sunderland people" despite not all being the most cultured generally speaking), are sick of the same old crap in the city centre.

Alot of people would rather just stay local these days. At least the chance are you wont get stabbed, an ear bitten off or even murdered round the town. It really saddens me stuff like this actually happens these days.

The town, and bar owners not moving with the times is why our nightlife is so awful. Bo Ab and every else round that end of town and park lane are lost causes anyway. If only Sunderland had people with ambitions of their business like what Durham, Newcastle, and even a couple of bars in Washington had. Apart from a couple of music orientated bars/venues, OUR CITY IS A JOKE. PLEASE LISTEN

Re : Peter   6th May 08
Peter my friend. 'Never again' is an honest evaluation of the bar Boab. By reading the majority of comments below it is quite apparent that it is far from the most popular pub in Sunderland and every comment mentions the same problems! Far to many people (including the owners of Boab) believe all that is needed is to gain a license and open, expecting the money to roll in! The people doing well in this town are the people working hard! The owners of Boab used to have Berlins (now Rush) and you would think they would have learned by their mistakes but obviously not! Look at Rush now, it's absolutely flying and that is purely and simply down to the hard work of the owners and staff working there! Peter, you're gonna have to wake up and smell the coffee my friend. Bars like Boab CANNOT be defended! The saddest thing of all is that it is probably one of the best location's in Town for passing trade alone!

peter   4th May 08
Re: never again! All i have to say is you talk about that small man trying to look big in a small doorway (must be the doorman) and his attitude. and tonics doorstaff give good service. Well the small door man that you talk about actually works on tonic as well as boab so what will you do when hes on tonic? go somewhere else!

Never Again   3rd May 08
This place is a dive. Went in on friday and the attitude of the doorstaff is laughable. Small man trying to look big in a small doorway. Got served straightaway as no punters in. Didn't stay to finish drink as felt stupid just standing there with people walking past outside. Went round to Ttonic where doorstaff actually opened the door and the place was packed with great customers and staff. RIP Bo Ab - you will be just another statistic when you close or sell up.

san   2nd May 08
what happened to ian wright, theres no atmosphere since he left, what a brillaiant dj. anyone know where hes gone, he played some wicked tunes.

steven   27th April 08
hello all come on give this bar a chance was in on sat night the place was well full all music from 70s to now will be back down hear next week for the big bank hol week end witch is going to be well busy keep up the good work bo ab cya you next week

Rageth   19th April 08
Innfussion, Chase and Arizona are hardly any better to be fair. Get yaself out round Newc, Leeds for some actually good bars.

steve   18th April 08
lol rageth - hit the nail on the head there's only a few bars in sunderland worth visiting - chase, innfusion and arizona - this place is awful right in the middle of town and looks like theyv just opened the doors and hoped for the best - shame

Rageth   4th April 08
Good description Steve, the ONLY thing this bar has going for it is the location. Other than that its about as appealing as a tin of grey paint. (Which look like what they used to paint the walls) Its a shame we cant get bars which people genuinely want to spend time in because they are attractive place to be, instead its just how cheap they can knock dodgy vodka out for. Story of Sunderland unfortunately. Town run by Charvers/People with money who aint got a clue about a cultured night time scene.

Regarding DJ Alex   3rd April 08
Alex when working in other venues in town might have got more drunk than the customers but management here in BO AB have a two drink rule. So Alex only has two drinks and the bar staff will not serve him any more after the two. Thanks

steve   2nd April 08
oh great another nothing bar in the town centre - this place has possibly the most prime location in town but somehow is dreadfull? - oh well i wonder what it will become next?

Rageth   1st April 08
The council really needs to enforce some standards into the standards of shop fronts for new liscencees/bars in the city. Bo Ab is a prime example of new places opening which arent any better than what has gone before, alot of the time some are worse. Bo Ab is like a poor mans Luma, which is hardly great. In a city which is SUPPOSEDLY meant to be improving, our town centre just goes round and round in circles. Litterally! All the naff bars will probably end up in Sunniside next. Another success by Sunderland Council.

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