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Bo Ab

Holmeside, opposite Blu Bambu

Photo of Bo AbThe latest addition to Sunderland's bar scene, on the corner of green terrace BoAb brings a fresh look to Sunderland with black and steel decor a clean fresh look for the regular outgoer. Open 7 nights a week with spectacular music and reasonable prices.
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raver the mis behavour   27th March 08
Ian wright was the only reason i spent up to £40 on a sat alone in this bar, been back once since he left, drank my drink in 5 mins and left. BRING BACK WRIGHTY!

kelly   25th March 08
cant believe alex djs in here he gets more drunk than the punters

re:mr bo ab continued!   29th February 08
oh and i think people need to be abit more constructive in their criticism. taking into consideration everywhere else in town it's a damn sight better! my friend used to work here and loved every second and said it's the best place in town to work and that is mostly down to the customers that come here. although saying that she is the youngest person in the UK to have a business degree and she did have a lot of ideas for improvement which she never shared! anyway it's irrelevant now...

re:mr bo ab   29th February 08
what bar would that be then? love bo ab went a little downhill now ian has left (all for the sake of a few pounds...which figures) but still nice atmosphere. Food needs bringing up to date though. it's come straight from the 60's by the look of things anyway keep up the good work and i hope to see this place go from strength to strength!

mr bo ab   28th February 08
me thinks someones being stealing ideas from another bar...

brian   24th February 08
the dj who was in boab is now in the porterfield. i saw him on saturday, he said he was undercut by someone a lot cheaper, the porterfield is a great looking bar but on the wrong side of town.

JULIE   24th February 08
whats happened to the music this was our favorite bar on friday and saturday.its lost the atmosphere.

jo jo   19th February 08
whats happened to the regular dj. ian, i think his name was. saturdays arent the same anymore . anyone know where hes gone cos i will be going.

re gemma   14th February 08
plz plz get the tall dj back on a friday he is mint dont like the the fat dj he never smiles and spends more time talking get tall dj back for this weekend plz plz plz

sad act   13th February 08
what happened to the regular dj. theres been a different one on thee last two saturdays and wev e just drank off and went. its completely changed the atmosphere. bring rhe regular one back.

leanne   11th February 08
i love the buskers nyt on a tuesday although im rarely out on a tuesday wen i am i specially go to boab to listen to scott think thats his name play ....great atmosphere luvd it thanks boab x

gemma and the gang   7th February 08
hiya bo ab like what you have done love the new dj on friday his music was brill he did not just play the same old same old he played party and bits of chart stuff to cant wait to get back down they on friday to see him and dance the night away cya soon bo ab x

off duty   23rd January 08
in last night good night except trouble later on that poor little fellow at the door dealing with that intoxicated lad he must have patience of a saint where were the boys in blue they must have been changing shifts because the lad did not throw a punch the drunk just fell all over the place you should offer him a job the little fellow still a good night happy days.

mr reg   21st January 08
well done boab john peter john g and the rest of the gang the doors are closed to keep heat in the bar ( ha ha ha ha ) ok good night out as per usual ok lads how about idols come on pete lets get the lolly out i dare you matey come on get famous ok byeee

Laura   20th January 08
usually a regular bar, where we like to stand just inside the corner door, but went on saturday night and the corner door was closed, the door staff said this was due to cut backs as it was a quite time of the year, due to the door being closed everyone was gathered at the bar and we couldnt get served. NOT THAT QUIET REALLY THEN! AND NOT THAT GOOD OF AN IDEA TO CLOSE THE CORNER DOORS.

linda   9th January 08
re unimpressed: I know the owner of the bar good bloke, even if he did what you say whatever happened to freedom of speech oh yeah the politically correct nutters made sure we cant have it anymore!

dave legs   28th December 07
johnny g see you soon here is my msn davelegs51@hotmail,com hope to speak to you ltr and if i dont c you have a good new year ok .

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