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Bo Ab

Holmeside, opposite Blu Bambu

Photo of Bo AbThe latest addition to Sunderland's bar scene, on the corner of green terrace BoAb brings a fresh look to Sunderland with black and steel decor a clean fresh look for the regular outgoer. Open 7 nights a week with spectacular music and reasonable prices.
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sad act   23rd December 07
the dj on a saturday night is really good, played all the old tunes. keep the good music going mate but dont bother playing mika in the middle of it all cos that spoils it. musics class between 9 and 10 o clock.

mr music   22nd December 07
hello boab keep pulling punters in johnny g and bar staff are fantastic great on tues nites buskers great can we have karaoke on weds please and pete you are right to speak up for your bar come john give them a piece of your mind mate can you tell me who the little fellow is i see him in rush and ttonic and paddy whacks and glass spider he is always talking to john g and he is always polite and has a good chat with you does he work anywhere because the doorstaff everywhere seem to know him and respect him you should employ him as one of your staff well thanks a lot happy xmas and new year have a goodin,

security 4   21st December 07
been going to boab since it opened and i had no probs from any staff they always polite any probs and you see bar sup or manager john or peter and they sort them out i would like to know who the little fellow is because he is very polite and you can have a good gossip about anything you want is he door security or just jo public you should get people like him doing door duty more often some dooren are big and you get sacred

dave legs   21st December 07
to all at boab jackie peter john carol johnny g and all the staff have a good one hope to see you soon dave legs head of security.

RE unimpressed   19th December 07
I find that to be slightly hard to believe. Infact. I'm pretty sure you got the wrong guy. TRUST ME.

The Crew   11th December 07
Good bar. Gets quite busy on weekends. Nice bar staff and door staff.

unimpressed   11th December 07
I was in there on one particular Busker's Night. There were two lads up, playing guitar and singing...then the owner of the place went right up to the lads, infront of everyone - in the middle of a song and said: "You've already cleared out the bar, now f*ck off!" This was completely out of order considering it's buskers night -what does he expect?? led zepplin?? Also, the lads had'nt cleared the place, its ALWAYS empty...probably due to the terrible atmosphere the place presents. Also, this was a Tuesday night, which is Gay Night in Sunderland....The owner was heard to say "Yes it's gay night, but we don't get any of those people around here"

How anyone can hope to run a successful business in the middle of the Sunderland Gay Scene on a Tuesday, with old fashioned - out dated principles, is beyond me. Needless to say I, nor my friends will ever be returning. This was completley unecessary behaviour by the owner and portrayed a overall negative image of this new bar - which already seems to be struggling.

Badger   23rd November 07
Not a bad place at all, Always pop in if on me way round town, but one of lads was saying that he was in last saturday and a woman next to them let one go and because of the shape and size of the pub you could smell it everywhere. Causing me mates to get the blame. Maybe some sort of big fan is required!

Mondays DJ   5th November 07
re: big willie trying to get them to put some cheap trebles on, we have got pound shots and to quid pints plus we play the latest and greatest indie anthems so whatever you wanna hear let me know and i'll play it for ya

benn   5th November 07
luv bo-ab, always pop in for a few when passing, could be bigger but never mind, think its great.

Lucy   3rd November 07
Yeah I work in London now although probably not for long! Miss working here! Bruce still owes me a flapjack haha And to everyone saying the prices are too high you need to get a grip. You are comparing it to promo pricing at other bars and when they can't provide that anymore, they will be charging around the same or more in some cases than Bo Ab. And fucking ENOUGH with the Monday night comparisons to Varsity. Varsity is a chain which is why it can afford to do so. The Glass Spider can because it is a charva pit and luckily since it's based in Sunderland has about 80% access to it's target market therefore loads of customers. FYI Girls - men only chat you up in there because you're easy. If you can't get a shag in the glass spider, you can't get a shag anywhere and that's a fact.....right that's enough of a ramble I think. Oh aye, Dave I am single but not looking thanks =) x

***   1st November 07
lucy left the bar afew months ago. she is now working in london.

Big Willie   26th October 07
They do a well nice sunday dinner, drink prices not too sure on tho bit steep compared to all the other places on monday, slash them, give us students a reason to go there, we need to be sidetracked from the minotiny of varsity :p

Dave   24th October 07
Where's the small brunette gone? She was lovely looking. Anyone know if she is single? I think her name was Lucy.

INDIE NIGHTS   8th October 07
Mondays @ BoAB all youre fav indie tracks played until 12am if you want it and we've got it, we'll play it. 2 selected bottles and pints or 1 selected shots

xxStudent xx   8th October 07
went in last monday they playing some great indie and place is really clean and cheap defo back next moday x

G   11th September 07
Went in for a steak yesterday was lovely. Other half got the steak and ale pie and wasnt impressed with the pastry at all. However the chips were 'proper' chips, homemade lol. couldn't fault the steak at all though. Customer service was good too :)

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