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8/10 Crowtree Road, SR1 3EB. Tel: 0191 514 3555

Photo of BrogansA large square room with a large square bar in the middle. Carpeted throughout, upholstered bench seating around the sides but lacking a designated dance floor area.

Brogans offers drinks promotions and quality sound, a huge frontal window allows you to see straight into the bar. A mix of current chart hits and party favourites.

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Kenny D   13th January 14
Passed there yesterday and saw the bulldozers and a vacant empty space where the mighty Brogans once stood..... and felt sick, nights in Sunderland will never be the same many happy memories

Tom Tasker   14th January 13
I reviewed this pub over a year ago and expected great things, instead it has taken a massive step backwards. It has went to the point of being inncredibly quite on Fridays replacing a quality DJ with obviously a lesser cost DJ. On Student nights it's the same old same old with again less people frequenting than a year ago, Saturdays are non existent and the only thing keeping the place going must be the foodies. What happened?

Pete Thirwell   3rd January 13
went on Friday and it was dead with music from the 80's, has went downhill in the last few weeks-, no atmosphere- used to be really good in here

Christine Long   3rd December 12
Wheres Kenny D from Metro Radio gone on a Friday? been there the last two weeks and a different DJ has been on, come on GET IT SORTED

Dan Surtees   6th November 12
Brogans is still going strong, weekend crowd are still there student night is amazing, Fridays are great fun i keep getting them Metro radio necklaces, just need cheaper prices and it would be ideal x

bob   1st April 12
you say that as if chester le street is a great night out

John Thurock   9th March 12
As someone fron Chester le street i didnt expect great things of Sunderland, but the nightlife here is great and Brogans was superb, it was a Friday night but from what i've heard its the same on a weekend, Brogans was lively with some really smart friendly people the DJ is from metro Radio and the tunes were amazing the staff really friendly and door staff all friendly i might be a mag but was made more than welcome

Kirsty Edwards   20th January 12
Love Fridays in here now Great atmosphere, lush people Music is THE best in Sunderland if you miss this you miss out

shaz   24th November 11
is thursday student night? thanks

eminem   7th November 11
aint too bad fit birds ;)

sarah-jane   30th October 11
how do you get the photos that are taken in brogans ?

Terry Cochrane   31st August 11
Was in here on Friday night and it was really good suprisingly, no trouble , a good atmosphere, great music and fit women, staff were great, DJ brilliant and cheap prices, will return soon, how come more people havent found this gem

Rachael   13th June 11
i love this pub. had lots of memories in brogans

ya mar   11th June 11
does anyone no how to get the pictures up off friday night here

babe   10th May 11
gr8 nights on mondays cheap drinks bottle fosters quid. gr8 update music best place to dance. ; )

Tom Tasker   27th April 11
The truth is although Brogans is the "wrong side of town" it still atracts a large crowd . Fridays have improved from being cheesy to good dance music with an up front crowd, put that down to the current DJ Kenny Dee from Metro Radio. Saturdays are still popular with the DJ playing more current chart stuff than they used too. Sundays are steady with the regulars staying loyal and Mondays busy with Rob Orton at the wheels of steel, Midweeks are picking up here from what i have seen and there is all in all a bit of a revival for one of Sunderlands past flagship venues

hannah   21st March 11
its quite good in here, the cocktails are nice and its good how the lady in toilet sells things

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