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8/10 Crowtree Road, SR1 3EB. Tel: 0191 514 3555

Photo of BrogansA large square room with a large square bar in the middle. Carpeted throughout, upholstered bench seating around the sides but lacking a designated dance floor area.

Brogans offers drinks promotions and quality sound, a huge frontal window allows you to see straight into the bar. A mix of current chart hits and party favourites.

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sharron   18th November 09
yes its is good that they have the X factor it would be much better if it was busy if privilege had put them in brogans it would have been best

Leon N   17th November 09
Having X factor finalists in Privilege is well class. Cheap Drink, Good Music all round, had a wicked night last night. Cant wait for Lucie Jones

shelley C   4th November 09
I just want to say that i cant believe the difference in this place. we stopped coming in here when this end of town appeared to be closing down but after hearing there were going to be x factor finalist here we thought we would have a wonder round. had a great night the past two mondays. it was the first time i had been in privilege nightclub and i was surprised at how trendy and modern it was and a lovely gent who was at the reception let me and my friends in for free! i'll be here monday and probably every monday while the x factor is on :D x

re:sue Langton   4th September 09
we are glad you had a fab night here in brogans. We agree it was totally packed out and it was a great atmosphere Our fri and sat night dj's play similar music to what you heard on sunday night. However monday nights are more student orientated. The metro radio things you are on about are to put your keys on and come in really handy. If you are a regular on a sunday night look out for more fab freebies like key chains c.ds and whatever kenny d can ley his hands on dotted around the pub.

Sue Langton   2nd September 09
I was in on Sunday bank hols and it was rammed great night and loved free things, what are them metro radio things that you wear, i put my key on mine they are great, music was much better than ever proper dance and lots of fitties, why cant every night be like that

re:Janet young   18th August 09
Our resident dj for a sunday night Kenny D from metro radio hands out cool giveaways most Sunday nights. Check him out this forth coming bank holiday Sunday.Im sure he'll have even more fab freebies for you to get your mits on :D

Janet Young   10th August 09
Sundays are great and how come all the free stuff is there every week, last week got 3 free cd's including lady gaga, free sweets as well is this happening all the time? coz my friend said she just picked up free things last night cool !

dave mick and john   20th July 09
was in here on monday night and it was absolutely packed great atmosphere and excellent bar prices me and the lads will definitely be back here on a monday

jane   26th June 09
yeah we agree Brogans is really good again was in last friday and it had a great atmosphere the staff behind the bar were great and the music was class will be back next week x

Dani D   25th June 09
lovin this place on a saturday night, used to come a few years back but haven't been for ages til recently. me and the girlies are regulars again! quick at the bar and fit dj ;)

rob the lads   20th April 09
mondays are the best in here we come in every monday the djs are a right laugh they give us a mention every week and the drink prices are the best in sunderland if you havent been yet where you been get down and you will see what we mean nice one lads see you tonight

kim   18th April 09
love mondays love the music and love the drinks how good is brogans on a monday night pls it gets better and better every week well done to the management for making monday nights in brogans great i love you x

jasmine   14th April 09
i rang befor but no answer. its my birthday soon and i have had to organise it my self and i was wundering wether i would be able to higher your club but bairing in minde i am only 13 and my friend is to and we wil be going halfies and she is called fay but as per-usherwal a get to organise things:@ lol

chantelle williams   13th April 09
went to brogans on bank holiday sunday forthe first time in ages and it was brilliant, won an easter egg as well, the music was superb and quite clubby not the usual abba or cheesy rubbish from the rest of town,will be back, i was the one with the white short shorts on get my pic on the screen x metro radio rocks

Rob   12th April 09
Do Some Theme Nights Get It Pumping!

baz   2nd April 09
how is brogans doing so well iys out the way yet the place is great on sundays and mondays

JayDavis   18th March 09
Thanks for all your support and great comments on here about monday nights. We all about the fun,and you lot sure know how to do that. So if you like whats going on with our monday nights then you should join our facebook group 'Monday nights In Brogans' as there will be some extra special things happing and being a member you will get a 1st hand chance at the offers availible in the coming months... Thanks once again love from all @ Brogans HQx

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