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8/10 Crowtree Road, SR1 3EB. Tel: 0191 514 3555

Photo of BrogansA large square room with a large square bar in the middle. Carpeted throughout, upholstered bench seating around the sides but lacking a designated dance floor area.

Brogans offers drinks promotions and quality sound, a huge frontal window allows you to see straight into the bar. A mix of current chart hits and party favourites.

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jones boys   17th March 09
whats going on in here on mondays,proper madness? me and the lads in here,top totty everyone right up for it. sort the music out bit get it like camps or passion and i'd stay longer. won a bottle champaian though nice one.

daisy   17th March 09
woop woop,get the cheeky trebals on in here and you got me for the night...starting to like it in here. but no trebs...x fit dj though mahwwa

jack   17th March 09
thanks brogans for a great night,lovin the magic flyers,won a goodie bag,get in cheers,grate nite. startin to like mondays in here.

sam   17th March 09
we want more red underpants....lol. class night in here on monday. how mint were the goodie bags.x love mondays will b bak.x

jim   16th March 09
monday nights in here are proper good, magik flyers what a mint idea.was probr nervous wen i went to the bar nd found out that i had won a bottle of champagne was a well good feelin.so happy that i can go in to a bar nd get a load of free stuff, bring on nxt monday c you all there brogans crew nd staff.the staff are well mint they lookafter you loads keep givin alcohol. great music, great djin, great drinks, great prices, what more could a man ask for on a monday night out. MONDAY NIGHTS RULE X

sillybilly   11th March 09
how awesum is monday nites in brogans.won a bottle of champagne for me nd me m8s bein dressed up its mint.the skittle cocktails that they hav are to die 4.u all should try them they honestly taste like the kets skittles.the red 1 is best.i love brogans and so do me m8s will c you on the st pattys monday c yax

.x.   8th March 09
Monday 16th was belta here proppa class night wkd music nd all loved it. cant wait for next time lassess =]

Brogans   6th March 09
Another great monday it gets better and better, power rangers you looked great and so did everyone else in fancy dress,dont forget if you come down in fancy dress you get a free drink and if its your birthday you get a free bottle of champagne!

ian waterhouse   5th March 09
hope you like the power rangers popping in and we will be calling again soon

JayDavis   3rd March 09
another storming night steve and pete,thanks for the mix. lovin the mondays now, looking good all round in here,got to say top turn out monday gone...till next time....p.s WATCH THEM LEVALS PETE>>HA HA HA

John   1st March 09
Dean, Steve and all the staff at Brogans deserve a big pat on the back for what they have achieved at Brogans not just Mondays but every day of the week excellent service, value and entertainment. A big THANK YOU from the directors and yes, Gatsby (formly Oslo) will be opening soon once we get the Decor, sound and light spot on.

Brogans   1st March 09
Thanks to everyone who is coming down on monday nights and enjoying themselvs it is going from strength to strength with 99p drinks all night, including Jagerbombs and if you come in fancy dress or its your birthday you get a free bottle of champagne, we have the wii on as well and if you finish a song on guitar hero or samba de amigo guess what you get a free drink, we have lots of up and coming events like our easter special with lots of giveaways on the night. It is true the owners of Brogans are opening Oslo after its had a refurbishment

terri   28th February 09
Mondays are definitely the best night Brogans have to offer..... you should take the two djs who do this night and move them to one of your busier nights like Sat. 99p a drink is great aswell its the only bar that actually charges 99p and not advertise 50p drinks when once your charged for the mixer its round about a 1 anyways! dont really go out often on mondays the student scene isnt really for me but if the night i had last week was moved to a sat then i would definly make my way to Brogans before i hit purple and arazona. and just another thing is it true you's are opening oslo aswell?

julie   27th February 09
me and the girls started coming here on mondys, good music cheap drinks, you need advertise it more,people are missing out,well maybe noy,more cheap drink for me plus more choice on the fit lads that get in here xlol

jenny   25th February 09
went in by chance when passing... loved it both djs work very well 2gether, cant wait for next Monday as i will be sure to pop in again.. some friendly advise though... you should kick yourselves up the a*se and get some more promoting done as no1 knows this night is on and wont go to brogans without a very good reason..you have 99p drinks on and great music.... so theres the reason now you just need to get your selves out there and be heard!

lisa   25th February 09
this place is fast becoming my choice for a monday night, 99p drinks and jagure bombs,class..some well fit lads in er. mint love it x lx

Lemon   24th February 09
been in here on a few mondays, good tunes, good prices, can't go wrong at all

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