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8/10 Crowtree Road, SR1 3EB. Tel: 0191 514 3555

Photo of BrogansA large square room with a large square bar in the middle. Carpeted throughout, upholstered bench seating around the sides but lacking a designated dance floor area.

Brogans offers drinks promotions and quality sound, a huge frontal window allows you to see straight into the bar. A mix of current chart hits and party favourites.

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amy   20th February 09
Was in on monday and omg how busy was it in here, me and my mates had a great time in here we will definatly be back next week x

Brogans   18th February 09
Re tony t . Thanks for the comments mate, we are certainly trying our best here to keep brogans on the map, we are not dead yet ha ha and just a big thanks to everyone who was down on monday the best yet and we want it to get even better 99p drinks all night and even jagerbombs

Tony T   16th February 09
Brogans is getting back to it's best, although Fridays are quiet, Saturday is still really busy, Sunday is a great night with everybody dancing (Kenny D from Metro Radio is the DJ) Mondays are fast becoming the night in Sunderland for students and the place feels alive and rocking...well done

Uplifted Events (Digga)   13th February 09
Probably the biggest bomb to drop on Sunderland, Uplifted boasts a vibrant atmos and a quality busy night. Uplifted is a unique old skool house night which combined with little sister night HouseLuv we are gonna raise the roof off this club. With Retro's / Godskitchen scratchmaster DJ Simon Forestiero spinning the wheels as our popular guest. Dale Giles / B2B / Bibby (Federation / 2kinky) Andy Senior (Hacienda / Monroes) and Zac Greenwood ( back by dope demand)
For one night only these legend DJ's colide to bring you the best in old skool house and upfront house.
Sat 21st Feb 11pm - 4am
8 on the door
Drinks promos inc fosters & VS bottles only 1.75 each and large vodka with mixers for only 2.50
All in all a cheap quality night with world class DJ's this is one NOT to be missed
See you all down there!
Uplifted Team

jess   12th February 09
was surprised... very surprised when i went in on Monday was quite busy good atmosphere and i was loving the music, expected allot worse, definly there next week. every1 is skint so thanks for the 99p drinks as well!

Brogans   29th January 09
New for mondays "Rampant Rino's fish bowls" only 8.50 in various flavours not for the faint hearted ! Big thanks to everyone who has been coming down the last few mondays, we are really enjoying it here at Brogans it gets better every week and dont forget if your face appears on the big screen you win a bottle of bubbly

JayDavis   28th January 09
Monday night what a treat, youre usual polavor of music like everywere else that does a student night(mostly repeating the music formate of what is sunderland at present),Then bam short lived as it was and suddenly a fresh more upto date,more forward thinking,kind of music bringing the student night life into the progressing future and Quite rightly so. Still the usual promos and offers 99p a bevie(awsome hic hic still recovering) Guitar Hero,which i yet to see(but was due to slight tecnical probs hence not being avalible)..Two great Dj's El master balster and supremo and legend Mr Steve Pybus, and up and coming young gun Mr Pete Dobbs.Who as a team seem to prove worthy in there feild as one brings experience and knowledge as the other brings new breed factor to a great formula(welcome to the new dick and dom) Over all a fantasticly well put together night with a very Vibrant atmospher all night. Great sevice and staff,and just got to add how sexy are the students these days wow.(just take a look at the photos on there exsiting facebook page) warm reguards and well wishes as i will be back as to me this is a winner..x JayDavis.

the lads   26th January 09
Monday nights, was in the other monday with the lads and all i can say 99p drinks you cannot get any better than that, music was great and they had guitar hero on the big screen and i won a free drink for finishing the song, nice one Brogans see you on mon ps once the word gets out what is going on you will be rammed

Caroline F   16th January 09
I never used to bother coming to Brogans, just wasn't my scene to be honest. But ive recently heard that Brogans (alonge with Privilege) is having a turn around. So on monday i popped in, and it really wasnt what i was expecting, granted, it wasnt very busy, but the atmosphere was good, and the music is a change from what it used to be. I really think it has potential now. Crack on, i look forward to it!

brogans   14th January 09
New to Monday nights 99p drinks, get yourself down to Brogans for a night full of games and giveaways we also have the wii on the big screen for your enjoyment and if your face appears on the big screen you win a bottle of bubbly

lynsey   21st December 08
My friend heard that the dj that used to work in vision is in here now on a friday night, is that right? If so, bring it on! if you can make brogans what vision used to be like, definately onto a winner! x

Timbo   12th December 08
In last night, Not a sole there. well, about 8 people. Drinks not measured props eather, red bull and vodka, half a can of red bull, pack with ice. plain wronggg. sHOULD GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

denise   8th November 08
cheap drinks bt the music is so boring

malcom,mgt uk   6th October 08
well done a bit of paint and the bars rocking

mini him   23rd September 08
the place is rubbish, women on the bar think they are gods gift to mankind snooty and trashy

jane   21st September 08
you can wait ages at this bar for a drinkl when its bust on a sat night need to put more staff on waited nearly half an hour last sat

pt   19th September 08
what a difference ! havent been in here for awhile, love the new look... oh .we loved the 70s act!

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