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8/10 Crowtree Road, SR1 3EB. Tel: 0191 514 3555

Photo of BrogansA large square room with a large square bar in the middle. Carpeted throughout, upholstered bench seating around the sides but lacking a designated dance floor area.

Brogans offers drinks promotions and quality sound, a huge frontal window allows you to see straight into the bar. A mix of current chart hits and party favourites.

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biggi   13th September 08
why have they stared playing 70s? the dj also loves the sound of his own voice!? porterfields did the 70s thing but it never worked now they play funky fun stuff.. the floor eats shoes as well it needs a hoover its a nice big bar as well love the outside seating area...

Emz   11th September 08
Brogans has recently been refurbished with new deco, new seats and refurbished bar. it is starting to get busy now and they have girls on the streets with "free shot with a drink" vouchers! emma - if you are talking about the young lad that used to come in and take pics then the website is facesinplaces.co.uk

jo   7th July 08
this pub has crashed and burned! declare bankruptcy or just close! its loosin soo much money, why try and pay to keep it open from ya own pockets! big shame!

malcom graham mgt   19th May 08
brogans is a great bar, but its looking a bit dated, needs a good clean and may be a lick of paint, dont spoil a good pub by not spending a few ús on it

emma   9th March 08
hi everyone first timer here does anyone know what the website is called for the photo gallery in brogans. it something like facinet.co.uk thanks

joanne   2nd March 08
good place to get started ...

michelle   9th February 08
very disappointed since the new management has taken over. food gone downhill and prices gone up!and have lost the two best chefs they had! shows in the quality of the food.going to go elsewhere from now i think and i am a 'regular' during the day.

Gaz   1st February 08
brogans just ignore the stipid comments below, your pub is absolutly mint, ill be there tonight, cracking service, and you guys do a mean sunday calvery to ;) KEEP IT UP. Gaz.

Pete Johnstone   1st February 08
Karen people like you are what gives us a bad name, would you not go to Blu Bambu coz its run by a cockney or shop at the Bridges coz the staff are from Newcastle, we all enjoy banter with the mags at work (yes lots of them work in our city) do you not travel on the metro coz the driver is black and white ffs.If someone from Newcastle would rather come to Sunderland than work anywhere else surely thats good for us,coz he knows we kick it better than anywhere else in the North, i've been in Brogans on most nights and the music on a sunday in my opinion is far better than on any other night.It's charty and dancey not your usual abba or dirty dancing from Saturdays

hamma   30th January 08
Karen, Three things , what makes you think that people from metro are geordies ! and does that mean when you watch Sunderland play you don't see Michael Chopra??? and if you haven't been in on a Sunday how do you know where the dj is from...are you someone in disguise

karen   25th January 08
I go every Saturday, and have done for many years. DJ from Sun FM is great. Can't stand Metro, so won't be in on a Sunday to see a Geordie....not thanks.

Steve   18th January 08
i go in every Sunday and really enjoy a good night, the staff are all good and the door staff are friendly, the DJ called Kenny D plays great stuff and there is some really fit girls there. what more could you want

Carla   17th January 08
Went in for lunch the other day and it was lovely. Quite busy but didn't wait long to be served. Have to agree, the comments above are wrong - there's loads of daytime trade and friendly too.

mick   14th December 07
i agree with joe sheriif, its lively, has great food and is a great pint. good place to catch up with friends in a place with great atmosphere

to lisa   11th December 07
joe meant the review at the top of page next to the pic of brogans, so calm down!

lisa   9th December 07
no where did i say 'no daytime trade'! I agree this place is always packed and food is fantastic.what i said was that the choice of specials has reduced and prices gone up! not such a choice anymore.

to joe sheriff   6th December 07
the update is correct its always dead, even on a weekend its dead now, Priv, that used to be imense now its dead has been since you no who left.. its been like a yoyo closed down then open agen then closed then open. get it sorted priv was s.lands num1 place to be, now what.........

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