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8/10 Crowtree Road, SR1 3EB. Tel: 0191 514 3555

Photo of BrogansA large square room with a large square bar in the middle. Carpeted throughout, upholstered bench seating around the sides but lacking a designated dance floor area.

Brogans offers drinks promotions and quality sound, a huge frontal window allows you to see straight into the bar. A mix of current chart hits and party favourites.

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joe sheriff   5th December 07
Who did this update..how wrong could it be.quote" this venue has no daytime trade." Fact this venue since its opening 9years ago was and still is the busiest food operated pub venue in Sunderland. Second to none, People of Sunderland have good taste,thats why its so popular...So please get your facts right,even better call in for lunch, if you can get a table that is...

lisa   28th November 07
eat in here all the time! used to be good but menu has really gone downhill lately for specials! prices gone up too! come on brogans...get back to how the food was....

A Member of Staff   16th October 07
Some people... thats all i gotta say.

joe   16th October 07
they shud get a pool table in but make it like a vip place to make the pub more money and get more custmoers in, also offer the chance to have a tournament and i was in a couple of weeks ago it all reet but the dj needs to changed proper all he playss is crappy pop and 60 and 70s music.

dickster   11th October 07
alryt like its a canny laf. dinna bowt the bogs like they smelt a bit iffy nd the DJ needs to b shot but a canny nyt like well ii a canny dis that.

dickie   11th October 07
yes it luks like fun oooh

The Crew   10th October 07
Hey minnie - god you're so educated. You numb nut. My boyfriend lives with me and works during the day also to pay for our detached 4 bed house and merc. Where do you live - 3rd been on the left in the back alley getting scuttled. Scrubber. Some doorman use berks like you for wiping their arses on. Yawn....this is boring now.

minnie   9th October 07
wow wow to the crew so your boyfriends a doorrman big deal loads of doorman in town with little tarts hanging out there butts what makes you so special miss degree you cant of learnt that much been saddled with a doorman now could you.

louise   7th October 07
I reck they shud clear the two tables infront of the cocktail; bar and turn that area in2 a dance floor.

The Crew   29th September 07
That's funny because there's no CCTV at the area it happened. And if you have a degree then that's quite surprising also as you need to go back to school and learn to spell basic words you moron. This incident happened back in April. Just proves how slow you are to respond. Oh, and CCTV is only kept for to weeks, I'm informed, so go back to your bedsit, freak, and get some spot cream. Oh, and by the way I'm only 28 and work and have done since leaving university with a degree and have a very well paid job and a very well hung boyfriend - who, by the way, is a doorman so go and bore someone else who gives a shit. Dunce.

brogans doorman   27th September 07
RE the Crew, you sound so big their you aint even left youre name. i remember the incident about a chap garbbing youre mates bum.........yeah rite. youse are the girls that look like mutton dressed as lamb rite? I checked cctv footage and it appears youre friend actually slapped the man first, how wrong you were. As for the doorman probablies on the dole, not 1 member of staff claim any benefits as we are monitored regularly and even to members of staff have degrees and compete in international martial arts tournaments, we ALL have `ordinary jobs` and most work around 60 hours a week, so how wrong you are crew, get a life and a job old ladies pensions are coming soon dont worry. X

kels   25th August 07
Wheres tha fit tall doorman gone? bring him bak! us girls only went in to stare, any1 no if he is single?

Dani   16th August 07
Canny pub to star the nyt off wif! Really cheap drinks2 and good music!

Joanne   30th July 07
we went on Sunday and had one of the best nights ever, staff were great and the dj kenny d played our top tunes yah!

claire   19th July 07
ahhh i work here and am gonna miss friday coz am away! have good fun mates dont do any thing i wudt do!

alan   17th July 07
staff are dressin up once again, police woman, fire men, nurses, doctors, come in for a laugh

james   3rd July 07
Was in there sat for the first time in around six weeks. used to go every week. the atmosphere was the best yey! Staff where all smiling and having a laugh and still the service was good. the new manageress kicks arse!

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