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8/10 Crowtree Road, SR1 3EB. Tel: 0191 514 3555

Photo of BrogansA large square room with a large square bar in the middle. Carpeted throughout, upholstered bench seating around the sides but lacking a designated dance floor area.

Brogans offers drinks promotions and quality sound, a huge frontal window allows you to see straight into the bar. A mix of current chart hits and party favourites.

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Abbie.   24th May 07
Went in here for sum grub last Sat during the day, Very very nice. great service, price and food, Well be back :)

jen   10th May 07
I absolutely love this pub! i would like to aplogise to the doorman who did one night on the lambton worm and i asked him how often he waxed his eye-brows- im sorry for that !

bob   9th May 07
why dont they get dancers in like oslo, jaydees, bud's most places have dancers now or sum sort of entertanment

joe   6th May 07
i agree with simon thee should be a pool table there it would make it more fun.

simon   6th May 07
Brogans is lacking in entertainment, it is just a place to go in and sit down as there is no dance floor. i think this would be best rectified if the included a pool table as it would do fantastic buisness and intise more customers.

The Crew   30th April 07
Yip we're still bypassing Brogans. Spoke to Mr S who owns it and he apologised for his staff's behaviour but we're still not going in. There's 6 of us so 6 customers lost forever. Mr B would be turning in his grave as he was a good mate and good bloke.

Debbs.   25th April 07
Absolutly love this bar... Its really good, go in every friday & saturday. Music is great, Staff, Doormen etc are great, very nice and pollite.

@ The Crew   24th April 07
:o OMG did that really happen? I agree some doorstaff are ridiculous and if they weren't doorstaff would quite clearly be on the dole (they probably are as well actually). Doorstaff should be respectful at all times. I've never encountered them here but there are much nicer places with canny doorstaff like The Point etc. Funny thing is none of these twatty doorstaff ever get wrong for doing these things.

The Crew   12th April 07
What a shame! SOME doorstaff really get cocks the size of prawns when they start working in a pub. Scenario:- bloke grabs my mates bum; she tells him to bugger off; he slapped her! Told the doorman who has SERIOUS skin problems, he said we had started it. Tell you what you tosser - you are just jealous he didn't grab your arse you gaylord. The Crew have barred themselves - forever!

Helen   10th April 07
What happened on Sunday it was rammed what a night ,have been going out in Sunderland for 5 years and this was the best night ever, Kenny D the lad from Metro radio had a great mix of that destination tune where do you get it!

Jez   29th March 07
Food is really really nice in here.. Highly reccomended... Really good for a few beers on a night out as well, Always packed and always full of totty.

barmaid else where   28th March 07
This is a canny pub on a nite time but during the day all its good for is letting lil chavs in that has just picked up there bennifts and there 6 kids and put a roof over there heads and keep them warm coz there house is probs being knoked down as we speak!

BUZZARD   26th February 07
Nice Pub, Go there all the time. One of the best pubs in town.

Brogans   11th February 07
To all you single people out there. Don't spend Valentines day alone, come down to brogans great music and 1 on selected drinks.

Toni   9th February 07
Went for the first time in ages on Sunday and had a brill night, music was different to all the normal dirge you get in the town and the DJ played requests(remember them they are the tunes that your customers want to hear) so thanks again and we will defo be back .

Dave.   7th February 07
Topper night in Brogans, more for the older crowd, which is great, no kiddies in here. Very profesional staff and music is great.

Never Again!!!!!   6th February 07
Brogans, havnt been their for ages since a bouncer was a complete @!*#. dnt knw if he still works their. had lang hair- lukd lke the wolf from glads. anyway totally exagertd sito and tossd a lass down the steps coz it was closin and takn to long to leave. everyone agrees he was out of order and even the otha bouncers apoli for him. talk bout power trip or wot!!!

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