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8/10 Crowtree Road, SR1 3EB. Tel: 0191 514 3555

Photo of BrogansA large square room with a large square bar in the middle. Carpeted throughout, upholstered bench seating around the sides but lacking a designated dance floor area.

Brogans offers drinks promotions and quality sound, a huge frontal window allows you to see straight into the bar. A mix of current chart hits and party favourites.

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Nic   5th February 07
I used to love Brogans and used to go there before every home match on a Sat and also later on, but the place has gone downhill recently!! The atmosphere used to be brilliant, but now it is rubbish!! Bad points: toilets aren't very nice, food is cold when it arrives, unfriendly staff! Good points-good selection of drinks, get served quick, ok music (sometimes it is too repetive though)

saz   15th January 07
Cant say im to impressed with Brogans it was all right but much rather go to Vision or Idols .

Stevey   12th January 07
What are you on about flys? dont you mean flies? The food in here is spot on, i work in town and go in here most days for food on my dinner hour, NEVER NEVER had any problem with flies.

lisa   11th January 07
please please sort the flys out!!! fantastic food during day, compliments to the chef, going to give place wide birth though till sort fly problem.toilets disgusting too!!!!do the management read these pages i wonder!!!!???x

Jackie   2nd January 07
i went on Sunday as well and had a great time Kenny D from metro radio was on the decks and we loved the music and the crack people were really friendly...

AnOn   2nd January 07
One of the doorman is proper fit.. If he still works there.. A no he's name but not gona say...

js   19th December 06
Get your self down there on a Sunday, the music was fab and we had a great time!! will defintly be going again x

sue   29th October 06
Who was the door man who worked sunday nite with the bloned hair? xxx

g   27th October 06
The end Toilet was still minging on Friday night!!! Discusting.

Anon   11th October 06
Whatever!!! brogans is the boy, its a class pub, been going there since a was young man, mint crack with the bouncers x

kelly   10th October 06
Brogans on a Sunday night is cracking the DJ from Metro radio Kenny D plays a massive mix of music and the atmosphere is great, try it and see!

georgina   28th September 06
there was DEFO a female on the door a few weeks ago, she may have come in from Olivers i dont know! so possibly i have it wrong!! shows how long it is since i have been in on a thursday!! so shut up love, it is ok to get things wrong occasionally!

anon   26th September 06
Brogans hasn't had kareoke on for about a year!! and I work here and would notice if a female bouncer was working. There are no female bouncers even work for t+l last time I knew, and we have never had any here, youre crazy man!!

dennis   25th September 06
actually ur wrong love, whoever you are, a few weeks ago there WAS a female bouncer working on the door!! so wind your neck in!! brogans is always empty at the beginning of a night (well fridays) then it is a lot busier by about 12 o'clock! not all of the town is dead on a thursday..maybe brogans is, who wants to go to a pub with karaoke?

toria   22nd September 06
Opps! wrote my bit down below on the wrong page !Comment was ment to be for buds haha ;-)

anon   21st September 06
can't reveal my true identity but got to say was having a laugh reading below. For the lass who says its dead on thursdays - get with it love coz the whole town is shit on thursdays now. with regards to the female manager on a night - there isn't one! neither is there any female bouncers? With regards to the man in the toilet all night - clearly a male toilet attendant?

toria   20th September 06
Aint been in here for a while lyk! still a top place for a night out though .The dancers are mint aswell, chantelles one of the best lyk. Wooo, cant wait for our jollys chantelle! aint been away for ages! xxx

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