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Bud Bigallows

Low Road.

Photo of Bud BigallowsAn all American Wild West/Mexican themed bar, this venue offers Dancing bar girls and an enormous rodeo bull.
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TONY GRIFFITHS   30th March 10
The problem here is when you get rid of a dj (or other staff) they obviously dont like it and try anyway they can to slag the next dj (or management) off its just something you have to get used to. Im not going to get into any debates about it thats just the way it is.

Hopefully the 12 people we have lost will come back in time and realise we were right, we have ttonic which plays chart/commercial, Glassspider which is 70`s friday and fierce angel/commercial on saturdays, paddywhacks live bands, uptstairs in the bud lounge touchsole with live sax and bongos downstairs in buds cheese and more cheese,these pubs are very close to each other and we dont want people to walk out of one Wylam pub then walk into another and to mins later hear the same song again as happens with loads of pubs, because there scared to be different, we are trying to make Sunderland better here guys so support rather than negativity is the call.

DJ Pybus   25th March 10
I dont even know why this argument is happening, Im the best DJ in sunderland no contest haha.

geoff   25th March 10
i love all this mad banter about music and djs, like someone said if you dont like it then dont come in or even better dont moan about it, change happens all the time we might not like it but it does happen go with the flow i say, buds is still a good bar

Gavin   24th March 10
Above Buds?? I thought it was a strip bar. I'll have to check it out next time im in town if there's that kind of stuff being played. Although I'll be surprised (but pleased) if it is!

Graeme   24th March 10
Gavin its all about people's tastes mate if you dont like the bar anymore dont go thats exactly what we did buds has lost 12 customers because we used to go in until the change happened ill admit there isnt much skill in chart/cheese djing and it doesnt matter as if your dj has a personality and likes a laff with the customers/good deals and good music ie chart/cheese then you will have a great bar that will do well this is just sumit that wylam have to relise but let them learn the hard way :-) and gav another point your right i was just saying to a friend how newcastle is a much better night out even durham is a better night out than sunderland m8 give it a try

Gavin   24th March 10
What is there to be considerate about?? How do you know what music I like?? I was responding to someones comment below who stated that somebody was the BEST dj in Sunderland which was a very bold statement indeed... Id actually love to know who your favourites are. And if you actually know any soul funk dj's at all..If people go into a venue like this for a singalong to cheesy chart music, then realistically, they're not gonna be the type to frequent a decent bar where the dj's are playing less commercial and to a crowd with a bit more taste who know they're music. Who get sick of walking into place after place in this town and hearing Lady Ga Ga, Journey, Cheryl Cole or the theme from Dirty Dancing etc etc.. But I forgot, there is hardly any bars like that in Sunderland. And that is my point here. Of course people love these kinda places, but that is all we have to offer in this town. And we will be constantly lagging behind places close to us like Newcastle who have so much more to offer in terms of nightlife, venues, music/dj variation, drinks/service and decent clubnights... What do the majority of punters go bananas for here? .......Basshunter.

re gavin and tom   24th March 10
if your looking for music that's a lot different to what is played in most of the bars in town then check out the bud lounge (above bud's). music covers the best in deep house,soul,funk & electronic. every friday and saturday night with touchsoul dj's....

Tom   22nd March 10
Re Gav, of any other type of dance/electronic music ;) Funky house is gash! So 2005 lol. But I agree with your point, any djs arguing about who is the best cheese dj need to have a serious word with themselves

Re Gavin   19th March 10
No offence gavin but I dont like music that you like (and im sure many will agree) there is CRAFT in many other genres. I know some fantastic cheesy chart djs and some really bad soul funk djs - there is a lot of peope who like to have a sing along ... not go into a bar where you dont know the music. Be considerate and think before commenting my friend.

Gavin   18th March 10
Just don't understand how you can call someone the best, in reference to playing in cheesy places and kickin out rubbish chart music. Just a jukebox DJ at the end of the day. Is that what you do?

Marty Blackbird   18th March 10
Is that a bite Gavin? You need a cuddle? A tissue? Tell me where you work and i'll come laugh at you instead of Chris haha chamone

Gavin   17th March 10
The best DJ in YOUR opinion mate. And im not sure how far you go as comparing best DJ's in venues like this. This bar, Arizona, Banana Joes and many of the other cheesefests in this town are only playing pop/chart stuff. There is hardly any real skill involved in that other cueing up a track and pressing play.

And at the end of the day if whoever you speak of was that good at playing the rubbish that is heard in there, he'd still have a job would'nt he??

No offence, to you, or whoever you speak of, but seriously, unless your playing decent house, funk, soul, disco etc, there's no real craft in throwing on party/cheese music or following the tracklisting from a NOW cd is there
And what is a "funky mix DJ"?

Marty Blackbird   13th March 10
Chris doesnt need to sit at home biggin himself up, he's the best DJ in Sunderland to be fair, in the right venue ofcourse, i mean you couldnt put him in Varsity it just wouldnt work, just like you cant put a funky mix DJ in buds, it just wont work

pete   5th March 10
awww weres the dj gone from buds he was much better! I no were he is, hes sitting at home writing comments on here about himself, get a life mate, you lost your job, now sit back and watch pybus ram the place :-D

steve   3rd March 10
the place is obviously going through a change and some people will not like the changes but they are getting done to make the place better its still a good bar with good drinks and offers and knowing wylam leisure who now operate it they will make a success of it just like the other bars they run

sad dj   28th February 10
Get over it guys the pyo is in there now djing there is a reason its been changed maybe because it simply wasn't working the way it was

plastic fantastic ;)   24th February 10
na dont think so, i used to work here, back when it used to be good, totally agree with the comments below, christian was a mint dj and the place did so much better when he was there

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