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Bud Bigallows

Low Road.

Photo of Bud BigallowsAn all American Wild West/Mexican themed bar, this venue offers Dancing bar girls and an enormous rodeo bull.
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RE DJ Comments   22nd February 10
IS there the possibility that these comments are being made by the old dj himself!

Paul   21st February 10
Wheres the big DJ guy gone? Seems new guys have something to prove but only thing being proved here is the place aint the same no more. Off my roadmap now i'm afraid!

Neil Douthwaite   12th February 10
this mate is off the map, i get so excited when i walk in sometimes, i do a little wee, keep up the good work everybody involved i also think i fancy some of the girls in there, but i might not , im not too sure, i was drunk

steven   3rd February 10
we need dj fat dj back in hear the place will never be the same with out him and need to find somewhere for pre match

James   29th January 10
Me and my mates were out last weekend and it was crap in here? whats going on with the place used to be a good laugh!

RE Barry   28th January 10
Barry, if you would like to email us at budbigallows@wylamleisure.co.uk we would be happy to give you a guide to the nightlife in Sunderland.

barry   26th January 10
hey all, my m8 and i are coming to sunderland for 5 nights, do you recomend anywhere to go?. please help.lol.

sara   25th January 10
is that canny easy t get in ?X

Anth   19th January 10
Chloe .. No the bull hasnt been taken out, It was taken out, but they put it back AGES ago.

chloe   11th January 10
that explanation is no longer true as there arent any bar dancers because they have all left the rodeo bull has been taken out and its apparently a "sports bar" now

Leon N   19th November 09
Fair Enough if You Go in BUDS late, but the music is wicked. Slippery dancefloor though. Maybe have a restricton of drinks on the dancefloor.

stan   28th September 09
RE Dani: Blame all the alcoholics that live here as the reason why the alcohol runs out!

david w   22nd September 09
wts the entry prices for this place?

Manager   21st September 09
RE Dani: With over 600 through the door each and every monday night, from time to time we do run short but very rare do we run out of everything and even when we do we then put out premiums and pints. factory never run out because they never have anyone in, Dani don't you work for Factory?

Wise Man   26th August 09
Never go into a pub with a queue outside.

Dani   25th August 09
Mondays is a total con! Ya make people wait outside so long and then when ya get in things are runnin owt straight away. factory does free drinks for two hours and they never run owt. Dakota does pound drinks all night and they never run owt either. wont b going back here again wen otherz are at least doin what they say they r!

Joe   27th June 09
RE: Spud: Rush is ok but would not be seen dead in the others, probably why they are always empty!

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