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Bud Bigallows

Low Road.

Photo of Bud BigallowsAn all American Wild West/Mexican themed bar, this venue offers Dancing bar girls and an enormous rodeo bull.
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spud   18th June 09
Dakota, Bannana Jo's, rush and kulas are good for the young crowd... while the others are usually for the 23 and overs!

sara   21st April 09
i love this pub me its amazin all me homeys go there and we drink an party as much as we like. keep it going!

jim   17th April 09
Had a brill night in buds. The only thing was there was a group of girls selling there bodys out side. But other than that it was brill.

steve   17th March 09
had a brill night down in buds like got cold in the que but it was worth it for the FREE DRINK and the awsome atmosphere the lasses behind the bar were fir as well like.

Truman   3rd March 09
Is it right you guys are doing the Monday thing on a Thursday now???

Jay   17th February 09
Monday Nights:-
- 5 entry, drink and much alchopops or bottles of fosters as you like.
- Music is great, mix of old and new dance/rock/indie etc.
- Good service at the bar, and sometimes the ladies are dressed in sexy wild western outfits.
- Air-con is a plus, it can get quite hot (as with anywhere really)
- Bouncers are friendly.
- Atmosphere is immense.
- Opens at 10, which is good because you may have to queue to get in.

- Queue can get VERY long to get in. Especially Half Term etc and holidays. Lots of people do and can queue jump.
- You have to get there early, or on busy nights you ma spend up to an hour and a half in the queue.
- With free drink after you have paid the 5, binge-drinking can occur, some people get very drunk.
- although a wide range of Alchopop flavors, they can get very sickly and make you feel sick.

Very good club for a fun, cheap night out. 8/10.

andy   1st February 09
Anyone know if the hed kandi/ house dj is coming back he was mint

mel   23rd January 09
This is the place to be, espesh on a monday! On mondays its a fiver on the doors and as much as yu can drink all night! =D Has one of the BEST atmospheres in town, good music, decent service at the bar =) I ALWAYS have a good time in here, on a mon its the only club you need to be in & i nver wanna leave! So get yourselves in! =D Only fault, the que goes wayyyyyyy past the Lambton, and up o victorias on a mon, so get there early - its worth it!

jess hilton   6th January 09
best time of me life i got served for a coke! a mean WOW! this place is the bomb :)

Timbo   12th December 08
Monday was a lethal night like, DJ was lethal, so funny. Great people, although the drinks that were free made me ill, so i started on the vod red bull. :P but apart from that... what more could you want?

scott   26th November 08
To managment/owners: What ever happened to the hed kandi night yous were doing on a thursday?

nat nat   16th November 08
where has eddie the bouncer gone aint seen him in a while lovely man

Hogan   31st October 08
RE Brendan m; No atmosphere???? are you sure you were in Bud Bigallows mate, I was in all night on Monday and it was a brill night. You could not get more of an atmosphere to be honest we love it!

DJ FAB   30th October 08
Thanks Craig will bear that in mind, anyone know where I can buy in bulk?

Brendan m   29th October 08
monda nite best eva 5 in drink as much as ya want. cool. were propa sozzled wen a gt out lyk. the music Rrite bt nt very good atmosphere. it cany if you skint tho then make way to union x

DJ Craig   23rd October 08
HAHAHAHA me thinks ya DJ needs a Slim fast ... nah only kiddin hes alreet

Jezz   4th October 08
pre match in here is mad as hell, what a laugh, Mackem Ken your a legend!

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